May 10, 2022
5 Supercharged Manifestation Necklaces for Men to Call in Success
By Jenna Vierck
Universal Consciousness

Mastering the art of manifestation is something we all want in life. Although the idea of turning your wildest dreams into reality may sound too far fetched for some people, it truly is possible and accessible for all. One simply has to tune their vibration to a higher level, think more positive thoughts, and take advantage of the many tools and practices available to us.

Some of these practices include crafting vision boards, writing a gratitude journal, or meditating more regularly. All of these methods are excellent ways to jumpstart a manifestation practice, but they will be enhanced with manifestation jewelry.

Karma & Luck is a spiritually-minded brand striving to create jewelry that is not only beautiful and eye-catching, but also supercharged to call in the energy you want to attain and the life you want to live. By wearing these potent necklaces, you can demonstrate to the universe that you are open and ready to receive all of the many blessings and opportunities available to you. Certain stones are particularly great for manifesting, and you will find them inlaid into our top five favorite picks listed below. Choose the piece of jewelry and the stone that calls to your spirit and best suits your individualized needs. 

Ready to live a life of success, abundance, and joy? Read on to discover our top five favorite manifestation necklaces for men from the Karma & Luck collection.

Manifest & Achieve - Ace Spade Card Silver Necklace


#1 Universal Consciousness - Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

You are never helpless or alone - you are guided by the same power that guides the stars. The science of astrology is strong and powerful in its reminder that our motivators and clues to our purpose can be found in the cosmos. The "Universal Consciousness - Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace" assists us in seeing our future through a variety of character archetypes, each with its own set of virtues.

We can only genuinely materialize our wishes and dreams once we begin to honor our true selves. This lovely necklace has a silver chain and a 5mm carnelian stone. A Chinese zodiac spinning wheel pendant hangs from the necklace, adding to its distinct look. We, at Karma & Luck, are proud to offer not only beautiful pieces, but also ones that are durable and expertly handcrafted by artisans around the world. This unique necklace, for instance, was lovingly handmade in Nepal.

Carnelian is a semi-precious stone that is brownish-red in color. It is a type of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline quartz mineral that is generally orange-red. This stone is an opaque variety that comes in red, orange, brown, pink, and red-hued tints. The color of carnelian varies based on the mineral composition, ranging from mild orange to a strong almost-black shade. Carnelian is a gemstone that is commonly used in jewelry for its durability and beauty, and for healing due to its immense amount of power. "Bloodstone" is another name for this stone, due to its iron rich makeup and distinct red color.  

Universal Consciousness - Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac NecklaceThe following are some of carnelian's most impressive healing characteristics and powers:

  • Carnelian is excellent for your health and vitality. It allows for the passage of life force throughout the body, making you feel strong and healthy.
  • Carnelian fights fatigue by aiding in the relief of tension. It also assists in the healing of the body and mind. 
  • This stone is said to help with healing the heart chakra. It purifies the blood, heart, lungs, and liver. 
  • It stimulates the immune system. Carnelian is highly useful in the treatment of blood infections and illnesses. 
  • Carnelian aids in fertility. It is especially helpful for women who are attempting to conceive by strengthening their reproductive system. 
  • This stone can lower blood pressure. It helps control blood pressure while also purifying the blood and circulatory system. 
  • Carnelian is frequently utilized to address a specific issue, commonly tied to one's self-esteem. The stone can boost a person's self-confidence and self-esteem, and also be used to help someone who is too emotional or rash. 
  • This stone can aid in the removal of negative emotions, while also promoting an optimistic outlook. This is accomplished by letting go of unpleasant feelings such as bitterness, guilt, and fear. 
  • Wearing a carnelian stone can boost confidence for people in positions of power. Actors and actresses are said to benefit greatly from it.

Carnelian is commonly worn in the form of bracelets, rings, and necklaces, but some people also choose to carry raw carnelian stones in their pocket. Due to the symbolism and healing properties of carnelian stone, it is recommended to wear it close to the body. An excellent option is wearing it as a necklace, such as this “Universal Consciousness” option, as it will always be close to the heart.

Universal Consciousness - Carnelian Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

#2 Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala

We may not always be able to control what happens in our lives, but we can control how we respond to those events. Agarwood is thought to contain the positive life energies of feng shui: development, expansion, new beginnings, sustenance, and health. The "Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala" is carried in the pocket or worn around the neck to attract good luck and pleasant energies. It aids in the reduction of anxiety, making you feel more comfortable and steady in your surroundings.

Karma & Luck offers a collection of unique and spiritually-minded products to boost the energy of our customers and the planet.  This mala, in particular, is composed of earthenware and has 108 agarwood beads that were meticulously handcrafted in Brunei. There are 108 beads in each agarwood bead mala. The bead, also called Japa Mala in Buddhism, is the most prevalent bead with 108 beads, signifying the 108 Tamiries that remove 108 negativities.

Agarwood is a beautiful stone that is a true treasure from earth. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but full of healing benefits too. The agarwood bead is an important part of many religions' and cultures around the world. agarwood has traditionally been regarded as a sacred object of heaven and earth, embodying the essence of time and the divine world in various religious beliefs. As a result, by carrying an agarwood bead, the user can sense the tranquility of heaven and earth, as well as the protection against evil spirits. Agarwood also aids the owner in attracting good luck, fortune, and tranquility into their lives. When the deep, sweet, woody scent of agarwood is rubbed into the skin, it emits a soothing perfume that helps to calm the mind.Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala

Agarwood beads are used in a similar way to rosary beads as a method to record the cycle of prayers. The beads make it easier for meditation practitioners to concentrate on the mantras or meditation practice. They are able to keep track of the number of agarwood beads, and mantras recited, whenever a finger touches one. In various beliefs of each human and each religion, agarwood has long been recognized as a sacred object of heaven and earth, embodying the essence of time, specifically of the celestial realm. By carrying or wearing an agarwood bead, the user can sense the tranquility of heaven and earth, as well as the protection against evil spirits. Agarwood also aids the owner in attracting good luck, fortune, and tranquility. 

Wearing this mala bead necklace will transport the wearer to a state of pure bliss, allowing them to open their channels to a higher state of being. 

Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala

 #3 Origin of the Universe - the Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Pendant

You are never helpless or alone. In fact, you are guided by the same power that guides the stars. Every secret to our lives can be found written in the cosmos and laid out for us in astrology. This spinning wheel Chinese zodiac necklace helps us to imagine our future through a variety of character archetypes, each with its own set of virtues. Only when we begin to honor our true selves can we genuinely materialize our greatest wishes and desires. 

Karma & Luck prioritizes originality and authenticity in all of our jewelry. When it comes to the “Origin of the Universe” necklace, it was thoughtfully handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. The necklace is made of antique bronze, which gives it a vintage yet modern appeal. A spinning wheel depicting the Chinese zodiacs is featured on the chain, giving it extra manifesting powers. With this stunning men's necklace, Karma & Luck will bring your accessory game to the next level. Our contemporary zodiac necklaces are a must-have - bold, yet not overbearing. A zodiac necklace is a wonderful way to express yourself, while also connecting with the guidance of the stars. Get busy manifesting the life of your dreams with this eye-catching piece. 

Origin of the Universe - Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace


#4 Universal Harmony - Tiger's Eye Chinese Zodiac Wheel Necklace 

Believe in yourself, your talents, and your ability to achieve your goals. Remember, you are deserving of whatever you desire and wish for. Written within the stars is the answer to all of life’s questions, and can be found within the zodiac. This gorgeous "Universal Harmony - Tiger's Eye Chinese Zodiac Necklace" assists us in imagining our future through a variety of character archetypes, each with its own set of virtues and perspectives. Only by respecting our genuine selves can we truly begin to manifest our desires.

This necklace is another one-of-a-kind design from Jaipur, India. A 28mm Chinese zodiac wheel with a flashing tiger's eye stone and an 18k gold plated chain is featured on the necklace. Tiger's eye is a protective gem that can also bring good fortune to the wearer. It has the power to concentrate the mind, promote mental clarity, and assist us in solving difficulties objectively and without emotion. It is perfect for treating psychosomatic disorders and removing fear and anxiety. Tiger’s eye also helps to relieve chronic pain, strengthen the spine, and detoxify the body. It assists with stomach and digestion problems. This stone is also recommended by astrologers for children who have problems with focus, sleeplessness, or irritability. Call in the help of powerful tiger’s eye to bring your dreams to fruition.

Universal Harmony - Tiger's Eye Chinese Zodiac Wheel Necklace


#5 Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace

Every dream you have is within your grasp, and you are capable of achieving every goal and every wish. This “Spiritual Strength” necklace with tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, and malachite works to combat negativity in your environment, allowing your spirit to focus on personal growth. Malachite, more popularly known as the "stone of metamorphosis", is a mesmerizing stone that is utilized for profound energy cleansing, healing, and positive transformation. Feel how the healing powers of tiger's eye, malachite, and lapis lazuli join together to fill your spirit with bravery. Their dazzling light will serve as your trusty companion on any spiritual quest. This necklace was handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. The “Spiritual Strength” not only elevates any look, but also provides you with harmony, balance, abundance, wisdom, and protection. Let the transforming powers of malachite bring abundance and joy to your life.

Spiritual Strength - 4 Symbol Tiger's Eye Lapis Malachite Necklace


Where to Purchase Manifestation Necklaces

Although manifestation necklaces for men may be found on other websites and in other shops, the authenticity of the stones cannot be guaranteed. The necklaces at Karma & Luck, however, are 100% authentic, which guarantees the said benefits of each healing necklace. Karma & Luck, inspired by timeless traditions, is a spiritually-minded lifestyle brand with the capacity to awaken deeper consciousness and purpose every day. Their elegant and thoughtful pieces are created to promote happiness, health, and success, while also assisting you in realizing your goals and dreams.

Discover the quirks of the artisan process, which is the epitome of Karma & Luck’s vision. From braiding to enameling, each step is broken down into its component parts. The global creators of these one-of-a-kind pieces pay close attention to each accessories' countless nuances, owing to their high-quality and guaranteed durability.

Attain Your Every Desire

Attain Your Every Desire 

Ready to call in the life of your dreams and turn your every wish into a reality? Bring success, joy, and contentment into your life with these Karma & Luck necklaces. By wearing these unique and stunning necklaces you are signaling to the universe that you are ready to start manifesting. Did you find one that caught your eye? Check out our website and browse our full collection!

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