January 17, 2019
Setting Crystal Clear Intentions: A Beginner's Guide
By Faith Davis

Intention Setting

An intention setting practice is a powerful ritual that can help you achieve a happier and more fulfilling life. Intentions are, simply put, the things we want in our life. This can be money, deeper spiritual connection, a romantic relationship, confidence, better health, and so on.

We all want something in our lives but we don’t really sit down and define it regularly. When we just keep our intentions at the back of our heads, we are telling the universe that they are not really important to us.

Undefined intentions are like fragile wishes that are broken and forgotten easily. You need to make your intentions stronger so that you can achieve them. And that's where learning how to set intentions with an intention setting ritual comes in.


The Importance of Intention Setting Practice

An intention setting practice is a promise to yourself. You are committing to bettering your life, even if it may not be easy.

Defining your intentions requires you to identify the change you want to create in your life. This act alone makes your desires and goals extremely clear to you and can already bring a moment of enlightenment.

However, an intention setting practice goes beyond the a-ha moment. Setting up a regular practice where you revisit your intentions every day moves you from a contemplative state to being a proactive participant in your dream life journey.

Start your day by setting your intentions to create clarity in your life. It will give you a goal to work towards and it will make you highly conscious of your actions throughout the day so you spend less time on activities that don’t benefit you.

Intention Setting Practice


How to Set Intentions

To know what you truly want in life, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What do I really value? What is important for me?

This is where the power of your intention truly lies. Don't set intentions that don’t matter to you! Your values and beliefs should be at the core of your intentions.

Write down at least 3 things that are important to you, like spirituality, health, wealth, love, or happiness.

You want goals that align with your values in life, so don’t go about setting an intention that you want to have more money if wealth isn't really that important to you. What other people want is different from yours so take your time in defining what is important to you.

Goal Setting

2. What area of my life do I want to improve?

We all want to improve some aspects of our lives, whether it be social, professional, or personal. Maybe you want to reach your full potential at work or in your community? Or maybe you want to have more empowering relationships or be kinder to yourself?

Use your core values to guide you toward improving the different areas of your life.

Setting Intentions

3. How can I be better?

When learning how to set intentions, you need to define a plan to get you closer to your dream life. Get a gym membership, watch less TV, speak more kindly, or get a new job. Where and when are you going to take action on these?

Make sure that you don’t end in wishful thinking by creating a plan that is impossible to accomplish. Be very specific in answering these questions.

Committing to an intention means that you have decided to change yourself in some way and change doesn't tend to be easy (but it's always worth it). Being very clear with what you want allows you to anchor yourself whenever you get lost on the way.

Wearing Crystals


Using Crystals in Your Intention Setting Ritual

Crystals are great visual reminders to amplify the power of your intentions. Each crystal imbibes different energies.

There's no need to choose a crystal based on its healing properties. Instead, let your intuition guide you.

When picking a crystal, let yourself be drawn to the color, shape, or vibration that pulls you in. Don’t overthink it. We are naturally attracted to crystals that vibrate at the frequencies we subconsciously want to invite into our lives.

Rose Quartz


When you're setting an intention, hold your crystal in your dominant hand and say your intentions out loud. You want the universe to hear you, not your neighbors. Repeat your intentions to yourself and fully attach that message to your crystal.

Every time you see your crystal, it should remind you of your intention. Place your crystal within sight or carry it in your pocket.

The easiest way is to wear your crystal as a healing bracelet or a crystal necklace so that you are always reminded of your intentions.

A Red String bracelet is the perfect way to set your intentions on fire!



Using crystals or healing stones in your intention setting routine connects you to specific energy and guides you in your journey to self-improvement. You can use your crystals to help you move through your doubts, worries, and anxieties along the way.

Crystals draw your focus back to your intentions, magnifying your thoughts and helping them to manifest faster. They are an easy and beneficial addition to your meditation and intention setting ritual.