November 14, 2016
Anchor Symbol Meaning: A Symbol of Hope & Steadfastness
By Vladi Bergman

Anchor Meaning

Have you ever considered what the anchor symbol meaning is? What do you see when you look at an anchor?

The first thing that likely springs to mind is the ocean and a ship or boat. But if you take a deeper look at that mental picture, there’s so much more to see.

On closer inspection, an anchor is in the shape of a cross embedded in the center of a solid crescent with sharp points on each end. Known as flukes, these hook-like arms give the anchor its typical shape. It’s these flukes that dig into the seabed to keep the anchor in place and the ship stable. After reading this article, you will know everything about symbol of an anchor power and meaning.   


An symbol anchor brings stability and security to any waterborne craft and prevents it from being swept away by currents or wind. A ship without an anchor is at risk of entering dangerous waters or drifting aimlessly without course.

Anchor Meaning

If you think about it, we’re not much different from a ship because without stability and security in our lives, we can fall on hard times, become involved in tricky situations, and even lose our way.

The symbol anchor meaning has profound symbolic meaning for many; that’s why you regularly see women's anchor jewelry, objects, clothing, and accessories.

In this article, we’ll explore the deeper meaning of the anchor symbol and why so many people love it. 

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What is the Meaning of Anchor?

Nautical anchors have been used for thousands of years to secure boats and ships. Initially, they were rocks tied to a length of rope, but as people began venturing further out to sea, the anchor, as we know it today, was developed.

The earliest known depictions of a symbolic anchor were found on coins issued by the Seleucid Empire in Western Asia between 312 BCE and 63 BCE. An anchor represented seleucid power, and the coins featured Alexander the Great on one side and an anchor on the other.

Apart from power, there are various symbolic meanings attached to the anchor, and often, people apply their own interpretation based on their life experiences. Next, we will tell you more about meaning of anchor symbol.

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At its core of most anchor symbolism, though, lies strength, faith, and hope.

When a ship’s captain calls for the anchor to be dropped, it’s to stabilize and secure the craft, even in the stormiest of waters. Everyone on board hopes in faith that the symbol anchor is strong enough and the vessel is secure so that they can relax.

Symbol of Anchor Definition

Conversely, when the captain lifts the anchor, the ship sets sail, and a new journey begins! It doesn’t matter if it’s an unknown or familiar passage, hopes are high that it will be safe, prosperous, and fun.

The same applies to the anchor symbol meaning in our daily lives.

No matter what’s happening, good or bad, we cannot get through without faith and hope in ourselves, life, and the future. So whether it’s based on religion, spirituality, or a personal belief system, we all anchor ourselves in hope and optimism. We want to trust that we’ll get through today and be fine in the future.   

Without faith and hope, despair can set in, and we could become too afraid to live life to the fullest. Anchor as a symbol means reliability, stability, tranquility and peace.

Anchor Cross Meaning

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We know the anchor had a specific significance to early Christians because anchor carvings and adornments have been discovered in ancient catacombs. Anchors resemble a cross to the eye, and symbolically to early Christians, they represented strength, faith, and hope.

During the Roman persecution of Christians, many used the anchor as a secret symbol of communication. It was safe for them to recognize one another without openly declaring their faith since an anchor was an everyday item.

There are also more than 15 references to an anchor in the Holy Light Wall Blessing Bible, which means that it holds particular significance to modern-day Christians as well. For most, it symbolizes constant faith, steadfast belief, hope and love. However, it can also denote salvation, unwavering dedication and a firm hope in Christ.

That’s why you’ll see many Christians expressing their faith by wearing anchor cross jewelry.

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Anchor Spiritual Meaning

Of course, it’s not only Christians that honor their faith by wearing anchor symbols. It’s a universal symbol that can be adapted to signify many things.

Here are some other symbolic anchor symbol meanings:

  • The center of the cross on an anchor represents the union of spirit and matter
  • It can also signify masculinity
  • The crescent-shaped flukes imply femininity, rebirth, and the womb
  • The two flukes can depict love between two people joined at the center
  • Ocean-lovers express their love of the sea by wearing an anchor
  • Sailors and crew on ships wear anchors as a symbol of recognition
  • Anchors gemstones for people who chose a maritime career
  • An anchor can indicate a new start in life, often after trauma
  • An anchor shows resilience, courage, and overcoming adversity
  • It can also mean a strong foundation from which to embark on a life journey
  • People who immigrate wear an anchor to depict “home” and those they left behind
  • An anchor may be a reminder of one’s roots, culture, and origins when far from home
  • Some wear an anchor for good luck, confident hope, and strength
  • A broken anchor indicates letting go of the past and starting anew   

You can use an anchor in any way that has meaning to you because it’s a powerful symbol to have close by, not only personally, but also to connect with others too.

For centuries, commercial, merchant, and navy personnel have used the anchor symbol meaning to recognize each other and as a bond of allegiance. Early Christians did the same, and you can as well.

For example, you might wear matching anchor jewelry with your partner, as a family, or with your best friend to cement your faith and love for one another and secure your ties and bonds.

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Anchor Symbol Meaning in Relationships and Love

Anchors aren’t only for faith-based symbolism or facing life’s challenges. They’re great symbols to use in all relationships.  

You want to acknowledge any relationship with special meaning, and an anchor is an excellent way to do that. Use your interpretation of the anchor to weave its significance in your relationship with your mother, father, wife, husband, partner, children, or best friend.

For lovers, anchors make perfect Valentines, engagement, and wedding gifts to exchange with each other as they convey the strength of your love and the stability of your relationship.

The heart anchor cross meaning can be specifically profound in love relationships because it adds unconditional and eternal love.

Thank your mother for her nurturing love and care by focusing on the crescent-shaped flukes. Or recognize your father’s masculine love and protection with the center of the anchor’s cross. Share your spousal commitment with matching heart anchors, or bestow blessed hope for a safe and secure life on your newborn with a tiny anchor.

Anchors also make deeply symbolic gifts when parting is inevitable. If it’s time to leave home, give your parents an anchor so they know that your heart is never far. Or do the same for your child who’s about to leave the nest.

Moving to another continent may be exciting, but there will always be tears for what remains behind. You can create a lasting soul-bond with an anchor, so they know that although you’re far apart, you’re right there in spirit.

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When you gift someone you love with an anchor, you’re instilling “you are my anchor” meaning upon them so that they know that as much as they need you, you need them as well. It’s a profound message of love, faith, and trust in the life-long bonds we form with one another.

These messages aren’t only intensely meaningful in words, but by including an anchor symbol, gifting becomes ritualistic and creates lasting memories. Every time each of you wears the anchor, you’ll automatically think of the other.   

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Anchors jewelry as Gifts

Apart from close relationships, you can give anchors as a gift to anyone to express special meaning.

Here are some great ideas:

  • As a wedding gift to wish the happy couple a lasting, strong, and stable marriage
  • To celebrate a promotion and wish the recipient a stable, long-term career
  • On graduation to wish them well on their new life adventure
  • Bless a friend’s new kids jewelry collection with a secure and stable life
  • Strengthen the faith and hope of someone facing illness
  • Offer healing reassurance that there’s hope to anyone going through loss and grief     

There are many ways you can gift an anchor. Objects, clothing, and spiritual jewelry are the most popular, but a necklace is the most potent way of sharing your feelings. Maybe you’re pondering “what’s an anchor necklace” meaning?

Well, here it is... A necklace pendant sits on the upper chest, close to the heart and near the throat. The heart chakra is the center of love and emotion, and the throat chakra is related to honest communication.

Wearing a symbol given and received between these two chakras means that you strengthen the love bond and can engage honestly and sincerely with each other. Even when you’re far apart, love transcends time and space, and so does the communication of the mind and soul.   

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Meaning of the Anchor Symbol Final Thoughts

An anchor is a practical tool used on boats and ships across the globe, but it’s much more than that for many people.

It can remind us of traumas and challenges we’ve endured and overcome. And it can also remind us that the past is behind us as we start over in faith of a better life.

Wearing an anchor can also strengthen your faith and resolve. It can honor your religion and seal bonds of love between people.

Gifting someone with an anchor can make a lasting impression and create life-long connections grounded in mutual trust and unconditional love.

You can wish someone a happy and prosperous life with an anchor or remind them that although oceans might separate you, love knows no boundaries.

That’s the beauty of the anchor symbol meaning – it’s unique to everyone, but it has the strength to touch the soul and create deep connections. Karma and Luck hope you found a lot of interesting things about symbol anchor.

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So now, what do you see when you look at an anchor?

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