January 7, 2019
5 Ways Meditation Betters Our Relationships
By Jenna Vierck
5 Ways Meditation Betters Our Relationships

Nobody goes through life alone. Even the biggest introvert is nurtured and built up by interpersonal relationships. Because spiritual energy moves through individuals, bonds we form with others have a profound effect on everyday life.

This is a great reason to strive for emotional peace and mindfulness; the more centered you are, the more you become a positive presence for other people.

However, relationships don’t always run so smoothly. Sometimes, the people you are closest to are the ones you get into conflicts with the most. From family members, friends, and lovers, one moves through several emotional channels, and this can take a toll on someone who doesn’t know how to manage their energy well.

Meditation presents several benefits that can help you navigate your relationships with ease. It upholds internal wellness and healing and equips people with a better capacity to confront difficult situations.

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Focus on Gratitude and Positivity

Gratitude is one of the ways in which mindfulness wards off negative thoughts and emotions that often lead to anxiety. This way, you can easily let go of grudges and concentrate on the present instead of the past. Holding on to negativity and allowing yourself to associate it with someone can affect any kind of relationship

Knowing that a person has been with you through ups and downs for a long time may sometimes cause you to take these connections for granted, like you may have been with a parent or a close friend. Meditation is a helpful way to stay grounded so that you may feel gratitude above all else. This method reminds you to actively show appreciation and love for the people around you.

Focusing on the positive aspects of a relationship will always help two people feel closer to each other. This also applies in difficult situations — preserving positivity means acting rationally and kindly even through tough times.

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Stress and Anger Management

As a practice that aims to bring people to a sense of peace, meditation is a great way to confront feelings of stress and anger. These negative emotions often lead people to react irrationally, which allows arguments and misunderstandings to ensue.

Managing stress and anger isn’t easy for everybody, but meditation is something that can help you grow more accustomed to it. Making it a habit means getting yourself used to self-reflection, which allows you to seek a perspective where negative feelings don't control you and how you act.

Meditation, just like relationships, is all about maintaining balance. It's not about banishing inconvenient emotions but accepting and understanding them in order to move forward from them instead.

Stress and Anger Management

Emotion Regulation and Flexibility

When we run into situations that trigger unpleasant feelings, we tend to let our emotions take control and act on instinct. This doesn’t only create problems within a relationship, but it could make you feel regretful over your actions, which makes it even harder to move on.

Remember that mindfulness is key. Being aware when you feel troubled, right in the moment, is what can help you step back and regulate your emotions.

It’s perfectly healthy to express how you feel, especially with someone you trust and feel connected to. Being emotionally flexible enough to do it in the right way, despite your pride, can contribute to a positive and nurturing relationship.

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Better Communication and Insight

One of the signs of having a strong connection with someone is that you're able to understand them completely and genuinely, even when they struggle to express themselves. There are a lot of ways to become “in sync” with someone, but it requires trust and vulnerability.

For some, it might be difficult to open up to another person, as a result of fear or insecurity. Meditation is a good way to get yourself more comfortable with the idea. Through its deeply self-reflexive mode, you can get to know yourself and your feelings, which allows you to become more confident in who you are.

But it isn’t just this special insight that can bring you even closer to somebody. The self-assurance that meditation can bring eases the usual pains of communication. In this instance, it’s true that an understanding of the self helps in offering the same service to others.


Higher Capacity for Empathy

The benefits listed so far prove that patience and understanding is an invaluable form of showing love for somebody. These are things that can let someone feel safe and accepted, and it lets you become more open to receiving the same things, too.

Empathy is a heightened way of understanding because it happens through hardships. Letting someone know they’re not alone in their feelings can bring them closer to healing, but challenging situations may make it hard for you to accurately perceive how someone is feeling.

This is where meditation comes in and takes away the fear of misunderstanding another person. Reflection improves sensitivity, and you become more susceptible to cues and energies that other people give off.