September 24, 2022
Invite Divine Protection with Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets
By Jenna Vierck

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets

Always remember - the Universe has got your back. Through all the ups and downs, and twists and turns, there is a higher power and a higher purpose guiding you along the way.

For each moment, there is a reason. Although this truth is enough to comfort the soul, there are added methods of protection that can heighten your sense of comfort and security as you move about the world. One effective and proven method is wearing the sacred evil eye symbol as jewelry. 

Created centuries ago as a way to prevent danger, illness, injury, and negativity, the evil eye symbol has held a lasting impact on the world over. Beloved and respected by a variety of religions and cultures on every part of the globe, the evil eye has continuously proven its potential.

This sacred guardian is here to stay, continuing to fill us with the courage and strength to take on every goal and dream. 

Dive head first into the unknown, knowing that your evil eye bracelet is ready to catch your fall. Surrounding you in loving, universal light, evil eye bracelets motivate you to live a life of purpose and joy.

Any stumble or any fall, and this all-seeing symbol is ready to lift you right back up.

In need of an extra boost of strength and protection in your life? Read on to discover our collection of women’s evil eye bracelets, as well as a bit of evil eye history. 

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Meaning of the All Powerful Evil Eye 

With deep historical roots throughout the globe, the symbol of the evil eye is adored in just about every part of the world. With infinite charm and endless reverence, the evil eye has proven over and over its potential in protecting us from danger.

Not to be confused with the evil eye, a curse which comes from envious and malicious eyes, the evil eye amulet and symbol is worn to deflect this harmful gaze. The curse, coming from a pair of ill intentioned eyes is believed to only be broken by a more powerful gaze, that being the everwatchful stare of the evil eye symbol.

Staring boldly back at danger and negativity, the curse is dispelled and destroyed. We, as humans, can simply not always see everything, which means we must call in the supreme energy of the Universe.

By wearing a real evil eye protection bracelet, we are welcoming that supportive and all-encompassing force into our lives. 

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets


Evil Eye Protection

No matter what problems befall you or what level of harm is reaching for you, the ever powerful evil eye is here to assist. Your problems may be big or small, but that does not matter to this ancient symbol.

An evil eye protection bracelet can be worn to guard against more serious issues such as physical harm, or it can be worn for smaller problems like petty gossip. Regardless of what you are dealing with, protection can always be welcomed and appreciated. 

With an evil eye bracelet standing fearlessly by your side, you can step boldly into your highest potential. Knowing that you will never walk alone again means that you can discover the courage that has been lying dormant within you.

The ancient power steeped into the evil eye symbol gazes fearlessly back in the face of danger, moving it out of your field of awareness. Negative energy is dispelled, making space for more positive energy to grow. 

A real evil eye protection bracelet is capable of creating great positive change in your life. By taking care of the protective aspects, you are now able to take the risks and leaps you only once dreamed of before. Obstacles are cleared and your path is paved - now all you have to do is believe in yourself and fly. 

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets


Origin of the Evil Eye 

Found commonly throughout countries in the Middle East, the evil eye surprisingly has a powerful hold on a variety of cultures and faiths across the world. With ties to Judiaism, Christianity, and Muslim religions, evil eyes are far more than just a stylish piece of jewelry.

In fact, there is evidence of this symbol being first used in 5000 BC in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. It is believed that this civilization is where the symbol was born, and where it grew in reverence. From there, it then spread its popularity throughout the Middle East and beyond. 

Known in Turkey as “nazar” and in Greece as “mati”, the evil eye is a malicious glare given from one envious or angry person to another. Generally this glare is given to those who are successful or who have a lot of good luck, and it most commonly comes from feelings of jealousy.

Subconsciously or not, there are people who wish negativity and destruction upon those who have more than them. The evil eye symbol and evil eye protection bracelets were born from the hope to repel this harmful curse from one’s environment. 

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets

Protection from the evil eye is said to be possible through the use of evil eye bracelets, amulets, drawings, and more.

In fact, in ancient Greece, the evil eye was engraved into drinking cups as a method of protection, while in Egypt, the evil eye was painted on ship bows for blessed, safe passages.

A popular tradition in Turkey, that is still practiced today, is putting an evil eye amulet in a baby’s crib to keep them safe from evil spirits and danger. As children are said to be the most susceptible to the curse, this practice is especially revered and upheld.

Although the evil eye is most commonly used in the Middle East, it is also strongly believed in and fervently used throughout Latin America, Africa, and Europe as well. 

Womens New Arrivals Collection


Modern Use & Adoration of the Evil Eye

Although popular throughout ancient civilizations, the evil eye remains a popular and highly-used symbol throughout the world today. Its infinite power to protect and heal has kept its standings high as one of the world’s most important and trusted symbols.

Today, this symbol can most commonly be found on jewelry. Evil eye bracelets and evil eye necklaces are popular choices. 

In the past, the evil eye was almost exclusively found made of blue glass with a black pupil. As blue was said to absorb negative energy, this was the chosen color.

However, as we have learned more about other sacred symbols and discovered the power of healing crystals and gemstones, it is now common to find unique designs of evil eye bracelets and jewelry featuring a variety of different colors, stones, and symbols. 

Keep reading to discover our full evil eye bracelet collection for women. 

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets

Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets Featuring other Symbols 

Amplify the protective power of the evil eye with the help of other sacred symbols. 

Evil Eye Protection Bracelets with the Hamsa 

  • Spiritual Blessings Bracelet

With colorful charms of sacred symbols, this evil eye protection bracelet is a vibrant show of gratitude. Each time you slip this piece on, you are reminded to count your infinite blessings in this life. 

Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet

  • Thought Stabilizer Bracelet

Grounding hematite stones invite the courage, strength, and protection of the evil eye and the hamsa. You are inspired to push the boundaries, finding that your potential is, in fact, limitless. 

Thought Stabilizer Triple Protection Bracelet


  • Healing Protection Cuff

Offering protection from the evil eye curse, this stylish bracelet wraps the wrist in shining 18k gold plated brass. The addition of the amethyst stone, amplifies healing energy and tranquil vibes. 

Red String Evil Eye Bracelets

  • Balanced Outlook

A tried and true guardian of good luck, the red string welcomes abundance into your life. This evil eye bracelet on red string illuminates your path, making your journey more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Balanced Outlook - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


  • Essential Peacefulness

In colors of deep navy and rich red, this evil eye red string bracelet inspires you to find inner peace. Calming vibes radiate from this peace, putting your worries and fears to rest. 

  • Supreme Guardian 

As you journey towards spiritual enlightenment, this evil eye red string bracelet assists you in staying steadfast and determined. Step fully into your power with this subtly beautiful bracelet by your side. 

Supreme Guardian - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


Tree of Life Evil Eye Bracelets

  • Bewitched by Love - Pearl Multi Charm Wrap

With the tree of life beautifully etched into the Hamsa charm, this multi-symbol wrap bracelet is full of energetic potential. Along with the evil eye, the tree of life encourages us to keep growing. 

Pearl Multi Charm Wrap


Gemstone Evil Eye Bracelets

Combined with healing gemstones and crystals, the strength of the evil eye is enhanced.

Women’s Evil Eye Agate Bracelets

  • Vital Harmony - Emerald Agate May Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

Surrounded in the gleaming light of emerald agate, the heart chakra is aligned. With an open heart and an open mind, this evil eye agate bracelet gets to work showering you in abundance. 

Emerald Agate May Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


  • Conscious Motivation - Ruby Agate July Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

This evil eye agate crystal bracelet boasts the power of the evil eye and the infinite beauty of the ruby stone. In magenta hues, the ruby increases self-esteem and heightens intuition. 

Women’s Evil Eye Amethyst Bracelets

  • Warm Protection 

Open yourself up to the healing power of love, knowing that the evil eye will protect you from getting hurt. Dotted with amethyst stones and a diamond chip, this elegant piece is far more than just a pretty face. 

Warm Protection - Silver Heart Amethyst Bracelet


  • Inner Wisdom 

This evil eye amethyst bracelet shines with protective, nurturing, and bold energy. With its unique wrap style, you can show your individual sense of style to the world. Step into a limitless sense of courage. 

  • Calming Reflection

Live in your highest truth with this evil eye amethyst beaded bracelet. In rich purple hues, your divine purpose is discovered. 

Calming Reflection - Amethyst February Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Aquamarine Bracelets

  • Soothing Rhythm - Aquamarine March Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

In subtle blues, this aquamarine evil eye bracelet repels negativity, while welcoming tranquility and inner peace. 

  • Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Stack

Offering a wealth of benefits, this aquamarine evil eye bracelet features not just one, but three powerful stones and three sacred symbols. 

Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack


Women’s Evil Eye Citrine Bracelets

  • Abundant Grace - Citrine Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Let joy and playfulness into your life with this citrine evil eye bracelet. The golden hues fill your spirit with brightness and bliss. 

Citrine Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


  • Joyous Temperament - Citrine Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

This citrine wrap bracelet with evil eye charms fills your life with the brightest light. Darkness is unable to settle in, as the evil eye repels the negativity. Citrine, infused with sunny energy, creates boundless joy and happiness. 

  • Blessed Sunshine 

Draw back the curtains, and let the sunshine in with this evil eye citrine beaded bracelet. Glowing with positive and warm light, optimism flows. You are encouraged to follow your passions, letting bliss be the ultimate goal. 

Blessed Sunshine - Citrine November Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Hematite Bracelets

Walk with Integrity 

Sparkling in divine light, this evil eye hematite bracelet gently pushes you towards a life of honesty and grace. Your soul shines as brightly as the beads on this bracelet. 

  • Enduring Aura 

This evil eye hematite stone bracelet is a triple wrap style, making it exceptionally eye-catching. With positive energy, this bracelet invites you to uplift your spirit and step into joy. 

Enduring Aura - Hematite Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Jade Bracelets

  • Fulfilling Existence - Jade Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Working together, the evil eye and jade stones allow you to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness, thus attracting all that you seek. Negativity is deflected and abundance is granted. 

  • Lucky Shield

Embrace the gifts the Universe has to offer you. With this evil eye jade crystal bracelet, abundance and prosperity flourish in your life. 

Jade Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet


  • Defensive Trio

Let this bracelet serve as your protective guardian, forever watching over you. Featuring jade stones, amethyst, and the evil eye, this bracelet is a catalyst for blessings to unfold. 

Women’s Evil Eye Labradorite Bracelets

  • Omniscient Purity - Labradorite Heart Charm Bracelet

 Open your heart to the healing power of love - the greatest gift we can receive. The addition of the evil eye on this labradorite bracelet assists in keeping your relationships healthy, happy, and fulfilling. 

Labradorite Heart Charm Bracelet


  • Divine Happiness - Citrine Labradorite Moonstone Wrap

This gorgeous citrine wrap bracelet with evil eye charms allows you to feel infinitely protected and forever joyful. The labradorite stones fill your spirit with creative energy, inspiring you to imagine and dream. Tranquil vibes abound with this stunning piece worn on the wrist. 

  • Soothing Warmth

Inviting the power of three gemstones, this evil eye labradorite bracelet pack inspires you to live a dreamy life, bursting with creativity and joy. The addition of the evil eye, along with moonstone and aquamarine, adds to the tranquility this bracelet brings. 

Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

Women’s Evil Eye Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

  • Wise Guidance 

In deep blues, matching an indigo sky, lapis lazuli serves as a wise guardian. Providing guidance and encouragement, this evil eye lapis lazuli beaded bracelet nudges us towards our purpose. 

  • Harmonious Rhythm - Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm Wrap 

Rich blue is contrasted with shining gold plated brass, in this lapis lazuli evil eye bracelet. As you walk the path toward spiritual awakening, this bracelet will shield you from harm. 

Harmonious Rhythm - Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm Wrap


  • Wise Glance 

With an 18k gold plated charm, this evil eye lapis lazuli bracelet surrounds you in divine protection. The rich blue stones inspire confidence, courage, and wisdom. 

Women’s Evil Eye Moonstone Bracelets

  • Blissful Light

White enamel sits against 18k gold plated brass, reflecting its stunning glow right back on the wearer. Charged with the power of multiple symbols, this bracelet harnesses the power of the moon and stars, the evil eye, Om, and a heart

White Enamel 5 Symbol Moonstone Bangle


  • Mindful Cleanse

In a triple wrap style, this bracelet is unmatched in beauty and power. The vibrant turquoise and white enamel charms radiate with purity, encouraging you to walk in graceful strength. 

  • Renewed Inspiration

This evil eye moonstone beaded bracelet is the perfect way to subtly call in the protective energy of the Universe. Moonstone encourages intuition and imagination, while also sparking the divine feminine within. 

Moonstone June Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Opal Bracelets

  • Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Find peace within while wearing this opal evil eye bracelet. Promoting intuition and spiritual healing, opal stones serve as a supportive companion to the powerful evil eye. 

Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Pearl Bracelets

  • Inner Glow

With colorful charms and gleaming pearls, this bracelet features the protective power of the evil eye. Make a wish while wearing this vibrant piece, and watch as the magic unfolds. 

  • Dreamlike Love

 This evil eye pearl bracelet fills your life with exquisite beauty. Gleaming pearls meet sparkling cz crystals, making you feel as if you are walking in a dream. Each day you feel inspired and motivated. 

Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


  • Protected Reverie

Showcasing a black and gold evil eye charm, this bracelet invokes the power of the evil eye and the dreaminess of the pearls. As you step into your new life, your soul shines with infinite beauty. 

Women’s Evil Eye Peridot Bracelets

  • Spiritual Radiance - Peridot Evil Eye Bracelet

Add a touch of rich green color to your life with this evil eye peridot stone bracelet. Amplifying the power of other stones and symbols, peridot is an excellent match for the evil eye charm. 

Peridot August Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


  • Compassionate Approach - Peridot Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet 

This peridot wrap bracelet with an evil eye charm on the gold plated heart encourages you to open up to divine affection. Let the love in with the help of joyful peridot stone and the protective evil eye. 

Women’s Evil Eye Pyrite Bracelets

  • Ultimate Safeguard - Red String Evil Eye Bracelet

Designed with red string, specifically crafted to welcome in good luck, this evil eye pyrite stone bracelet features a sparkling amethyst as well. Pyrite magnetizes wealth, success, and protection, while amethyst inspires calm and tranquil vibes.

Ultimate Safeguard Red String Evil Eye Amethyst Bracelet


Women’s Evil Eye Rose Quartz Bracelets

  • Emotional Healing

This gorgeous evil eye rose quartz beaded bracelet is love embodied. Surrounding you in its nurturing energy, rose quartz gently nudges you to begin your healing. The evil eye assists in the process, ensuring that you stay optimistic and determined through all the ups and downs. 

  • Gentle Energy

With an evil eye pointer chip and rose quartz crystal beads, this bracelet encourages us to open up to love. Not only are you assisted in the relationships you have, but are also shown the importance of loving yourself. 

Rose Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet


  • Abundant Kindness

 A pink heart charm, an evil eye symbol, and rose quartz crystals combine forces in this stunning bracelet. By instilling your soul with compassion for others, you are propelled further on your spiritual path.  

Women’s Evil Eye Sapphire Bracelets

  • Spiritual Power

 This colorful evil eye sapphire bracelet protects you with unmatched strength, deflecting negativity and harm from your surroundings. The sapphire beads sparkle with sacred wisdom and calming energy.

Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


  • Divine Grace 

In yellow and gold hues, the sapphire stones supply a boost of sunshine to your life. New energy is discovered, filling you with the motivation to achieve your every goal.

  • Divine Bliss - Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

A more obscure color of sapphire, this pink piece is truly unique. In dark pink and light pink hues, this evil eye sapphire beaded bracelet opens new doors of opportunity for you, welcoming positivity and growth. 

Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet Regular price$79


  • “I Am Enough” 

Let the power of the evil eye and these comforting stones remind you daily of your infinite potential. This evil eye tiger’s eye bracelet shows the courage lying within you, ever ready to tap into and expand upon. 

"I AM ENOUGH" - Evil Eye Pink Opal Tiger's Eye Bracelet Stack


Women’s Evil Eye Tourmaline Bracelets

  • Grounded in Love 

Sparkling black hematite stones meet the colorful world of tourmaline in this stunning bracelet. A gold evil eye charm shines its protective light upon you, while tourmaline opens you up to love in all of its forms. 

  • Genuine Peace

 Radiating in its vibrant pink hues, this evil eye tourmaline beaded bracelet makes a true statement. Tourmaline stones assist you in healing, while also encouraging you to love yourself. The gold evil eye charm stands guard, keeping you safe from harm’s way. 

Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


  • Tranquil Voice

Ignite your power with this tourmaline evil eye wrap bracelet. This elegant piece combines the energy of tourmaline, amethyst, and rose quartz to fill your spirit with loving energy. You are supported in all of your dreams and aspirations. 

Womens’ Evil Eye Turquoise Bracelets

  • Delicate Healing 

Silver beads and turquoise stones collide in this stunning stretch bracelet. Turquoise inspires deep healing and balance, while the evil eye guards your magnetizing light. 

Delicate Healing - Moonstone Evil Eye Turquoise Bracelet


  • Healing Balance 

Fitted with balancing turquoise stones, this bracelet radiates bliss with its soothing ocean-blue color. The evil eye stands guard, watching over you while you put your focus on healing. 

  • Divine Healing 

 Allowing your well-being to be supported and prioritized, this evil eye turquoise beaded bracelet vibrates with deeply healing energy. Each time this piece is slipped on the wrist, you are inviting true inner peace into your life. 

Turquoise December Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet


Luxury Evil Eye Bracelets for Women

Featuring stunning materials of gold, silver, and diamonds, these evil eye bracelets take your healing to a whole new level. 

Gold Evil Eye Bracelets

  • Spiritual Wisdom

 Boldly unique, this arm cuff style bracelet exudes confidence and style. Made with 18k gold plated brass, this bracelet features the guardianship of the evil eye symbol, along with the tranquility of amethyst. 

Amethyst Evil Eye Arm Cuff


  • Abundant Vitality 

Designed with 18k gold plated brass and sparkling in red hues, this evil eye bracelet is absolutely stunning. Living each moment in total reverence and gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us. This gold evil eye bracelet prevents negativity from ruining your day or your experiences. 

  • Sacred Protection 

 Walk in courage and confidence knowing that the evil eye is always watching over you. Filled with divine light, this stunning 18k gold plated brass bracelet is subtle in appearance yet vibrant in its protective glow. 

Sacred Protection - Gold Plated Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Silver Evil Eye Bracelets

  • Inner Transformation

Surrounded by the grounding nature of hematite stones, this sterling silver evil eye charm bracelet allows you to embrace the ever changing flow of life. Listen to your heart, and you will never be led astray. 

  • Warm Protection

 Dazzling with its sterling silver chain, this bracelet showcases the power of amethyst and the sacred evil eye. Healing old wounds, this bracelet empowers you to forgive and to open back up to love.

Warm Protection - Silver Heart Amethyst Bracelet

  • Energy of Love

Let the loving light of this stunning pink bracelet inspire you to discover compassion and empathy. This silver banded bracelet, with the evil eye symbol, vibrates at optimal frequencies, bringing the wearer up to new heights of being. 

Women’s Diamond Evil Eye Bracelets

  • Bright Dreams

 Freshwater pearl stones gleam with the healing energy of the sea in this diamond evil eye bracelet. Inspiring intuition, imagination, and beauty, pearls assist you in discovering your mission in life. The diamond-studded evil eye charm gazes back at any danger that comes your way, dispelling it before it can ever reach you. 

Pearl Diamond Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


  • Divine Awakening

With a gold chain, pearls, and a diamond evil eye charm, this bracelet is absolutely stunning. Not only does it draw compliments, but also fills you with a deep sense of optimism and joy. Life feels blissful with this bracelet slipped on the wrist. 

  • Absolute Protection

Inner peace is readily achieved with the help of this gorgeous gold diamond evil eye bracelet. Adding a touch of delicate style to any look, this bracelet wraps you in loving and protective energy. Shining with pure contentment and fulfillment, your spirit bursts with happiness. 

Absolute Protection - Enamel Evil Eye Diamond Bangle


Say Goodbye to Negativity with Evil Eye Bracelets

Ready to let go of the things that no longer serve you? Invite abundance, positivity, and supreme protection into your life with the help of the all-seeing evil eye. By wearing an evil eye bracelet on the wrist, you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready for the endless blessings to unfold. 

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Invite Divine Protection with Women’s Evil Eye Bracelets