June 6, 2023
6-6 Portal – A Time For Complete Balance But Be Prepared For The Universe’s Tailwind To Turn Your Direction
By Michele Tell

6-6 Portal

The 6-6 portal is quickly approaching us (June 6) so there are some key issues you should prepare for when this energetic flow opens on that day.

6-6 Portal is about balance – primarily, balance of your mind – body – and soul so that you can authentically align to your highest self, and step forward onto the path of your soul’s highest purpose. In other words, your destiny; what the Universe deems is your truest most authentic self.

Are you living your soul’s purpose, or have you fallen into the shadow of fear to initiate change? Don’t worry, the Universe will probably initiate that change for you. And it will be quick.


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It’s time to face your True North – look inside and ask yourself the tough questions. Am I truly at the right place for where I need to be? In all honestly, you are the only one that can answer that. Are you in the right career – the one that makes you set your alarm two hours early because you can’t wait to get to the office to co-create, expand take chances.

Are you being compensated (money) for your time and value, or have you slipped into that quicksand stage of just getting a paycheck to pay the bills – afraid of rocking the boat and asking what you are worth? Are you constantly evolving your ideas, trying new tactics, honoring your internal need for growth and expansion?

6-6 Portal


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Again, only you can make that determination. All of us are on different timelines and different stages, so take what resonates with you, and determine where you are at this exact place and time.

Are you living in the right city? Does it buzz on your vibration, or have you just relentlessly decided this is where you have lived your whole life, so why move?

Are you friends engaging? Do you share the same ideals, the same likenesses, hobbies, way of life, integrity? Do you still have fun with them, and look forward to going out with these friends, or does it feel like an obligation? Is it the same-old that doesn’t spark your imagination, or creativity, and do you find yourself surrounded by “downer” instead of people that motivate you for new adventures?

6-6 Portal


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This portal will open an energy window that will get you locked deep in your head to ask yourself some tough questions, primarily, are you supposed to be where you are right now?

This 6-6 portal is different than most because this year 2 + 0 + 2 +3 = 7 – because it is a succession portal – it moves up… 6 -6 -7.

To sum it up in a nutshell, this 6-6 portal will not only ask you – are you where you are supposed to be – but it will push forth an immediate energetic shift to move you. Yes, you will feel it in your step – walking with speed, speaking quickly, your mind may race with multiple ideas at once – and physically, we could experience ankle and joint pain and super dry eyes and lips. In some cases, hot flashes and fever spikes might happen. (Please see a doctor if you are in fear that something is wrong beyond metaphysical ascension symptoms.)

6-6 Portal


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Crystal Quarts (balance, wholeness), aventurine (anxiety, impulsive decisions) Sodalite and Rose Quartz (calmness, serenity, love, gratitude, seeing things as is instead of what we wish), are all crystals that can help promote balance and a sturdy way of steering your decisions during this energetic window. These crystals should be worn on you (neck, wrist, ring).

Amethyst crystals and wall décor should be sprinkled around your house this month to aid in serenity and protection. I especially place an Amethyst crystal next to my children’s bedstands during this month, to protect their energy, dreams and to calm their internal thoughts and visions.

This portal will be a moment where the Universe – aligns with you – and will help move you along for the change that maybe, just maybe – you were afraid to make but longed for.

6-6 Portal


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In the world of tarot divination, the number 6 is beautiful - calm - decisive - and nostalgic. It's perhaps my favorite series of minor arcana (daily activities, people, places, and free will) in the tarot deck.

This portal will be a push, a tailwind – to get you where you need to be.

Six of Pentacles - Equal Give and Take. Balance. Having enough to give to others. Understanding energy and energy exchange and disallowing those that rock your energy field negatively to be in your field. Holding the scales of Libra, it is a card of truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth, especially, truth that you tell yourself from the inside, out. This is the card of pure balance - Head and Heart, Mind and Soul, Internal and External.

6-6 Portal
Six of Wands. - Victory after a long and hard, tedious battle. Can be any battle. A big Win. This is one of the biggest YES cards in the tarot when asked a question. Whatever has burdened you for a long time, whatever it is you set your sights on, whatever it is that you deeply want to change, you will have victory over it - even if the battle has been decades. Also means media and social media recognition a promotion, a raise, and in some cases, expressing love, passionately and verbally. This is the card of W. Winner.

Six of Swords - A very deep card, but I will keep it brief here. Realizing your personal priorities and making the decision to sail towards calmer waters. YOU make the decision, not the Universe. In other words, leaving obligations that once chained you that created choppy waters, dissension and unhappiness, and deciding to take that first row into a calmer part of the ocean. Also, the card of moving homes, moving to a new city/state, moving up the corporate ladder, changing religions and spiritual beliefs, and following intuition. Sometimes it means changing your diet and weight loss.


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Six of Cups - Nostalgia. Something from your childhood, past, or recent past is connecting with your soul, and you can't let it go. White roses/flowers are very symbolic in tarot, it talks about soulmates and soul recognition, sprinkled all over this card - also seen in the two of cups soulmate card and the Death card of transformation.

Six of Cups is the card about past life, past life regression and repeating dreams. You might be getting downloads these days or seeing synchronicities and number patterns. It's about deja vu. It's also a card that means apologies, a true heart-felt apology. It also means family reunions, school reunions and sometimes this card can mean locating a sentimental item that you once thought was lost.

The 6-6 portal, especially this year’s energetic push, might just turn your direction towards where you ordain are supposed to be. Let it.

6-6 Portal