November 15, 2021
How to Bring Out Your Divine Masculine Energy Traits
By Faith Davis
Divine Masculinity

We live in a multidimensional reality. Two essential parts of it, found in all living things are the principles of the universe – the Divine Feminine principle of attraction, and the Divine Masculine, the principle of active creation and reaction. Both are essential for creating harmony in the material and spiritual planes.

Let’s explore the essence, power, and meaning of the Divine Masculine Energy



What is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine is the yang to every Divine Feminine yin. It is a Universal, gender-free principle that corresponds with active creation, leadership, conscious creation, and the rational mind. 

It is an Instinctual & Rational Power

The Divine Masculine derives its power from following and mastering instincts and using the power of thought. It represents Martian, raw passion which can be found everywhere around us. It symbolizes the driven part of our psyche that uses its inner power, strength, mind, and skills to elevate reality.

It is an Action-Based Principle

Divine Masculine builds and co-creates by taking a decisive action forward. It doesn’t follow or dominate, but it leads with confidence. Divine Masculine energy is a forward-moving force within us that encourages us to consciously and decisively take the necessary steps towards progress and abundance. It pursues rather than calls in, going after its target rather than luring it in.

Divine Masculine Gives & Provides

While the Divine Feminine is about receptivity, the Divine Masculine is geared to provide, protect, and give. The principle is based on planning, strategy, and rational deduction. It is focused on using the resources, operating with thoughts and the physical form. 


How to Bring Out Your Divine Masculine Energy Traits 

By owning our Divine Masculine power we become more whole and in sync with two divine principles that we all embody. To embody the Divine Masculine power is to awaken the passion within, find the courage to follow and act upon our dreams, no matter our gender or age.

Be Logical & Problem Solving 

Masculine power lies in knowing how to use the power of the rational mind and thought to create a reality we desire. The Divine Masculine part of our psyche relies on our ability to observe, perceive, and create a strategy to move towards our aims.

You can do the following to understand what is Divine Masculine and awaken to its power:

  • Take a moment to think before you act.
  • Recognize that every problem has a solution.
  • Question established theories, your beliefs, and your life philosophy.
  • Discipline your mind by reflecting and journaling.

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Be Grounded & Centered

The masculine form is governed by raw impulse. By learning to take charge of those impulses and not let them overwhelm us, we transform those impulses into power. 

When we embody Divine Masculine energy in a healthy way, we feel secure, stable, and centered. We are able to stay grounded in times of uncertainty, confident that we have all the tools we need to create a life we desire.

Try these simple and practical ways to be more grounded and centered:

  • Practice grounding meditation in nature.
  • Get actively in touch with your physical body through exercise.     

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Be Action-Oriented & Goal-Minded

The Divine Masculine meaning is associated with the inner drive to pursue the object of our desire. It is based on planning, strategizing, and then acting accordingly when the time is right. Divine Masculine embraces necessary risks and the possibility of failure as a natural part of the road to success, and not an absolute ending.

Try these methods for an action-oriented approach to life:

  • Set small but achievable daily goals. Going big when setting a goal can put you under pressure and diminish the ambition to succeed.
  • Challenge yourself to abstain from an unhealthy habit for a day.
  • Use spiritual tools like a Limitless Potential Feng Shui Tree to change the frequency in your space, help motivate you, and strengthen your willpower.

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Be Assertive & Determined

Being an active principle, Divine Masculine energy corresponds with an innate desire and the ability to become the active creator in your life with a clear vision and a determination to follow it. 

To connect with this principle, you can try the following:

  • Say “no” more often and set firm boundaries, especially when it feels difficult.
  • Allow yourself to fail without self-criticism. A failure is a chance for strengthening character, redirecting, or a changing in strategy.
  • Try yoga to strengthen willpower and focus.

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Be Strong & Courageous 

Every time we step into our power and gather strength and courage to boldly pursue whatever we set our minds to, we are tapping into the Divine Masculine energy within. The masculine principle blends inner and outer strength. We own this power every time we find the courage to take a leap of faith when things are uncertain.     

  • Feel the fear, but do it anyway. Accept fear as a normal reaction, a signal from the Universe that is an opportunity for growth, and not a sign of weakness.
  • The Courageous Soul Bracelet can help you on this journey. Tiger’s Eye is a powerful motivating force that will give you the courage you seek, helping you step into your power.
  • What are your strong points? Reflect and think about how you can own them even more.

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Be Adventurous Yet Responsible

A balanced Divine Masculine energy is as adventurous as a child and as responsible as a wise man. He sees an opportunity to challenge himself, to mature, and to learn from exploring the unknown. He is open to new possibilities but doesn’t follow his instinct impulsively.

To embrace this energy, you can…

  • Schedule a new, exciting activity every week.
  • Take little steps to step out of your comfort zone every day.
  • Wear a 3 Symbol Mens Necklace to awaken the adventurer within and protect you on your journey.

Divine Masculine


Be Protective & Providing

The Divine Masculine is the ultimate provider and protector. He establishes a firm foundation and sets the course of action. Divine Masculine energy makes things work for everyone’s benefit and is the safe haven and builder in the material realm. 

This principle uses instinctual power to secure and provide shelter, rather than destroy. Try these tactics to help:

  • Be mindful of those who are less fortunate around you. What can you do to make the world a better place?
  • Volunteer or give to a charity.
  • Contemplate how you can use your resources, skills, and talents to make a change in society.

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Try high vibration spiritual tools to shift your energy. For example, the Mighty Protector Bracelet with Tiger’s Eye will help you step up to the game and generate inner power you are proud of and that others can respect and count on. A Protective Wall Blessing with twelve stones will serve to protect your space and those in it.

Be Giving & Loyal

Balanced Divine Masculine energy gives and never takes forcefully. While the Divine Feminine is the receptive principle, the Divine Masculine expands positive vibrations through giving and without the need to possess or control.

The strength of the Divine Masculine is not only expressed through decisiveness and precise action but also through trustworthiness and loyalty. At its highest form, the Divine Masculine is stable, dependable, and reliable. 

The Inner Resilience Necklace is a powerful asset that will help you harness this energy. The Black Onyx and Tiger’s Eye stones will work to ground your energy and help you find your inner anchor and stay true to yourself in times of temptation. 

Final Thoughts 

The Divine Masculine is an active element of our spiritual DNA, no matter who we are and where we are at in our spiritual journey. Embracing and owning it is essential for tracing our path to self-actualization, for living our lives authentically, confidently, and boldly.