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October 3, 2022
How to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry for Optimal Benefits
By Jenna Vierck

How to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry for Optimal Benefits

A highly beloved symbol, you have surely seen the evil eye decorating clothes, hanging on walls, dangling from key chains, or radiating as jewelry. If you have not yet taken advantage of this powerful amulet, but are curious about its potential, then this one is for you! 

Intrigued by the evil eye? Read on to discover its meaning, how to wear it, why to wear it, and which styles are preferred. You are sure to fall in love with the protective qualities of this ancient symbol! 

Who Can Wear The Evil Eye, And Why Do People Wear The Evil Eye?

Why do people wear the evil eye as jewelry? Spotted on celebrities and everyday people alike, this iconic jewelry may have left you with a few questions.

The evil eye is worn for a variety of purposes, but its most revered benefit is the ability to protect the wearer from harm. According to ancient knowledge, the evil eye was created as a means to deflect the curse of the evil eye - a malicious gaze. By staring right back at this hex, evil eye jewelry keeps you safe and sound from injury, illness, accidents, psychic attacks, and overall threats to your well-being. 

It may be confusing that the evil eye symbol shares a name with the harmful curse, but that is because it fights fearlessly against it. Said to have more power than we can ever know, the human gaze is capable of causing quite a bit of destruction to the receiving end.

Generally coming from feelings of envy or distaste, the evil eye is thrown in the direction of someone you wish harm or downfall upon. Luckily, though, we can employ the power of sacred evil eye jewelry to repel this negative force. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

The answer to “who can wear the evil eye?” is well, everyone. Anybody who is in need of a protective guardian can benefit greatly from the use of this all-seeing eye.

While walking your spiritual path, reaching for your goals, and making a better version of you, you may unfortunately garner the unwanted attention of envious eyes. In order to keep rising to the top, without fear of being knocked off course, it is advised to wear the evil eye. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

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How to Wear the Evil Eye and What Happens When You Use It

There is said to be no wrong or right way to wear or use the evil eye, and who can wear the evil eye is limitless. Anybody in need of a boost of protection and positivity in their life can harness the potent guardianship of this timeless amulet.

If you are wondering if you should wear evil eye jewelry, the answer is a firm and resounding ‘yes’.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and generally, it is said, that when you feel a strong pull or nudge towards something, it is a divine sign from above. You are encouraged to follow those curiosities, trusting in the intuition that is guiding you to it. 

Whenever you trust in the Universe’s signs, you will be pleasantly surprised and abundantly blessed. If you follow a nudge towards wearing the evil eye, you are probably in need of protection, whether you know it already or not.

As soon as you slip on this protective amulet, you will feel its power beginning to spread its reach, surrounding you in a more confident and courageous light.

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You are more empowered to take chances, boldly soaring towards your dreams. The path that once felt troublesome and scary, is now clear and ready to be taken. 

There are infinite responses in how to wear the evil eye. However, the most common, and our personal favorite way, is adorning yourself in stunning evil eye jewelry. There are evil eye rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings featuring this symbol, making it a versatile item for any style or preference.

Both men and women can wear the evil eye and harness its endless benefits. Once found only made of blue glass, evil eye jewelry is now incredibly versatile in its colors, designs, and accompaniments. In fact, nowadays you can find evil eye jewelry in a rainbow of hues, and amplified in power by sparkling gemstones and crystals. 

If you choose to wear the evil eye, you can expect miraculous experiences and moments to fall into your life. By clearing the negativity and evil from your surroundings, the evil eye opens up space for more positivity, love, and light to enter. Any bad luck you have been enduring will swiftly be replaced by prosperity and blessings.

Wearing this symbol wraps you in its comforting and supportive embrace, allowing you to feel confident, brave, and self-assured in everything that you choose to do. 

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Wearing the Evil Eye 

Hoping to be showered in divine light? Wearing an evil eye amulet will open you to the positivity you have been seeking. Optimism flows, leaving no place for darkness and grief.

You can start wearing the evil eye as a signal to the Universe that you are ready and open to meet your highest potential. In this open state of receiving, your higher purpose is revealed, as well as a clearer path to get there. 

Wearing an evil eye amulet or charm blocks you from the malicious curse of the evil eye.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

An ill-intended gaze thrown by hateful eyes is said to have the power to knock you right over, destroying everything you have worked hard to build. Luckily, though, wearing the evil eye protects you from this awful hex.

Staring right back at the negative energy, an evil eye amulet dispels the curse and surrounds you in its guarding light.

With this symbol worn as jewelry, you are free of doubts, worries, and fears, knowing that your defensive companion is always standing guard. 

Vigilant and ever watchful, the evil eye acts as a gatekeeper. Wearing an evil eye lets an abundance of positivity and blessings into your life, while blocking out any negativity, harm, or danger.

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How to Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet

Being one of the most popular methods for employing the evil eye, bracelets featuring this symbol can be worn by all to embrace the healing effects. Easily visible by you, the wearer, as well as everyone you come into contact with, the evil eye shines boldly and brightly in its infinite abilities.

Gazing right back at everybody you meet, the evil eye neutralizes energy, ensuring that each interaction with others is pleasant, comfortable, and conducive to your growth and well-being. 

In constant contact with the skin, an evil eye bracelet is the perfect piece of protective jewelry. It is able to stay always on you, allowing its penetrative force to surround you in healing love and light.

An evil eye bracelet is a wonderful option as it can be a subtle decoration, drawing little attention, and making it a great opportunity for everyday wear. Of course, if you would like a bolder statement piece, there are always options for more unique, sparkling, and colorful designs. Whether you are hoping to draw in a lot of compliments on your evil eye bracelet, or keep it simple, there is an option for everyone. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

Now that you have your ideal evil eye design picked out, you may be left wondering what is the best way to wear this symbol. What wrist to wear an evil eye bracelet will depend entirely on the wearer, their preferences, and their intentions or needs.

Each side of the body, the left and right, are connected with different aspects of our personalities and inner beings. Choosing which wrist to wear your evil eye will be based on what you are trying to achieve or protect. 

The left side of the body is accepted by many to be the emotional half of ourselves. This side of the body is imaginative and creative, and is also linked to the relationships we have with others. If you are hoping to create a protective shield around the important relationships and friendships in your life, then it is advised to wear an evil eye bracelet on the left wrist.

Wearing an evil eye bracelet on the left side can also help you tune more deeply into your intuition and purpose in life. By letting creativity flow, you are more open to the inspiration that constantly surrounds you. New ideas flourish and grow, helping you find success in your wildest dreams. 

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Wearing an evil eye bracelet on the right side supplies a whole different set of benefits and features. The right side of the body is our logical half. Tied to organization, mathematics, business, and plans, wearing an evil eye on the right wrist fills you with productive energy.

You will feel more motivated towards your goals, setting yourself up for success. If you have a business plan in mind, the evil eye on the right wrist will protect you from bad deals, laziness, and lack of focus. Your mind will be fully centered on the task at hand, keeping you determined to realize each goal. 

As you can see, which arm to wear an evil eye bracelet will be different for everyone. Do not overlook this important decision when putting on your new evil eye charm, as this will truly make a big difference in what energy comes your way.

To make it simple - the left side is emotional, while the right side is logical. If you are hoping to protect friendships and relationships with loved ones, then this is the wrist to wear your evil eye bracelet. The right side is logical, meaning that the evil eye worn on this side will benefit the realization of goals, businesses, or educational feats. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

What Does it Mean to Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Wearing the evil eye bracelet means that you are open to receiving the guarding light of the Universe. Supercharged with limitless protective force, the evil eye stands guard, vigilantly defending your mind, body, and spirit. With an evil eye bracelet worn on the wrist, you forever walk with a trusted and fearless companion.

Swiftly repelling negative energy from your surroundings, an evil eye bracelet liberates you from harmful feelings of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and stress. Positivity and optimism flows, inviting loving warmth into your life. 

Filled with an abundance of beneficial properties, you may now be wondering if you can wear two evil eye bracelets. There is, in fact, nothing wrong with wearing multiple pieces of evil eye jewelry.

As long as each one is cleansed and infused with your individualized intentions, then the power of the evil eye will only be amplified by wearing more than one. As there are so many styles to choose from, you can have fun mixing and matching them, or choosing one for everyday attire and one for fancy nights out. 

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Pairing the evil eye with other sacred symbols is a wonderful way to boost even further the immaculate powers of this dynamic amulet. One such symbol that joins forces particularly well with the evil eye is the hamsa hand.

So, yes, you can wear the hamsa and the evil eye together, and in fact, it is recommended.

The hamsa, represented by a hand, can be worn facing up or down and is another highly revered amulet of protection.

Its history goes back thousands of years, similar to the evil eye, and they both are ultimate forces of guardianship. When worn together, the powers of both the evil eye and the hamsa are amplified, supplying you with an optimal duo of defense. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

As explained above, what hand to wear an evil eye bracelet will depend greatly on whoever chooses to wear this sacred symbol. Worn on the left side, emotions are balanced, intuition is heightened, imagination is encouraged, and friendships are blessed.

The left side of the body is the emotional side, so an evil eye on this half of the body will guard you on this front. The right side, on the other hand, is all about logic and practicality.

For that reason, it is advised to wear an evil eye bracelet on this wrist, if you are hoping for success in business or education. 

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Which Hand & Finger to Wear an Evil Eye Ring

Which hand to wear an evil eye ring will depend on the person wearing it and their individual goals or intentions. An evil eye ring worn on the right half of the body, will enhance your practical side.

Focus is grown, motivation is enhanced, and organizational skills are found. Wear an evil eye ring on the right side to find success in your career, make more money, receive educational accolades, and to finish important projects. The evil eye assists you in solving problems, as well as knocking down barriers that get in your way. 

An evil eye ring worn on the left side of the body, is attached to your emotional side. You are inspired to chase after your dreams and are filled with colorful inspiration and expansive, new ideas.

Wearing your evil eye ring on the left hand, also ensures to protect the relationships you have in your life, whether with family, friends, children, or spouses. 

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If you are deciding which finger to wear an evil eye ring, there are a variety of factors to consider. According to ancient wisdom, each finger of the hand signifies something different.

Rings on the pinky finger are connected with intuition and intelligence, rings on the thumb enhance self-assuredness and inner power, rings on the index finger inspire confidence, joy, and leadership qualities, rings on the middle finger gently nudge you towards spiritual bliss, and finally, rings on the ring finger invoke beauty and love. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

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Can You Wear Evil Eye Anklets?

Worn near the foot, evil eye anklets are accepted differently depending on where you are in the world, as well as the cultures and beliefs that prevail there.

For instance, in some faiths, it is believed that sacred symbols, such as the evil eye, should never be worn near the foot. However, most people and cultures will say that it is more than okay and, in fact, advised to wear an evil eye around the ankle. 

Providing a subtle touch of unique style and power, an evil eye anklet is a beautiful way to garner the loving energy of this protective force. As it is worn near the foot, it is believed to protect you on every journey or adventure you take. Each step guides you towards your greater purpose, and leads you straight to safe and loving arms. 

Especially for those who love to travel, an evil eye anklet is a wonderful amulet. An evil eye anklet liberates you from the things that no longer serve you, freeing you to dance with the miraculous flow of life. 

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Find Evil Eye Jewelry for You & Your Dreams

Take on the world with bold confidence, energy, and bravery. Wearing a piece of evil eye jewelry amplifies your earthly experience, surrounding you in its loving and protective light. If you feel bogged down by fears and doubts, an evil eye amulet swiftly frees you from those chains.

Anxiety is relieved and stress is diminished, filling you with determined energy to make your dreams come true. As your life begins to welcome in more positivity, you will feel the pulls of negativity start to loosen their grip on you. An optimistic and protected life leads you to a world of bliss and harmony, all with the help of the evil eye. 

Hoping to protect your spirit on this journey through life? Visit our website and browse our collection of gorgeous and powerful evil eye jewelry. 

Wearing evil eye jewelry is a powerful way to protect yourself from negativity and bring good luck. Learn more about the rich history and meaning on evil eye accessories.

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