December 21, 2021
Your Zodiac Signs Cosmic Connections During Capricorn Season
By Nadine Hamdan

Your Zodiac Signs Cosmic Connections During Capricorn Season

Are you ready to OWN 2022? Connections and craving closeness will be the motivation for this Capricorn Season. It will affect ALL signs, and you will want to raise your connection karma after reading this article.

Capricorn season will have you feeling snuggly and wanting to surround yourself with loved ones, looking for new loves, and creating all kinds of connections and bonds. Especially with yourself when it comes to money, exercise, and reaching new spiritual heights starting this month.

You may feel a bevy of mixed emotions in some cases and have socially-distancing ideas on how you can blend, bond, and believe in miracles and thank the Universe for this crazy year while making sure you leave it on a significant high note. 

Capricorn season starts December 22, 2020, through January 19, 2021. Almost every sign will feel the "self-improvement" vibe, especially with the New Year right around the corner and Capricorns amazing leadership energy.

Make sure to invest in your friendships from this day forward. If 2021 has proven anything, it is that we can band together and make a difference. Every sign should take advantage of this time.

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Cosmically Connected Capricorn Season 

No matter what your sign, definitely take advantage of and utilize the energy of Capricorn Season as motivation is the key right now and getting accomplished is the gateway to a brighter 2022. Two factors to consider. One, get literally grounded. Go outside (safely) and breathe in the cool, crisp air and take much-needed walks or hikes, if you can. Second. Get into those projects around the house you've been putting off and get it done. Clear your space, get your Feng Shui on, and you will feel fantastic afterward. 

This Capricorn Season finds us in Venus Retrograde. Venus, the goddess of love, is a bit testy during this time. Don't stress, though; this one isn't too bad. However, it does mean that you may wish to take a more conservative approach toward money and relationships. So don't sweat the small stuff during Capricorn Season, but do take a lighter approach toward, well, approaching people and checking in on your emotions.

On January 8, Venus will be experiencing a rebirth, and our heart chakras will be expanding on both a personal and Universal level. What does that mean? Well, you may feel more inclined toward helping others, getting involved in charitable causes, and expanding your love without the fear that we usually experience when we put ourselves out there.

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Those feelings may also intensify in relationships with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Not only will you feel more connected toward others, but Mercury, the planet of communication, is pushing its way in as well during Cap Season, and that may make us all a bit more chatty than usual. But hey, the holiday is here, and good cheer must be spread as we head into the New Year.

Don't forget about those whom you know are alone right now. Using Mercury's communicative energy is a fantastic time to reach out to those who need more communication in their lives while connecting with loved ones too.

Connecting at work is also optimum right now. Capricorns are tenacious workers with great ambition and are goal-oriented, and you can pull on that energy during Capricorn Season. Use your communication skills to help boost your career.

Focus these next 30 days on getting as much done as you possibly can by plucking things off of your list one at a time. Capricorns are worker bees and practical about how they approach life, and you can soak in that specific energy during this season. Then, even if you don't feel like it, start seeing what happens. You'll be amazed at what you're accomplishing every day, one small step at a time. So, turn up those tunes and get on those moves. 

Let's see what Capricorn Season has in store for your Zodiac Sign


Innovation and invention are key to money-making. Be original and look for niche markets that are growing or highly profitable and move into these.

This is an excellent time for your career, although things won't necessarily work out how you expect; however, you may have some good fortune when you take chances and open yourself up to new opportunities. In addition, you are more aware of an old order passing away, and you know that there is no going back, so instead of lingering and feeling fearful of the future, race headlong into it.

Home life can take a back seat to your career and social aspirations. Parts of 2021 were spent focusing on home life and reorganization, and if you did that successfully, you are now able to rely on things running smoothly while you focus on external goals.

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Pluto conjunct Venus at the eclipse indicates good fortune when it comes to promoting your ideas, publishing, and getting publicity. Your efforts to market your products get a boost which is very welcome for Taurus at this time of year. Advertising and reaching out within your community to establish Goodwill is very successful.

This is also a time when your work at academic papers or achieving education pays off, and you are rewarded by being spotted by the right people. So if you are thinking about going into teaching or lecturing on a subject next year, that can prove to be an excellent decision.

Self-honesty is very important to your peace of mind and ability to engage within the family and feel at ease in your home. Confronting what causes you anger will help you establish greater control over yourself, rather than this anger and sense of dis-ease controlling you.

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Gemini's who are single may have intense encounters with new people. While the initial meeting can be uncomfortable, there is a curiosity that makes you want to see them again despite confusing initial signs.

This is an excellent time for negotiating with others over money matters. Your ability to make deals, understand the motives and agendas of others, and be persuasive is excellent. In addition, you are sharp and can make quick connections between disparate things to find solutions.

Physical contact with people who matter to you is more important; you have a need emotionally for a solid base and an anchor. You may seek to strengthen your relationship with your parents or significant attachment figures as you need their support now more than usual. As a result, you tend to think about emotional issues more often. While Gemini never dwells in the past, there is a particular poignancy to this month where past and present collide. This means matters suddenly resolve or become transparent.

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A deep connection that holds the promise of mystery and intellectual challenge with spiritual stimulation is what you need. Cancer needs conversation combined with fascination. Single, you will be uncontrollably drawn to anyone who gives you a chase; the more mysterious equals, the more exciting. On the other hand, single Cancer may be attracted to relationships where everything seems to be against you – it's a case of 'let's show them we can make it.'

Financially prosperous opportunities can open up to you, but you have this big question mark; almost a fear of letting yourself drift into the unknown. So it comes down to how much uncertainty you can put up with, how much change you feel up to, and will you be comfortable in the new role, i.e., can you see yourself there; is the prize (not only monetary but intellectually) worth it?

A dose of self-honesty will help you tackle many issues in your life with resolve. This is not only about practical matters but also psychological factors – you will be so much more aware of lies, hidden agendas, subtle manipulation, and anything that is concealed is suddenly magnified for you. You can see to the heart of matters, and you can surprise others with the way you can understand issues that are both complex and emotionally sensitive.

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You have to have a clear idea of what you are doing and why; if you haven't done a risk-reward analysis, stop throwing money at a wing and a prayer? So, don't spend X amount on an advertising campaign if you have no idea that it will generate any extra sales but are merely doing it for lack of better ideas.

Leo is dealing with vastly opposing forces; it may be a case of, 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times where some aspects of life are booming, and others seem to be wasting away. Even in one sphere like career, there can be exciting new opportunities yet surprising setbacks in areas going well. Events indeed defy expectations.

There are doors opening, but you may have difficulty escaping commitments or obligations already existing, which could mean you have to burn a few bridges.

Leo adores being good hosts, having a full house, spoiling those you love, and this is a season you especially enjoy, and 2021 will be more memorable than usual.

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However, a romantic relationship can have amazing moments this month; it can be exhilarating and the best thing ever. On the downside, you may have periods of real frustration with him, and you can feel in a no-win position. Love is unsettling but not boring. The challenge of a new guy is exciting, but don't think he's a puzzle that you can work out eventually; that may not be the case.

This month you may make or begin to plan significant expenditures connected to children; this may be setting up a college fund for the future or arranging financial assistance for a more immediate purpose. So, your children are often the reason you make radical changes to your financial setup, or maybe even go back to work or take a second job. However, the term' necessity is the mother of invention' is apt as often a financial need strongly connected to an emotional impulse leads to inspired creativity in producing funds.

You may travel in connection with work or with colleagues. The travel is often connected to training others and organizing administrative and logistical details.

The pace of life quickens considerably, and you can get a lot done in a short time. This month is lucrative for businesses that are connected to local travel infrastructure.

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You will find it easy to give, share and let go emotionally both in new and older relationships. However, suppose you had a critical, unloving, or vague mother. In that case, you may well have internalized messages about yourself that are negative and which can impact your current relationship or even long-term relationship formation.

Venus conjunct your second house ruler at the eclipse indicates a positive month for your financial affairs. You may get a bonus, make increased sales, or hit targets. You may also gain from passive income, i.e., publishing or royalties.

The innate tendency of Libra to look at pros and cons is activated, and you are very indecisive. However, you are also very informed; you have yet to decide how to deal with that information.

Dealings with colleagues and associates are confusing, and people will send contradictory signals. It's better to be one of the crowd; it's too early to break for the leadership role; if you do, you will quickly lose the initiative and look like you made a miscalculation.

You may need to commute extensively this month in order to effectively manage your business or communicate with clients. Trips are often sudden and unplanned.

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This is an excellent month for forwarding planning and strategy. It's a great time to crunch the numbers and prepare projections, especially for new projects. Make spending and investment plans, make your sales or revenue projections and think about incorporating new ideas, services, or products.

The pace of this month is fast, and you have an abundance of ideas. However, it's hard to get others on board, and so you have to work independently or prove yourself so that others will follow.

You may have more information than you know what to do with, and it's tough knowing what's important; you have to sort through the information and get a general idea quickly; you can always come back to the details later. Speed is everything, and you can't be your usual perfectionist Scorpio self as there's no time for laboring over the finishing touches.

Anything you have ignored at home suddenly demands your attention. Family and home life require an injection of your enthusiasm and leadership. You will have to step in and offer moral guidance or wisdom, as a laissez-faire approach won't cut it. Family members need your advice and support, so don't hold back thinking that you will be interfering if you throw in your penny's worth.

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New relationships can be very successful right now as you have so much energy to give, and you are devoid of cynicism, seeing only the best and bringing out the best in others. Resist parental interference in your love life, and remember that their advice may not be helpful or may be driven by motives you do not understand.

You must learn to love yourself and live for yourself according to your unique values and destiny—Shun comparisons to others and revel in being your special person with your own divine path in life.  Fulfillment comes from within, not material things or even being loved.  So don't resort to the deadly sins; you don't have to – be you and be proud of being you.

You will experience a renewed sense of purpose in life, and this will help you make decisions that will help broaden your scope of experience.  There will be the chance for travel and also further learning. Your health will improve, and if you have had poor health or injuries, you will heal quickly.  Mentally, your attitude is much more positive, and you will have the inner strength to move on from negative situations and habits which have hampered your life in the past. You are likely to meet many new people in the next few months, and these people will enrich your life and bring a new element of understanding to you.

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This month you are more likely to keep your thoughts to yourself, as you're not as eager to communicate your feelings with others even when you should. This is an excellent time to get in touch with the hidden sides of your personality to understand what your subconscious is telling you. You must also understand any recently developed fixations and your fears, as you need to get to the bottom of what's bothering you and find out whether it's something you can resolve alone or something that has to be resolved with your partner.

A desire to keep things to yourself right now is driven by a feeling that maybe your partner will use what you have to say against you, but this will only really happen if you're driven by pettiness or ego. So it would help if you didn't hold back from saying what needs to be said but do it deliberate quietly about it first.

The big problem now in relationships is misunderstandings, you have to be very clear why you do what you do, but you don't want to come across as blunt. But, on the other hand, you certainly want to make your feelings known, and you need to make your priorities straight, as ambiguity creates a mess in relationships.

This month is an excellent time for planning, developing strategy, and working quietly in the background. Play your cards close to your chest, don't let your competitors know what you are doing. The time is not suitable for overt action, you need to gather yourself financially, spiritually, and psychologically, to be ready, and you aren't quite ready yet.

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Single Aquarius may fall in love with a friend with whom you already share a bond.  All relationships with a spiritual connection will thrive and grow this month as you seek to get in touch with your soul. This is a month where the journey you are on as a human being really matters to you; meaning in life is what counts, and that is why all-important relationships will get your full attention and appreciation.  You want to immerse yourself in what matters.

You are in an "I want it all, and I want it now" frame of mind – which can mean you may run up your credit card rather than saving for a purchase. Or inconvenience others by pushing for your way when everyone could happily accommodate with more patience and better timing.

It is vital right now that you respect other people's limits, as part of the pressure you are putting yourself under may directly impact someone you live with or work with, and you need to take their capabilities and feelings into account.

Ideally, you can achieve much this month, and your positive, driven attitude, when used to inspire and motivate others, can be very productive for everyone.  However, if you act as if you are in a vacuum and are not responsive to the social, political, and emotional environment, you will waste time, energy, and resources and not achieve much.

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What brings Pisces the most satisfaction in terms of your relationship this month is maintaining your poise, dignity, and grace no matter what circumstance you face. It's essential to think before you speak and not lose your temper. As a partner, you should show fortitude and be a good example, as the best way to deal with marriage crises is to keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, as that way you gain in confidence, you keep your self-respect you maintain the higher ground.

In marriage, this is an excellent time for date nights, for holding dinner parties, and for entertaining your friends. It's good to stimulate romance by going to places where you can dress up and be aspirational! What's not beneficial for marriages right now it's sitting on the couch, eating takeaway, and slouching about; instead, what stimulates love life is dressing up, feeling glamorous, and doing things with your partner that make you feel sexy, energized, and alive to possibilities. Often too much seclusion causes the world to weigh heavier and problems to expand, but experiencing variety in terms of venue and stimulating company helps tip the scales in favor of optimism, hope, and romance. Simply put, get those high heels on.

You have high expectations right now, and this is because you have a very high level of respect for yourself, so you are looking for an aspirational, strong, and well-respected partner. You won't lower your standards right now, and if you cannot see a partner as someone reliable, trustworthy, and ethical, you won't have a problem with walking away very quickly.

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