March 31, 2023
Which Crystals Are Best For Kids?
By Tracy Johns

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Hum around a metaphysical store with a kid in tow, and it won’t take long to discover that kids take to gemstones like Harry Potter does to his Nimbus 2000. Kids love magic, mystery, enchantment, and wonder - not to mention sparkly things - so it’s no wonder they find intrigue in gemstones and the natural world.

But are the powers in crystals safe for kids? You bet! So why not teach them how to use gemstones for their own empowerment?

While any crystal is safe for a child, we’ve rounded up a list of gemstones that would be especially empowering for little people…

Crystals Are Best For Kids

Aquamarine – The Stone of Courage

Aquamarine is the perfect crystal to help your child stand up to a bully, give a speech in front of the class, or even confront that boogieman they’re just sure is hiding in their closet who scares them out of good sleep at night.


Back in the old days, sailors used aquamarine to protect them from disasters at sea. Armed with the mermaid stone, they mustered the courage to take on storms, rough waters, and perhaps even pirates.

People also used aquamarine to heal illnesses affecting the throat, jaw area, stomach, and liver.

Modern-Day Magic

Folks in the know use the stone of courage for anything that requires a bit of bravery. Aquamarine is especially good for helping people speak up for what they need because it’s linked to the throat chakra. The gemstone is also a natural for helping with sore throats and thyroid issues.

Aquamarine is known also for its calming, soothing effects – which help just about everybody!

Fun Facts to Tuck Under Your Sorting Hat

Mesmerizing aquamarine ranges from blue-green to deep blue. Naturally occurring deep-blue aquamarines are the rarest, which also translates to the most valuable. Aquamarine is a form of the mineral beryl, and some of these crystals weigh more than 250 pounds.Aquamarine bracelet

Amethyst – The Stone of Contentment

This is the perfect stone for kids who need a little help calming down. Tame those temper tantrums or other upsets with amethyst. This is a wonderful stone to use at bedtime to help a child settle down.


People in ancient times used this stone to help them win battles. They thought amethyst helped them stay awake and think more clearly. They also thought it protected them against evil spells. At one time, you could only wear amethyst jewelry if you were royalty.

Modern-Day Magic

Amethysts are found in geodes, which look like ugly rocks on the outside. Cracked open, a geode reveals sparkling raw amethyst crystals that range in color from light mauve to deep purple.

Fun Facts to Tuck Under Your Sorting Hat

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. It comes in shades of violet and purple.Which Crystals Are Best For Kids?[ad]meta-product[ad]

Turquoise – The Stone of Success

Anything a kid puts his mind to works out well, with the help of turquoise.


Many Native Americans thought turquoise could bring needed rain and ensured accurate aim while hunting.

Modern-Day Magic

Turquoise is a go-to gemstone for healing and well-being. The stone improves communication and chases away negative energy.

Fun Facts to Tuck Under Your Sorting Hat

Turquoise forms where mineral-rich water seeps into rocky gaps. Over time only the minerals remain—as turquoise. The copper in turquoise gives the gem its shades of blue and green.Courageous Wit - Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Peridot – The Stone of Happiness and Compassion

Count on Peridot to help your kid wake up on the right side of the bed – happy! Say goodbye to grumpy moods with the aid of this wonderful gemstone.


Peridots were once thought to glow in the dark. People felt that peridots could ward off anxiety, help one speak better, and improve relationships. Peridots protected anyone wearing them from evil.

Modern-Day Magic

Known as the stone of compassion, Peridot is thought to balance emotions and thoughts. It is believed to bring restful sleep, peaceful relationships, good communication, and inspired creativity. It also brings good cheer.

Fun Facts to Tuck Under Your Sorting Hat

Peridot is the gem-quality crystal of the olivine rock. It is the only gem found in meteorites.Cheerful Prosperity - Peridot Evil Eye Bracelet[ad]meta-product[ad]

Rose Quartz – The Stone of Love and Compassion

This sweet stone is meant to be in every little girl’s possession. It’s all about love, sweet love.


Rose quartz has been celebrated from civilization to civilization. It was used to make peace with the Greeks, prevent the signs of aging in the Egyptians, and used as a claim of ownership during Roman times.

Modern-Day Magic

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for anyone needing more love in their lives. The stone can help kids find a deep sense of compassion and care in this world – especially if it comes from one of the most important sources who can bring it – oneself.

Facts to Tuck Under the Sorting Hat

Rose Quartz is a pink form of quartz.Unconditional Love - Rose Quartz Evil Eye Necklace[ad]meta-product[ad]

Onyx – The Protector Stone

This gemstone is the ultimate in protective stones.


Black Onyx has been used since ancient times. Many cultures believe that it could absorb your negative energy and in fact, the more negative energy it absorbed, the darker the colors became. Some say Cleopatra wore onyx jewelry in Ancient Egypt to protect her and alert her to oncoming dangers. However, it existed in Egypt long before Cleopatra. As early as the second Dynasty Onyx has been used in Pottery items and bowls. For thousands of years, people have used onyx as a source of protection, and to this day, it remains one of the strongest protective stones known.

Modern-Day Magic

Count on Black Onyx to help you move through the world protected by negative energies which could block your progress. Black Onyx activates the chakras to bring forth qualities needed for success, such as self-confidence, self-control, and creative focus. Whatever is needed for your success, onyx will help you stay connected with its forcefield of high vibrations.

Facts to Tuck under the sorting hat

Onyx, whose name derives from the Greek word for “claw” or “nail”, is a variety of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a mixture of quartz and morganite.Persistent Protector - Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli – The Wisdom Stone

Wisdom comes in many forms, and for kids, it starts with believing in themselves.


Ancient Egyptians loved this gemstone. Back then, it wasn’t just used as a jewel but was even ground down to become eyeshadow and elixirs. The beautiful blue stone was one of the highest-regarded gems in Egypt.

In Persian folklore and across the ancient shores of South America, the stone was said to be the starry sky shrunken down into a precious gem, perhaps already holding all the knowledge of the universe. In Islam, it was chosen to be a protector against the evil eye, and Buddhists too would turn to this stone to pave the way to inner peace. Catherine the Great fell hard for the rich blue hues and had a whole room adorned in Lapis Lazuli. Michelangelo ground it down to blue pigment powder to make a striking shade of blue that we can see to this very day when we look upward when walking through the Sistine Chapel.

Modern-Day Magic

If your child struggles to put himself out there or suffers from low confidence, this gemstone can be a game-changer. This gemstone helps with self-expression. It can be an amazing tool to help forge close friendships and opens up the way for honest communication. It also helps us stand up strong in our own light.

Caring Union - Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Facts to Tuck under the sorting hat

The Wrap

Since ancient times, people have turned to Mother Earth for the healing power of crystals. Throughout time, gemstones have been coveted by royalty, merchants, healers, shamans, and sailors.

Crystals help us reconnect with nature and with ourselves. We’re all vibrations or energy on this planet. Because everything in life holds a vibration, we can use crystals to match our vibrations to manifest what we want and need in our lives, from Courage to Love and Compassion.

Nature offers us what can seem like an overwhelming amount of goodness through crystals, making it seem like an impossible task to choose the best crystals for our needs. That’s why your friends at Karma and Luck created this list to get you started in your exploration.

So explore with curiosity, intention, and perhaps a bit of wild abandon! Karma & Luck offers a glorious stock of gemstones in our Kid’s Collection!Courageous Joy - Tiger's Eye Evil Eye Kid's Necklace