May 3, 2023
Welcome 5-5 Portal (May 5, 2023) – The Gateway Of Change
By Michele Tell

5-5 Portal

On May 5th a portal will open with an energetic windfall that will most definitely affect the way we will make decisions this month. This portal opens the door between the Ether and the 3D (our daily world here on Earth) and it will catch us off guard if we don’t grasp it and use it wisely.

What exactly is a portal?  It’s a moment in time when the Universe opens a window of energy to rain down to us; we are then given the opportunity to feel and ascend to a higher state of consciousness – if we allow ourselves to do so. Humans have free will; we can take this energy boost on that day and ascend or choose not to. The power lies within us to make that choice. 

The energy will be ripe on 5-5, the ultimate portal of change, enlightenment, and finally seeing elements in your life “as they are” and not what you perceive. It is the portal that unbolts the locked door for us to begin a deep manifestation. 

The 5-5 portal finds itself under the Sun sign of Taurus combined with the number five (5) of wealth, prosperity, change, and investigation, there is a chance that we will really begin to understand the way of our thinking and how we operate, most the time, not in our favor. This window of opportunity will guide us and show us how to move forward without fear, guilt, shame and unease of the past. 

In a nutshell, portals are a window of time in the energy where activation light comes down from the Universe, giving us a chance to dig deep into our emotions with a rush of adrenaline coming down from above. If used wisely, this energy can be enlightening, answers can be achieved, intuition hacked. 

It’s a moment in time where we might be able to take control of our emotions and directives, instead of the other way around. It’s a turnaround portal, where we can really move mountains by walking forward instead of sticking around in the listless past. 

Universal energy is transparent, so without going into a quantum diatribe, when portals open, the Universe sends codes down to us to realign our senses, redirect our body chemicals to help align us to live our best-life-ever. 

That is only achieved when we are standing in our complete authentic truth, giving back to our Earth and conquering fears, childhood trauma and ditching patterns of behavior and people in our lives that are no longer connecting with us on a spiritual level.

Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone NecklaceThe 5-5- portal initiatives change.  Like the Five of Cups in tarot (staring at the three empty cups of love, emotion,  health and happiness, in complete devastation as the cups are shown shattered, with all the contents poured back into the Earth), turning around in that card is the TWO OF CUPS.  You must turn your head from the sadness and devastation and turn your life around – the world awaits with love, passion, happiness.

This energy boost will help you turn it all around – if you let it.  Metaphorically speaking, we all need to turn around from the negativity of the past and march forward with excitement and happiness.  The world is waiting. A new day is donning. 

This portal helps gives us the emotional and energetic boost to do just that; turn around.  How do we use this portal to our advantage?

Success - Feng Shui Jade Feng Shui Tree

Here’s a quick look at how to grab hold of the upcoming 5-5 portal.  I – C – M – D

Identify the issues you have from the inside and out.  What is holding you back from fulfilling your dreams?  It’s usually not a single layer experience, so this is where the “work” is done creating your new path by understanding why you think the way you do and what’s really in the deep conscious, not what you show on the surface.  

5-5 Portal

Here Is A Layered Thought Process As An Example: 

I want to find new love. I am afraid to go online to date and meet people.  Everyone online is physically fit, and pretty, or wears the best makeup, most stylish clothes, appear to have exciting lives, are vivacious with personality and humor. No one will ever swipe on me if I don’t look like that.  No one will love me.  I don’t deserve love.  Forget it, I will just live a loveless life.

Our mind thinks in layers, and this 5-5 portal will shine light on the depth of what we think on the inside. 

Stop that thinking (Five of Cups, tarot) immediately, and turn around to the Two of Cups – waiting right behind you.  Here’s an easy way to use this immeasurable energy to kick start out of the doldrums and into what you’ve always wanted.  I-C-M-D

Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

I - Identify the issue.  Why do you feel you deserve a loveless life?  Time to turn that around, build yourself with careers, passions, friendship giving back to charity, and being a good friend and a humanitarian.  Begin to love yourself from the inside out; treasure yourself. 

Build your self-esteem.  Find your passion (your true North) and set some goals not just about appearance but increase your intellect; read a book or learn how to play an instrument, or take a writing class, or an instructional class to learn and become a teacher in a hobby that you enjoy.   Start rebuilding you from the ground, up.

C – Create.  Create a new pathway for your life.  Want a different job? Research online the various occupations that might get you there and begin to build a creative plan to get there.  Some people call it baby steps, I just call it steps.  Create a plan of action for your life – and make sure you capture three of those steps each day. No baby steps, just take steps. 

5-5 PortalM – Manifest. Learn the art of attraction and manifest your dreams. Your thoughts become reality so many don’t realize that what you think (sometimes our Devil’s advocate, or where our fears live), make sure you change your thoughts into positive, forward thinking.  I want it all and I want it now, is a good place to start. 

Write your thoughts down on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow. Write your wishes down, your manifestation and write them in detail.  I want to graduate with this degree, from this college, with a specialty area in this part of my prospective field. I want to be published with this manuscript, or I want to attain a bartender’s license and learn 1500 cocktails by the end of the summer. Details.  The Universe wants to hear details. It rewards knowing exactly where you want to go, with a plan on how to get there. 

D – Do.  Simply do.  Get a calendar and write three steps per day on each day, and at the end of the day, when those tasks are completed, use a highlighter to cross away the steps that were accomplished.  For every 25 steps you do, build in a reward (like buying yourself an amazing rose quartz or evil eye bracelet from Karma and Luck for forward momentum), or taking yourself out for pedicure, buy a new book, or a eat favorite meal.  By the end of the month, you will have 30 tasks accomplished, a reward that you have earned, elevated self-worth for accomplishing it all, and the momentum and drive to start it all over again.

Use this 5-5 portal to enhance change, and to redirect yourself to become the person that is locked away deep inside.  Manifest your thoughts and remember to keep all your thoughts – positive.