May 27, 2022
International Friendship Day
By Milica Mitrovic

Cherishing The Chosen Bonds In Life – Friends 

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Friendships should be celebrated every day in order to stay healthy and nourished. But, isn’t it a great excuse to truly remember and respect the behind-the-scenes parts of our most valuable friendships once a year? No doubt, it is definitely a reminder about how we should appreciate our friends more in the digital age and restore old friendships.

But how does the story of International Friendship Day originate? During the 1930s, Hallmark came up with this pioneering idea, pinning it to the second day of August. Due to the consequences of that decade (The Great Depression and overall political turmoil), International Friendship Day was steadily forgotten. But, it was renewed during the 1950s by the World Friendship Crusade, an organization that aims to encourage the strengthening of friendships throughout the world.

Naturally, the next question is, what are we supposed to do on this special day? Well, the answer isn’t quite straightforward like it is for festivities such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, or Diwali. It is not exactly defined how the act of appreciation is formalized. Instead, it is up to you to make that decision, as the appropriate form of celebrating this cheerful day is tailor-made for each authentic friendship out there.

So, whether you opt for organizing a party, playing a nostalgic video featuring you and your friend(s) or gifting them something, keep in mind that it is all a matter of personal choice and that each one of them is more than enough to reflect your feelings of friendship.

Happy International Friendship Day

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