April 22, 2022
The Taurus Handbook - Personality, Love, Career, and More
By Jenna Vierck


Zodiac signs and the use of astrology has been fascinating humans throughout the ages. Using the stars and some ancient wisdom, we can discover deeper layers of ourselves, understanding who we are at the core and how we interact with others. Based on our date and time of birth, astrology gives us clues into who we are and who we will become. The Babylonians were the first to divide the zodiac into 12 signs in 1500 BC. Later on, the Greeks picked up the tradition, named all of the signs, and tied it into their own vein of divinity. Today, we still use and adore this science.

There are 12 zodiac symbols in total, one of them being the mighty Taurus zodiac sign. It was named by Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD and has held importance since the early Bronze Age. This earthy sign marks the location of the sun during the spring equinox. Taurus means bull in Latin, owing to their strong-headed and stubborn nature. For Greeks, this sign is associated with the goddess Hestia. Hestia is known for her humbleness and her desire to protect and care for the home. It is believed that people born with this sign have traits of peacefulness, comfort, and stability, making Hestia an ideal icon for them.

Taurus is the second astrological sign of the zodiac, just before Aries. It spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac. The sign belongs to the earth element and has a negative polarity. Similar to Libra, this sign is ruled by the planet, Venus. In western astrology, the sign belongs to people born between April 20th and May 20th, while in other forms of astrology, the dates are May 15th to June 15th. Taurus is symbolized by the bull’s head with large and curvy horns. The bull is known for representing strength, power, tenacity, and virility. 

Are you a Taurus or do you have a loving Taurus in your life? Read on to find out all about their defining characteristics, personality, love life, suitable careers, and much more. Let’s dig in!

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Belonging to The Taurus Zodiac Family 

A Taurus is known for his/her passion, elegance, and dependability. Among the zodiacs, they are known as one of the most attractive and magnetic. They are respected and adored for satisfying and respecting people around them due to their honest, loving, and pleasant personality. They also have a strong desire for social stability - Taurus knows how to maintain their image in front of others. Some of them are also given the title of being a bit too needy, especially in relationships. This is largely due to their constant desire for extravagance, luxury, and contentment. They are also known to be quite terrifying when angry just like the bull that represents them. It does not take much and it does not take long to set their temper off.

People who are born under the sign appreciate integrity over anything else in the world. They are known for never forgiving someone once they discover deception; they are strong grudge holders. They are hard-working individuals and are never scared of tough and hard labor. They will do whatever needs to be done at the right time. Anything these individuals set their minds to, they will persevere and achieve. They believe in dreaming big and performing with tenacity. They are always determined in their choices, just like bulls who are known for amazing determination. Taurus has a significant amount of dedication in their bones, allowing them to continuously reach for their goals. For this reason, it can be quite hard for them to adapt. Taurus is also known for being a perfectionist. They want everything to be just right at all times, and will not settle for anything less than flawless.

Taurus Handbook

These independent individuals do not just jump into a relationship with anyone they find. Sure, they do have a strong desire for love, but they want it to be perfect. They also have a desire for security and believe in true love. They are extremely loyal and once they make up their mind regarding you, they will stay devoted to the relationship and do anything to make it work. They will stick with you till the end. Taurus individuals are honest, polite, trustworthy, and diligent, making them adept at relationships.

When it comes to their work-life, they ensure to do every task correctly, and take on new tasks with care and diligence. They would be unlikely to make mistakes, which is why they make great managers or leaders. They can be fully trusted to be in charge of important tasks, projects, and meetings. Devoting their full attention to every single task they complete, these hard workers are respected in the office. One downside to their focus and devotion to the task at hand, means that it can be hard for them to multi-task.  When it comes to education, they are deeply committed as well. They concentrate well and do not hesitate to ask for help when needed. They must be sure to take adequate breaks and pauses while completing tasks or studying so that they can always keep their mind fresh and active.

People born under this sign are said to be reliable, stable, and persistent individuals. Yet these are just some of the many positive characteristics that define them. Due to their earth element, they are known for having a very grounded nature as well.

Taurus Handbook

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Reliable, Stable, & Persistent

Taurus is known as the anchor of the zodiac. Their sign, represented by a bull, symbolizes that they are stable human beings who love to stay consistent. They find comfort in the constants of life, and any changes are outside of their comfort zone. The phrase consistency is key is something they strongly believe in.

Taurus is known for highly valuing honesty. They will remain trustworthy with you in every step of life. However, if they find out that you have deceived them, they will have a very hard time ever forgiving you.

These individuals never shy away from hard work just like the dynamic animal that represents them. They make sure to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Pro-tip - if there is a Taurus in your group for a project, you are in good hands. Anytime there is an important task that needs to be done, you can always count on Taurus and their hardworking nature. Apart from their determined side, they love pleasure and want every luxury in life. Their motto for life can be defined as “work hard, play harder”. They are after the finer things in life and want a life full of comfort and relaxation. These individuals do not settle for anything less than the best.

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Stubborn as the Bull 

Every human comes with a good side and a not so good side, and the same goes for Taurus. These individuals are deeply stubborn and are firmly set in their ways. Flexibility is not in their nature, making them highly resistant to any changes.

Taurus is not a fan of authority. Whether it is their teacher, boss, or professor, if they think they are wrong, then they are wrong. Period. We have all seen a child in class who always talks backs to the teacher, right? Well, that child is most likely a bold and opinionated Taurus.

As mentioned, they do believe in hard work. However, at the same time, they can take their pleasure-seeking ways a bit too far. They might get too lazy at times or have a tendency to procrastinate. They are also known for being perfectionists, and this includes in their relationships. They do not give second chances - if they see something they do not like about you, they will walk away without any regrets at all.

Taurus in Love

Taurus in Love

Taurus is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, meaning these individuals will never shy away from romance. As they are perfectionists, they do need a fair share of stability in their life. They do not rush into a relationship with just anyone, instead seeking that perfect match. They want everything in their life to be different and that is why they wish for someone with a unique personality. If you are dating a Taurus, then remember that they will always be loyal to you and will never hide behind a mask. They consistently show you their true selves, and will stay with you till the end.

One of the faults of Taurus in relationships is their desire for absolute perfection. They have to remember that nobody is perfect, and sometimes we have to accept each other's faults. They would be wise to find that person who clicks with them and understands their dynamic personality. Taurus should enjoy the present with their partner, rather than dwelling on what could happen in the future or what happened in the past.

A Taurus will be very interested in their partner, always curious and asking questions. They want to feel loved and comforted at all times and seek a stable relationship. A Taurus does not want any drama in life. They want peace of mind and will not go for relationships that are full of arguing and fighting. At the beginning of the relationship, a Taurus will not open up to you much. However, after some time and once they are comfortable, they will put their every effort into the relationship. A Taurus is not interested in casual relationships - these individuals want a serious relationship and will make it work. If there are any issues going on in the relationship, they will be sure to sort it out and put it to rest quickly. Falling in love with a Taurus means you are in it for the long run and will likely stay together till the end. 

Taurus in Love

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A Taurus is likely to meet their soulmate between the age of 16 and 18, and will find comfort in finding their soulmate in their late teen years. Meeting during these tumultuous young years will have its ups and downs, but it is the perfect time to get to know each other. A Taurus will invest all of their energy in a relationship, but if they feel like they are getting nothing in return, this will be the end. It is in their nature to want something in return, otherwise they will not stay with you. They believe in the reality of life and do not take risks in love. These firmly grounded individuals do not have the fairytale mindset when it comes to romance.

Once you gain their trust, a Taurus will be fully loyal and devoted to you. Gaining the trust of a Taurus is not easy at all, so be sure to handle it with care once you receive it. A Taurus will have you back no matter what and will always be there for you. No matter what issue you are facing, you can always count on a Taurus partner. They are highly protective and will always be your shoulder to cry on. Once they love you, they  will deeply care for you and think of nothing but the best for you. They are quite literally your rock. They are also known for being mature and always direct. If they think there is an issue, they will tell you exactly what they are thinking without any games or guessing. They avoid drama at all times. As for the physical side of love with a Taurus, one can say it is exceptional. They are always looking for adventures in bed, and are quite passionate lovers as well. A sex life with Taurus is never going to be boring!

Taurus has the best taste in food, so you can expect to always be taken out to fancy restaurants. With a passion for good music, do not be surprised when they start sending you hand-curated playlists or busting out their record player. They go for comfort above all else and will love nothing more than cuddling up with you on the couch with a good movie and some yummy snacks.

Taurus in Love

Career Aspirations

Taurus are highly patient individuals in their professional lives. They are reliable and thorough as well. When you give them a task, they address it quickly and focus on every single detail at hand. They make sure to complete whatever project is given to them, no matter what. 

However, because they devote all their attention and concentration to a single task, they are not very good at multitasking. This is why they are advised to complete a single task at a time; afterall, slow and steady wins the race. Taurus are faithful workers who can do wonders for a company. They work meticulously and make sure to maintain a sense of stability as well. You can always count on a Taurus if you have got one at the office.

Taurus individuals are all about their careers. If they enjoy their work, then the sky is the limit to their success. They have a determined nature and want to climb the ladder of their job. They embrace their jobs and fully understand them. They have a hard-working nature and concentrate on their tasks with full attention. With high productivity levels, they are always able to meet their deadlines, which is something many workers out there are unable to do. One of their faults in work is not being very good at completing different tasks at a time since they can only concentrate on a single thing at once. 

Taurus in Love

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Taurus do not like jobs that change quickly, due to their stubborn nature. Any job that is changing and fast-paced is hard for Taurus because it requires them to quickly adapt to the environment. A Taurus takes time to get comfortable in any space they inhabit or spend time in. They are not fans of change or spontaneity, which is why jobs such as emergency personnel, nursing, and firefighting may not be the best options for them.

A Taurus is not known for having the best people skills either. They can be a bit low on empathy, and tend to hold back their emotions. For that reason, Taurus may not be a great fit for a job that is people-focused. Yet, they are quite punctual workers, and will always be on time for meetings and presentations. As disciplined workers, they will swiftly follow an organization's curriculum. Sure, they may not be the most innovative, but when you give them a task they complete it with full confidence. They will be sure to put all their energy into completing the task and always do it right. Rather than completing a task with speed, just to get rid of it, a Taurus will give each project individualized attention and thoughtfulness. They are the epitome of hard workers.

Taurus in Love

4 Career Options for Taurus

#1- Banking 

If you are a Taurus, then the banking sector may be a great fit for you. This is because of the meticulous nature Taurus holds. In fact, in the zodiac, they are known as the managers of money. They have a great talent when it comes to calculations and related financial skills. 

#2- Architect 

An architect's job requires a lot of patience, which is something a Taurus is full of. A Taurus also has a structured mentality and wants everything to be done correctly and precisely, making them excellent architects. 

#3- Chef 

Taurus are foodies and they settle for nothing less than luxury. Becoming a chef for a 5 star or luxury restaurant would be a satisfying and rewarding job for them. With their extraordinary love of food, they will surely create the most delicious dishes. 

#4- Lawyer 

A Taurus has a reserved personality and does everything by the book. With their stubborn, meticulous, and determined nature, they will work day and night to win a case.

Taurus in Love

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Taurus Friendships

Taurus are trustworthy and dependable. You can be certain that they will never play around with you or your feelings. They will remain loyal to you and never lie. It would be hard to find a Taurus that would ever “stab you in the back”. However, as they are giving you so much loyalty, they expect the same from you in return. If they do by chance find you sneaking around, then it is over. A Taurus has a hard time ever forgiving those who wronged them.

Taurus are filled with amazing qualities, such as calmness, generosity, and humbleness. They are composed beings and look for long-lasting friendships. They are most likely to become friends with people who have personalities just like theirs. This includes people who have good communication skills and have an easy and fun nature. Taurus are trustworthy and warm. However, they do get possessive, as well as jealous, at times. They remain a loyal companion to their friends, and will be there for them through it all. They may not be known as the most fun sign of the zodiac, but  they do love spending some quality time with their friends. You will always have good conversations with a Taurus, and expect a lot of hangouts with your Taurus friend. They care a lot about their friends' well-being and will always invest their time in you. Once you have a Taurus friend, they will be there for a lifetime!

  • Taurus & Taurus 

A Taurus and Taurus friendship will be full of enjoying the finer things in life. They will spend their time together trying out different cuisines, having a good and fun-filled time, and laughing through it all. 

Taurus do not judge each other and respect each other deeply, as well as honoring the traditional values they both believe in. They will always stay loyal to each other and are likely to remain together for a lifetime. These friends grow old together and know the tiniest of details regarding each other. However, it is important to note that because they have the same nature, they might face a lot of arguments and issues. 


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  • Taurus & Cancer 

Taurus and Cancer are quite compatible, as well, and their friendship is always a solid one. They share an amazing, supportive relationship together and enjoy eachothers’ company. These two signs together will always have fun and find themselves laughing until their bellies hurt. On top of this, they understand each other's values and respect each other’s differences.

As Taurus are blunt and cancers are sensitive, there might be some issues. Cancer will have to learn to not take a Taurus’s bluntness negatively, and Taurus will have to tread a bit more carefully with their words. Their friendship has the capacity to be an amazing one. 


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  • Taurus & Virgo 

Taurus and Virgo both have amazing qualities which they can admire about each other. Taurus has an artistic mind and Virgo has an intellectual one. These differences in personality allow them to complement and balance each other nicely. They are rarely judgmental of the other, and stay open-minded to the other’s unique opinions and ideas. Both of the signs are exceptionally smart and are naturally sensible as well. Their friendship is expected to last for a very long time, due to their ability to understand and acknowledge each other.


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  • Taurus & Scorpio 

Taurus and Scorpio are both accustomed to holding their ground, which can lead to some tension in their friendship. However, their otherwise different personalities will most likely balance out their friendship. For instance, the emotional personality of a Scorpio can be complemented well with the Taurus’s practical personality. The deep Scorpio can help a Taurus process their emotions and understand how to effectively express them. These two signs also share very bold personalities. They have the unique ability to understand and respect each other’s differences and are loyal in their friendship. 

These bold personalities are also a match made in heaven when it comes to passionate physical intimacy. When Taurus and Scorpio respect each other's differences, it is a pairing built on loyalty and shared interests.


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  • Taurus & Capricorn

A Capricorn is a strong friend who is consistently dependable and hardworking. However, Taurus and Capricorn have a variety of differences when it comes to their personality and opinions. A Capricorn is an eternal optimist, while that is not the case with Taurus. Once you are in the bad books of a Taurus, that is the end of your relationship. 

A Taurus may also get annoyed by Capricon's extreme practicality and desire for order. On the other hand, a Taurus who is open-minded may learn to benefit from the careful planning of a Capricorn. The friendship between these two can form a strong bond.


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  •  Taurus & Gemini 

Taurus and Gemini can be good friends, however, they can expect to fight a lot. Both of them have an attitude and their fights can result in explosive disasters. If both of them work on their tempers and keep their arguments to a minimum, then their friendship can do wonders. They have the capacity to maintain a friendship full of joy and good memories together. Both of these signs might face issues when it comes to expressing themselves and communicating their emotions. Neither Taurus or Gemini are  expressive with their feelings, which may cause tension.


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  •  Taurus & Leo  

Leos have a flashy personality that will catch the attention of a Taurus initially. However, with the passage of time, Leo's high-intensity emotions, as well as energy, can affect the harmony of a Taurus’s spirit. Their friendship can also lead to showdowns, as both of them have bossy personalities. They both want to win an argument and rarely turn to healthy debates. Most of the time, they will be competing with each other. Their clashing personalities can make it difficult for them to be good friends, struggling to appreciate each other.


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  • Taurus & Pisces 

Pisces is an emotional individual, so they can help and convince Taurus to open up about their feelings. A Taurus is not very expressive, but a Pisces has a unique way of persuading a Taurus to explore their hidden emotions. They have a similar mindset that works well together, allowing them to share a strong bond. Each of these signs have creative minds and will enjoy having intellectual discussions together. However, the sensitive Pisces often faces a hard time when it comes to expressing their overwhelming feelings, which can lead to Taurus becoming suspicious that something is being hidden from them. In situations such as these, chances are that a Taurus will get aggressive. 


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  • Taurus & Sagittarius 

The chances of a Taurus and a Sagittarius becoming good friends is quite unlikely. Their personalities just generally do not go very well together. They either end up hating each other or becoming overly attached - it is hard to find a middle ground for them. Taurus easily gets frustrated by a Sagittarius, which can lead to a lot of fights. Both of them might lose their tempers and cross the line during arguments. They also have very different tastes regarding all aspects of life. Some Taurus and Sagittarius may strike the perfect balance and create a beautiful friendship, but they will have to put in the work.


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  • Taurus & Aquarius 

Taurus and Aquarius will struggle to find middle ground and their friendships do not normally end up working out. Their personalities are quite different from each other. For example, an Aquarius has an outgoing personality and enjoys life to the fullest, while a Taurus would prefer remaining comfy at home. They each have different strengths and weaknesses that do not mesh well together, making it hard for their friendship to work.


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  • Taurus & Aries 

An Aries has an innately aggressive nature, and so does a Taurus, which is why they do not work well together. Aries is always on the go away from home, wanting to achieve everything, but have fun at the same time. That is not the case with Taurus. A Taurus prefers a quiet time in the comfort of their home, and would prefer spending their time working hard and achieving their goals. These two signs simply do not work well together. 


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Obstacles Encountered by a Taurus

A Taurus has the ability to experience an amazing life, but as for anyone, there are many obstacles that may be encountered. Everyone has their own personality and opinions, and are facing their own struggles on a regular basis.

The biggest obstacle for a Taurus is handling social issues. These individuals are not that social and tend to be most happy when alone or with just a few people they are comfortable with. It takes a while for them to warm up to people. They find peace at home, rather than going out to social gatherings. They might even face self-esteem issues in these gatherings. Making friends can be quite difficult for Taurus, and not everyone gets along with them easily.

Another issue Taurus might face in life is that they can never settle for less than the best. One of their biggest fears is poverty. Taurus wants to spend a life full of luxury all the time. They want the best food, best clothes, and best life possible. They do not go for low quality, and never settle for average. Yet, luxury all the time is simply not an option for the majority of the world. If a Taurus faces issues regarding this constant desire for more, then they may struggle to fully adapt and grow in the world.


Taurus is also not prone to changes in life. The reality is, however, that a human being's life is constantly changing and evolving. Whether it is their work life, love life, friendships, or anything else; everything changes with the passage of them. A Taurus will simply not accept these changes. They take a significant amount of time to get used to a situation and make themselves comfortable. Once they are in their comfort zone, they do not welcome any shifts to the schedule or status quo. This fear of transformation is one of the biggest obstacles a Taurus will face in life.

A Taurus will also face issues regarding their work life. For instance, if their bosses give them multiple tasks to be completed at one time, they will find it difficult to accomplish them all. They are not used to multitasking, and prefer to work on one thing at a time. 

There might be certain issues in the love life of a Taurus, as well, because they are not great at expressing their emotions. This is something that most partners want from the other, so if you do not give them that, it can be hard for the relationship to work.


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If a Taurus is opening doors for you in their world, it will be pleasant, but not free of challenges. You need to get ready and prepare for some tough questions that will come your way. They are going to grill you and will not let you easily get past them - similar to how you cannot get past a determined bull. However, once you have fully gained the trust of a Taurus, you are in for a loving and thoughtful friendship. These individuals are amazing friends and will always be there for you no matter what. 

When it comes to their feelings, they are not very expressive people, however, they do not hide their feelings either. They do not hesitate to show their love physically, but they do face issues when it comes to expressing their emotions with words. They come with a somewhat harsh exterior, and cover up their sensitive side. They might seem insensitive at times, but that is not the case. They are just not very vocal regarding their feelings.


Taurus & the Chakras 

A Taurus is dominated by the green heart chakra. This chakra, also called the ‘anahata’, is the center of the chakra system, and is the place where one can feel the most connected to the other. The heart chakra radiates energy that aids in eliminating the ego and reunites you with the power of love. In this space is where you find the interconnectedness of all of life. It is the fourth chakra of the system and has a link between the three lower chakras, the three higher, spiritually-oriented chakras, as well as the non-physical ones. 

As a Taurus with a connection to the heart chakra, this means that you love unconditionally. No matter what kind of relationship it is, you will love everything and everybody that enters your life. These individuals are highly compassionate, kind, and truthful. Their bodies are linked to the spiritual world with the green chakra’s love that has no limits. This loving chakra also connects your ego and soul to your heart. Green energy is like that of air, meaning that it has no limits. This particular energy is very delicate and shapeless as well.


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The color of the chakra is green which has a calming effect on one's body, as well as mind. Characteristics that are associated with this chakra include compassion and empathy. Apart from this, expansion, development, and openness are connected to this green energy. If you are a Taurus and connected to the heart chakra, it means that you should spend more time outdoors in the forest or lounging in the park. This chakra is also said to bring about abundance and prosperity when aligned. The color green is also known for providing harmony to one's mind and soul. There are a  variety of health benefits associated with the chakra as well. These include a strong and healthy heart, improved upper body strength, and a properly functioning thyroid gland, just to name a few.

The zodiac symbol, Taurus, belongs to the green heart chakra, which means that, when aligned, this energy body provides a wealth of benefits to this sign. When open and balanced, this chakra calms the soul of a Taurus and provides them with peace. The Taurus will also feel a strong sense of independence, which is an important factor in providing them with peace of mind. A Taurus belonging to the heart chakra, will also be good listeners, have a solid intuition, hold an amazing sense of purity, and have the ability to increase their spiritual energy as well. These factors combine to create an overall healthy and balanced body and mind. A Taurus would be wise to focus on aligning and opening their heart chakra with meditations and relevant practices.


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Welcome a Taurus into your Life

If you are a Taurus, it can be helpful to dive into the world of astrology, as a way to better understand yourself and the life you live. Or, if you have a special Taurus in your life, learning these secrets of astrology can help you to empathize with them, and more effectively understand their emotions and actions. Learning about the inner-workings of the zodiac signs can give us clues and insights into personalities and compatibility. It improves the relationships we have with others, as well as with ourselves. 

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