March 26, 2021
How to Wear Spiritual Jewelry & Why You Should Buy Spiritual Protection Jewelry
By Faith Davis

How to Wear Spiritual Jewelry

Energy is fluid. Spiritual jewelry supports this flow, maximizing the effects of positive energy and diminishing the negative influences in our lives. When energy flows freely, we can operate from a higher frequency.

Do you want to feel emotionally and energetically lighter and find it easier to create the reality you desire?

Jewelry For Spiritual Protection

To do so, you only need to match the frequency of the things you want and the emotions you want to feel. A study published on NCBI suggests that music, which is vibration in nature, positively affects mood.


Another way to do it is with spiritual symbols and crystals that are often included in this type of jewelry. Vibration changes everything, and this type of jewelry is positively charged.

Such jewelry is impressively healing and has a tremendous power to open gates of personal growth and transformation. It calms us down, it motivates, and it shields our aura. More than anything else, it elevates us to the next levels of spiritual growth, encourages our unique self-expression, and inspires self-discovery.

What Does Women's & Men's Spiritual Jewelry Do For You?

Much more than a pretty accessory, jewelry that is spiritual in nature can have a tremendous impact on our lives. Let’s look at some of those benefits now…

men's Spiritual Necklaces


Spiritual Crystal Jewelry Helps Us Tune in Spiritually

The immense power of high-vibration jewelry lies in its incredible capacity to help us get in touch with our higher selves. Awareness is the key to growth on all levels of human existence, and greater awareness is exactly what you can find.

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Your higher self is the ultimate guide that will lead you in the right direction. When you can connect to it, you are able to filter your rational thoughts through your intuition, which greatly enhances your decision-making.

Spiritual jewelry is here to help you move beyond limitations of the physical, and towards fulfillment on a soul level.

Such pieces are a constant source of spiritual guidance. Each does an excellent job of helping us reach life changing-illuminations and enlightenments, and it can maximize the effects of meditation, yoga, or any other preferable spiritual practice.

Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Regardless of what your past holds, jewelry of this sort is always healing and rejuvenating. Emotional or spiritual wounding is an integral part of life, and these pieces can bring those issues into awareness, which is the first step in any healing process.

They bring a sense of deeper understanding, but also provide us with soothing energy. With them, the healing journey is far less unpleasant. This way, spiritual symbols and crystals alleviate and transform pain, helping us move past limiting beliefs and triggers that appear as constant setbacks.

Ultimately, they are here to help us find the inner strength to embrace important lessons and move forward with ease and grace. When aligned with our spiritual journey and intention, the miraculous powers of jewelry can stimulate deep transformation.

spiritual protection jewelry

Spiritual Protection Jewelry

The Eye of Horus, Hamsa Hand, and Christian Cross have been used for protection for more than humanity remembers. Spiritual protection jewelry frequently includes these symbols to help magnify and strengthen our energetic shield.

Foul energies are ever-present, and such jewelry serves as a potent amulet. Carefully selected and assembled gemstones and ancient symbols shield and help repel negativity that comes our way. The source can be external, but it can also be harbored within us.

Whatever the case may be, each crystal or symbol has its unique vibration that encourages the release of what is blocking you from thriving. Wearing healing jewelry for protection is mighty, as it helps us let go of toxic patterns and behaviors that don’t serve us.        

Spiritual Stone Jewelry is Convenient

How wonderful would it be if healing energy could always be with you? Carrying an extra dose of positive vibrations is possible when you wear a piece of jewelry that vibrates at a high frequency. Incorporating authentic, natural gemstones and carved elements, the right jewelry can serve as a constant source of healing vibrations.

The energy you carry with you reflects in your reality. Healing as it is, spiritual jewelry can accompany you wherever you go, and this is a great way to stay protected from negative exterior influence and establish inner balance during the day.

The longer you have it with you, to more in alignment with positive vibration you will be. When you are exposed to such powerful frequencies, you’re likely to see an opulence of positive changes in your life in the long run.

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Spiritual Gemstone Jewelry are Beautiful

What is the most popular type of jewelry today? Surely it’s the type that helps you stand out.

It is impossible to forget how breathtaking spiritual jewelry can be. Each piece is a reflection of your unique persona and a magnificent addition to your style. These pieces are outstanding, because they are not only high-vibrational in nature, but also meticulously designed.

Since they combine semi-precious gemstones, quality materials and powerful ancient symbolism, they stand out from what people are used to seeing. And they’ll allow you to fully express your authenticity.

These pieces offer limitless possibilities for experimentation and attract positive experiences solely by helping you express your style. When we feel good about the way we look, good things are more easily drawn to us.

How to Wear Spiritual Jewelry

There are several ways to elevate the already incredible potential of jewelry.

The body and spirit always communicate with the higher self, sending us directions and hints as to how we can be more balanced. Therefore, you’ll intuitively know what piece is right for you and how to wear it.

Let’s look at some tips for how to wear this type of jewelry, so that you can get the most out of it…

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Wear Real Spiritual Jewelry on the “Right” Side

The human body is a vessel that can receive and give out energy. Depending on the intention you’ve set, wearing spiritual jewelry on the right or left side can impact where the energy goes. Being mindful of the side you pick will help you gain more control as to how energy is being exchanged.

The right side supports decisive action. Energetically, this is where you extend and share your vibration out into the world, sending it outwards. Wearing jewelry on the right side will help you reach out energetically to others, and express your desires.

Conversely, your left side is receptive and will help you invite desired energies towards you. It embraces, welcomes, and is inward-oriented. So, to invite peace, love, clarity, or anything else you desire into your life, wear jewelry on this side to get the most of its potent energy.


Beautiful Spiritual Jewelry


Line Gold Spiritual Jewelry Up With Your Chakras

Pulse points and chakras are highly sensitive energetic points in the body. When spiritual protection jewelry touches those points it directly balances them out and resets your energy.

The closer the piece of jewelry is to a chakra center, the more potent its effects are on the targeted chakra. This way, your favorite necklace, ring or healing bracelet can act locally, directly raising the vibration of the chosen energy center.

Short necklaces can do wonders for the throat chakra, while longer ones are incredibly stimulating and healing for the heart chakra and the solar plexus.

Spiritual bracelets and rings with gemstones and symbols affect the sacral chakra and root chakra. Since they also reach crucial pulse points on hands, the energetic message carried by the jewelry can easily be spread throughout the body.

There are a few key pulse points near the third eye and the crown chakra. In this instance, you’ll find that earrings can be a tremendously powerful catalyst for spiritual growth and healing. The body has a way of recognizing and immersing with healing vibrations when it comes in contact with them.


Cleanse Spiritual Crystals Jewelry Regularly

To magnify the healing capacity of your spiritual jewelry, it is essential to take care of it properly. This is especially important if your favorite piece include crystals.

Healing gemstones are powerful and mesmerizing, but they need to be regularly cleansed and recharged. Since they absorb the energies around them, they can accumulate and weaken the natural essence of the crystal. This reduces all the marvelous rewards you can get from wearing it.

The effect of crystals is never negative. However, to enjoy both the beauty and the beneficial properties of gemstones, be sure to cleanse them regularly. You can do that with a singing bowl, by passing them through smoke while smudging, or even by placing them on the earth.

Jewelry Spiritual Final Thoughts

A blend of aesthetics and healing vibrations, spiritual jewelry has the potential to improve your day-to-day life. When chosen with soul and taken care of, these pieces can shield your energy, help you move forward, and grow on all levels.

Knowing how they work and wearing them so they are aligned with your energy centers can prove to be more powerful than you might have expected. Such pieces are captivating and fashionable, but their beauty doesn’t lie only in their looks.

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They elevate our style and help us embrace our authentic selves. Combined with that empowerment, such jewelry can slowly but surely heal the soul.