April 22, 2022
Understanding The Heart & Soul of A Taurus Woman
By Jenna Vierck

Taurus Woman

Are you a taurus or do you have one of these dynamic and caring women in your life? With an exceptionally beautiful soul and a deeply sensitive nature, these women will add a touch of sweetness into your life. If you are dying to understand the inner workings of her heart and what she feels, then here are your answers.

This grounded earth sign is ruled by planet Venus. She can be very stubborn at times yet carries a down to earth attitude. These women, born between April 20th and May 20th, can easily attract you with her magnetic soul. With their caring, seductive, humorous, and persistent nature, they are hard not to love.

Through her composed personality of a taurus woman, she can magnetize anyone to her. She is beloved for her passionate shows of love and optimistic nature. Not only a faithful partner but an honest friend, she will always be there for you. If you fall in love with a Taurus female, you may be blissfully stuck to her for a lifetime.

However, have patience - this woman does not fall so quickly, which is surprising for being connected to the planet of love and beauty! Yet once you get into her heart, this zodiac sign will be infinitely loyal.



The Complex Emotions of A Taurus Woman 

Emotions of every person will, of course, vary from time to time and differ from situation to situation, but the secrets of astrology can give us some clues and hints. A Taurus woman can find herself indebted with feelings of negativity, which results in her withdrawing and cutting herself off from the rest of the world. She finds herself caught by emotions and often makes important decisions based on her present feelings.

Her obsessive nature can either be directed towards the goals and aims of her life, or within the emotional connections she has with friends and family. This clinginess, or resistance to change, can sometimes lead to inappropriate decisions regarding her personal life and relationships.

As a means to seek kindness, a Taurus woman traits might begin to behave bitterly when not being understood. She searches for someone to calm her nerves and make her feel valued. Her interests are supported by the volcanic nature and immense willpower she possesses.  

Being an earth sign, she is emotionally passionate, humble, and deeply in tune with her body. Having a strong heart and being capable of pulling herself through tough situations is a very rare trait that Taurus women are proud to possess. Unlike many, she rarely reaches out for sympathy or lets her true emotions show.

Similar to the bull which is the sign of Taurus, she is emotionally strong, yet also has a frightful temper at times. She sets no limits to her skills and goals, and whatever she aims for will be hers. With impressive motivation, a Taurus woman  makes an excellent politician or commander. She is a romantic lover, but must be careful of possessive and jealous tendencies.

Taurus Woman


7 Everything to Know About a Taurus Woman

The lovely and magnetic nature of a Taurus, quickly draws the attention of everyone she meets. Once she grabs hold, she never wants to part ways or break bonds. The ad age slogan, “ a friend in need is a friend indeed”, perfectly suits this loyal star sign.

They are always there for you when you need it the most. With a fondness for bluntness, this zodiac sign will always tell you like it is. They make excellent friends and lovers, but do need personal time to recharge their batteries. 

She strives to remain connected with the people closest to her, keeping her internal life active and positive. But the blood of this bull always craves to put personal self-worth above everything. The urge to grow, learn, succeed, and find satisfaction in a particular direction feeds the Taurus soul.

She is not an adaptive creature, always wanting to say “no” to the slightest of changes.  Ask a Taurus to go out and they might just slam the door in your face, instead choosing to chill at home and appreciating their own company. It is not that they do not enjoy the company of others, they simply prefer themselves.  

When a Taurus woman falls in love, she falls hard and there is no turning back. The moment you make her feel comfortable and worthy, she will be ready to settle down and shower you with love. If you are looking for someone you can trust, this honest, spiritual, and loving person will surely fit the bill.

Never cheat on a Taurus or do them wrong, they will never forget it and never forgive you. It is simply in their nature to stay rooted in grudges, so try not to get on their bad side. They think with their heads and strive to maintain balance in every aspect of life, settling for no less and no compromises. 

Taurus Emotions


#1 Processing Taurus Emotions

Taurus tends to encounter and process their emotions in fits of rage. Anger can boil up quickly in them and they can swiftly turn on you. However, once they learn to process their emotions in a more effective way, these women are exceptionally smart and will optimistically accept all the challenges they face. Taurus people revel in the pleasures of life, loving nothing more than a bit of luxury and relaxation.

Taurus Emotions


#2 How She Shows Love

They typically excite potential partners by showing them their extraordinary enthusiasm and strength in life. They display hectic fits of emotion when someone angers them, but they will balance that with their excessively sweet side.

This affectionate female knows how to take care of their partner, and will always be happy to cook for and soothe those they love. A Taurus woman understands the true definition of love and she feels it deep to her core. Once a Tuarus falls in love with you, you have her loyalty for life. The man or woman who gets her love is surely the luckiest of them all.

Taurus Emotions


#3 Active Nature

Taurus women do not sugarcoat. They will always let you know what they feel, what they know, and what they want. This charming earth sign is very ambitious, unafraid of anything and always taking an optimistic approach.

The most powerful trait is hidden in their independent thinking, making Taurus stand out amongst the crowd and roar out loud with intellect.

This rebellious by nature woman is a true friend, constantly by your side with well-wishes and support. The brave, level-headed, and stable Taurus makes for excellent leaders. They have high respect for others and value relationships above all else.

Taurus Emotions

#4 The Heart of a Taurus

The key to holding onto a Taurus is by making active efforts to show them you care. Build their trust and you are sure to find a home in their warm heart.

Taurus must learn to find a better balance between doing things for others, and showing themselves love at times too. They seek out partners who are action-oriented and do not overthink things. Someone who can keep up with their passionate and spunky nature is a must for Taurus.

Taurus Emotions


#5 Career

Taurus prospers in a career that allows them to be in positions of leadership. They can find great success in the field of entrepreneurship. Taurus is restless and can not stand being static in one place for a long time.

Not being slaved or tied to others’ schedules is a must for this enthusiastic sign. Just like a warrior, a Taurus wants to be surrounded by competitive and passionate people.

Anytime their loyal nature is tested, it makes them easily bored and may lead to them mistakenly coming off as rude. If you question her abilities, she will surely strike you with cutting remarks.

Success will be found in whatever this stubborn-headed zodiac sign chooses to dive into. This lady is the best of both worlds - a queen of independence and warm-hearted caretaker.

This focused boss woman can handle her own, and she is quite alpha at times. Yet, at the same time, she likes to be cared for and coddled by those she loves and trusts. She has a heart of gold carrying her soft and submissive side gently through the world.

She craves the security and the comfort of her own home and own spaces, finding pure relaxation here. A Taurus woman strongly values the senses and the enjoyment of material things. 

Vitality for Life

#6 Vitality for Life

This second astrological sign of the zodiac is optimistic in life and ready for every journey. She is so magnetic that her mysterious and attractive powers can draw anybody into her vortex. These women ache for a luxurious and expensive life full of traveling and adventures.

If you want to impress her, feed them with tasty, delicious food and the big glass of wine they crave! Elegance and royalty seem to be in the blood of a Taurus.

Every word that comes out of their mouth leaves a lasting impact on those she shares her time with. With the unique ability to pay attention to every detail someone speaks, she does well amongst crowds and in social situations.

A Taurus woman demands complete freedom before and during a marriage. These women are career-oriented, however, she walks the line between deep passion and idealism. There is something so refreshing and calm about the utter simplicity of her emotions, but even so, they often get her into waters way over her head.

You may be tempted to try and tame her fiery spirit, but tread carefully! This woman is emotionally so strong that there is virtually nothing she will not be able to tackle. Even in the face of challenges and obstacles, she will take a stab at making it happen.

Emotional Cleansing is Essential


#7 Emotional Cleansing is Essential 

Emotional Cleansing is an essential piece to healing for any human being. A Taurus is typically known to run away from their emotions until they are one hundred percent able to embrace their complex feelings. Often, this is done by cooking themselves some appetizing food or by playing some music that matches their rhythm and emotions; they will do this until their heart normalizes. 

This sign, ruled by the planet Venus, craves spiritual and deep cleansing that will leave the heart, body, and soul feeling lightened and refreshed. They ache for their lives to move slowly and steadily, and when sad they instinctively become inert by sleeping and resting more than usual.

They keep their emotions and internal conditions privately to themselves, having a limited circle of confidants. They prefer to stay patient, and some call them stubborn for not letting out what they are going through. When deeply upset, they pretty much just shut down from life and feel terminally stuck or paralyzed, leading to a fixed sense of hopelessness. 

Whenever they feel lost, the best method for them to find their way is to listen to their body. It will always tell them what it seeks and remind them to release the tension by incorporating more self-care into their lives. As a Taurus is deeply connected with their emotions and spirit, the ability to self-heal is possible.

They simply need some space to push all the nervous energy out and respect themselves by relaxing fully into the feeling of security. By nature, they are optimistic beings, and will always see the good in people, nature, music, food, or anything they come across.

The key to emotional healing is in finding out and digging into what bugs us - is it someone around us, is it in the environment we inhabit, or is it us? Who and what needs to be revived, is the ultimate question to ask yourself.

From personal relationships to professional work life, this is an important process. Just remember to always treat yourself with tenderness and walk yourself gently through the things that will come up.

The sensitive side of Taurus allows them to easily access the ability to look deeply into each emotion and experience. For the sake of internal stability, they figure out what pieces are not falling correctly into place and then fix it to fit. 

Find Your Taurus Woman


Find Your Taurus Woman

If you have a special Taurus lady in your life, understanding the inner workings of her heart is essential to winning her over and stealing her heart. By exploring the secrets of astrology, we can see more clearly into the depths of our partners’ souls, allowing us to have healthier and stronger relationships. The Taurus woman is beloved for her sensitive and reliable nature, owing to her warm and loving heart - anybody would be lucky to have this woman by their side. 

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Find Your Taurus Woman