May 11, 2023
Looking For Jewelry For Mother's Day Gifts? Try These 23 Stunning Ideas
By Eden Williams

Mother's Day Gifts


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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women who raised us, cheered for us, and taught us all that we know today. It’s an occasion to humbly show gratitude for our mothers’ irreplaceable role in our lives. 

Jewelry is a wonderful, enduring gift for Mother’s Day, with countless options to express her personality and style. It can also be a way to bring intention and positive energy into her life by choosing jewelry with symbols and stones associated with motherhood. When you shop jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts at Karma and Luck, you’ll find elegant pieces made with materials like moonstone and pearl which represent a mother’s unconditional love and tenderness. We’ve collected some of our favorite Mother’s Day jewelry gifts below to help you get started.

Jewelry for Mother’s Day Gifts: 23 Top Sellers

#1 “Boundless Optimism Pyrite Evil Eye Charm Necklace”

Being a Mom is a full-time job that requires constant energy, dedication, and sacrifice, even after the kids are grown. We picked the “Boundless Optimism Pyrite Evil Eye Charm Necklace” as a way to boost Mom’s positivity amidst the daily stresses and responsibilities. Stunning pyrite stones help her tap into her innate power and the Evil Eye charm deflects negativity, protecting Moms from bad vibes. This bestselling combination allows her to experience the love, grace, and gratitude she shares with others in every moment.

There are several things you should look for when selecting jewelry for a Mother’s Day gift: quality, durability, and symbolism. Karma and Luck’s handcrafted jewelry combines sacred symbols from around the world with authentic, fair-trade stones so you can feel confident that you’re choosing the best for your mom and for the world. Pyrite Evil Eye Charm Necklace

 #2 “Safeguarded Spirit Necklace”

We can't undo the countless sleepless nights or the countless moments she chose love over anger that have made Mom the remarkable woman she is today, but we can wrap her in the protection and love of the divine. We picked the “Safeguarded Spirit Necklace” to adorn Mom with a maximum dose of positivity and protection. The powerful Evil Eye amulet will shield her from bad vibes, so she can live every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.Safeguarded Spirit Necklace

#3 “Tranquil Spirit - Evil Eye Charm Necklace”

The “Tranquil Spirit - Evil Eye Charm Necklace” is our top pick for Moms who are leveling up in their lives. It provides divine protection and serves as a reminder to stay true to themselves. Moms sacrifice so much for their families, often putting their own needs last. Encourage the special women in your life to embrace their individuality, tune into their own desires, and never forget that they are worthy of love, care, and protection along the way.Tranquil Spirit - Evil Eye Charm Necklace

#4 "Embrace the Light - Enamel Moon & Star Diamond Stud Earrings"

Even if we didn’t say it, somehow Mom already knows. It's this intuitive power that makes them such incredible nurturers. Our "Embrace the Light - Enamel Moon & Star Diamond Stud Earrings" are a beautiful way to celebrate a Mom's insight. The moon and stars are powerful symbols of illumination and brilliance, and the diamonds add a touch of elegance and sparkle, symbolizing her beauty and strength. Enamel Moon & Star Diamond Stud Earrings

#5 "Balancing Energy - Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet"

Moms have a special gift for harmonizing energies and teaching us how to navigate through the highs and lows of life. Our "Balancing Energy - Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet" blends the grounding properties of Hematite with a powerful Evil Eye charm that deflects negativity and keeps her connected to her spiritual center. It’s the perfect way to remind your Mom how much you appreciate her guidance.Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet

#6 Dreamlike Protection - Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet,”

Imagine Mom feeling empowered, radiating positivity and happiness in every aspect of her life. With our “Dreamlike Protection - Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet,” she can bring forth her best self with confidence. We chose pearl stones to bring positivity and creativity into her everyday life and the mighty Evil Eye to protect her from negative energies. Show Mom you prioritize her well-being and give this beautiful bracelet to surround her with love and positivity. Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#7 "Shift in Consciousness - Moonstone Gold Moon Ring"

Moms effortlessly embody the essence of goddess energy. We designed the "Shift in Consciousness - Moonstone Gold Moon Ring" to reflect her radiant inner beauty and illuminate the path toward her dreams. The energy of Moonstone brings good luck, and protection, and promotes a sense of inner peace. Show Mom how much you appreciate her divine nature with this beautiful and meaningful talisman. Moonstone Gold Moon Ring

#8 "Powerful Protection - Gold Evil Eye Red String"

The presence, compassion, and dedication of a mother in our lives are truly irreplaceable. Our bestselling "Powerful Protection - Gold Evil Eye Red String Bracelet" is a symbol of the eternal bond of love and protection between a mother and child. The powerful Evil Eye symbol combined with the handmade red string forms an energetic shield, deflecting negative energies from Mom's path and calling in good fortune. As you gift her this token of appreciation, let it serve as a reminder that she is cherished and protected, today and always. Hematite Gold Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

#9 “Dreamlike Love” Pearl Evil Eye Bracelet

We designed the Dreamlike Love Bracelet to be an inspiring symbol of imagination and hope. How? We explored the most powerful combinations of symbols and stones to find those that would resonate best with this inspiring message.

We chose the Evil Eye, a symbol of protection in many cultures and will absorb any negativity in her future, and soothing, creativity-nurturing pearl stones. Joined together, they are a source of light amid stress and confusion. This beautiful gift will spark her optimism and courage to dream big, helping her attract all the goodness the universe has in store for her.Dreamlike Protection - Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#10 “Visualize Light” Luck Bracelet

We recommend Mother’s Day jewelry gifts with the Moon charm, like the Visualize Light Bracelet, to kindle her intuition and help her connect her to her inner lunar wisdom. We blended together moonstone and hematite crystals, both known for their grounding and balancing properties, to create this truly enchanting and energetic bracelet. It will help her find peace and balance between the physical and spiritual realms, gently centering and uplifting her spirit as she connects with the Divine Feminine.Visualize Light - Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet

#11 “Wise Belief” Lapis Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

Our Wise Belief Bracelet is an authentic piece that celebrates the hard-won wisdom and grace of motherhood. When we dreamed up this stunning bracelet, we combined two powerful symbols that grant emotional guidance and protection from malice: the Hamsa Hand and the Evil Eye. We finished the design with bold blue lapis lazuli, which radiates truth and spiritual clarity. This lovely bracelet will help her focus on her spirituality and higher self in the midst of a busy world.Wise Belief - Lapis Enamel Evil Eye Hamsa Bracelet

#12 “Forever Safeguard” Gold Navy Enamel Evil Eye Ring

We crafted our Forever Safeguard Ring to be a potent negativity blocker. If you’re looking for a gift that will help Mom smile and embrace life to the fullest, look no further. We chose the Evil Eye, an ancient protective charm, and powered it with the purity of a radiant diamond to prevent negativity from entering her aura – leaving space for happiness, opulence, and love. For the mom who looks for joy and peace in every day, this stunning gift will bring her peace, clarity, and balance.Forever Safeguard - Gold Navy Enamel Evil Eye Ring

#13 “Luminous Blessings” Clear Quartz Evil Eye Chain Necklace

This Mother’s Day, remind her what a blessing she is to her children and the world. Our Luminous Blessings Necklace is an elegant pick among jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts and lets her know she is deeply loved; her selflessness and compassion in motherhood haven’t gone unnoticed. We blended clear quartz and the Evil Eye charm to wrap her in protection and make space for spiritual awakenings, attuning her to the love that surrounds her.Luminous Blessings - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Chain Necklace

#14 “Peace & Love” Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

Our Peace & Love Earrings celebrate motherhood, tenderness, and elegance. Combining delicate pearl beads and the protective Evil Eye charm, we designed these earrings to accentuate her natural beauty and boost her intuition, helping her immerse herself in the highest vibration of all… love. These earrings will help her glow, brightening up her day in an instant.Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

#15 “Subtle Energy” Moonstone Pearl Anklet

The warmth of a mother’s hug is priceless. She is a pillar of light in your life, and the Subtle Energy Anklet is a not-so-subtle way to show her that. We set out to create a bracelet that would offer a lifetime of radiance and liberation from gloomy thoughts and found the perfect solution in the gentle energetic blend of moonstone and pearl. This gift will support every step she takes and clothe her in timeless beauty.Subtle Energy - Moonstone & Pearl Anklet

#16 “Heavenly Love” Moonstone Pointer Bracelet

Our Heavenly Love Bracelet features a bright diamond chip combined with the Evil Eye protection charm and softly radiant moonstone beads, which symbolize harmony and divine power. We used these ingredients to design a bracelet that will serve as a daily source of blissfulness and peace, connecting Mom with her higher self and reminding her that motherhood is both powerful and sacred. Luxury, spirituality, and elegance never looked better.Heavenly Love - Moonstone Evil Eye Pointer Bracelet

#17 “Transcending Awareness” Lotus Wrap Bracelet

To express your gratitude for all that she has given you, choose a Mother’s Day gift that will help her find balance as she pursues her own path, such as the Transcending Awareness Bracelet. We approached the design of this bracelet with the intention to channel potent symbols of higher awareness and abundance into a source of enlightenment and clarity. We chose the lotus flower charm, Hamsa Hand, and red string, then blended them with mother-of-pearl stones, known for guiding the wearer toward prosperity and imagination. With this gift, her energy field will be shielded and her intuition enhanced, supporting all her endeavors and dreams.Transcending Awareness - Wrap Lotus Charm Bracelet

#18 “Luminous Love” Pearl Diamond Heart Necklace

We created the Luminous Love Necklace to be a symbol of grace, compassion, and purity. To do that, we needed to bring together elements that would align the heart, body, and soul and found the perfect combination in pearl and diamond — two stones that help the wearer channel strength, clarity, and imagination. 

We finished this necklace with a design that symbolizes harmony in difference and incorporates both the loving heart symbol and the protective Evil Eye. It will cleanse her aura of all that weighs her down and raise her vibrations. All of us will encounter negativity at times — but when thieves of joy try to dim her light, the heart symbol on this necklace will repel them with the power of unconditional love.Luminous Love - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

#19 “Glowing Wisdom” Elephant Stud Earrings

Loyal, honest, and strong, elephants are perfect representations of the virtues embodied by motherhood. Our Glowing Wisdom Earrings celebrate the compassion and courage of those who make sacrifices on behalf of their children and reflect the wisdom and higher calling of these extraordinary women. Two sparkling diamonds illuminate the splendor of her spirit, purging her aura of all negative energy.Glowing Wisdom Elephant Stud Earrings

#20 “Intrinsic Creativity” Moonstone Tree of Life Bracelet

Moonstone is a powerful symbol of purity and gentleness and has a deep association with feminine power, which we’ve used it in many pieces in our Mother’s Day jewelry collection. Our Intrinsic Creativity Bracelet blends the calming energy of moonstone beads with the Tree of Life, a symbol of growth and good health. 

This bracelet will be a reminder for her to pour love into herself and allow others to give love to her as freely and selflessly as she gives it out. For a dedicated, hardworking mom, this gift will bring the light of tranquility into her life, encouraging her to let her hair down and relax.

#21 “Shift in Consciousness” Moonstone Moon Ring 

Our Shift in Consciousness Ring is one of our favorite pieces of jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts because it combines minimal, chic design with lunar symbolism, representing motherhood, feminine energy, and eternal love. A potent intuition booster, this ring will allow her to effortlessly align with positive frequencies and tune into her higher self.Shift in Consciousness - Moonstone Gold Moon Ring

#22 “Divine Energy” Triple Protection Anklet

When we began designing our Divine Energy Anklet, we began by incorporating two ancient spiritual protection charms: the Hamsa Hand for blocking evil, and the Evil Eye for repelling malice. Then we blended these ancient symbols with labradorite and pearl, two stones which radiate calm and harmony. As a gift for Mom, this anklet will not only shield her from negative energy, but also instill peace and balance in her life. Divine Energy - Triple Protection Pearl Labradorite Anklet

#23 “Steadfast Loyalty” Evil Eye Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

Mothers are a gift from the divine, and we should show them that truth every day. Shower her with love, even when you’re not around, with a Steadfast Loyalty Necklace. We created this piece to help attract warmth, kindness, and loyalty to those like mothers, who selflessly give their love to the world. The Evil Eye, with a sparkling diamond pupil, deflects negative energy from interfering with her happiness. This gift will foster the same healing vibration for her as she fosters in the world.Steadfast Loyalty - Evil Eye Diamond Heart Charm Necklace

Final Thoughts

Motherhood is a lifelong task. For that reason, Mother’s Day should be every day. Our spiritual jewelry symbolizes a mother’s grace and devotion and is made to last, making it a lovely way to celebrate the grace of her motherhood for years to come. Thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gifts like these are the least we can do to make the women who made us feel just how loved they are.Mothers Day