August 9, 2021
Your August Horoscope: Love, Money & Relationships
By Nadine Hamdan

We are in the literal heat of the summer, and that isn't a metaphor for the amount of heat that August will bring to each sign. Between the Lion's Gate Portal opening, New Moon in Leo on August 8th, and two full moons, the first one in July and the second in August 22nd, both in Aquarius, we have the most incredible opportunity to make more money, find a better job and ignite our “love” energy. 

Curious Mercury enters Virgo on August 11th and then shifts into Libra on August 30th. So what does that mean for you?  It's a time of deep reflection and an excellent time to say "buh bye" to those who don't serve your higher good. Especially for all of you single signs out there, because on August 16th, sensual Venus enters Libra, and there isn't a more hospitable sign out there.

Whether you're looking for love, falling in love or already in love, put your prayers into the Universe during this powerful time. Create a vision board or journal your desire. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose QuartzMoonstonePearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

For those of you ready to seek more adventure in your life and oh, so, willing to make a significant change, Uranus will be in retrograde starting August 19th, clear up to January 2022, and this is THE time to make your intentions clear in order to manifest your highest happiness. If money makes you happy, then get your mantras ready, because the portal is open.

Let's not forgo the gorgeous Blue Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd. With the Sun running 1000 miles an hour into Virgo on the very same day and well into September, the Universe is opening up its arms to you and saying, "come in and set yourself free." Save the date for August 20th so you can read our upcoming article "Virgo Season: Are you Crystal Clear About Your Future." A step-by-step guide to your future opportunities.

Now, let's dig into your horoscope predictions for the month of August below and see what's in store for you. Make sure you forward this to your friends, loved ones and co-workers, so they may have some insight on what’s coming up for their sign. That's just spreading good karma.



Courageous Soul - White Enamel Aries Card Necklace

Aries Healing Mantra - "I am aligning my energy with my vision for humanity" Aries being the first zodiac sign, have a lot of positive energy. Aries tend to be... Learn More.

Hello Aries. This month is not quite as fun as the last, you have moved into a mindset of work and functionality, and your marriage is tested in terms of how well you cooperate. In August, things that matter to you are how respectful a partner is and whether they pull their weight. It's easy to be dismayed and frustrated by a lackadaisical partner or doesn't show enough concern for the day-to-day running of the household. But don't fret, there is a lot of good this month for you Aries.

It's tricky managing work and relationships, and mundane responsibilities from paying bills to getting the kid's daycare organized or the laundry done are a drain on energy. As a result, there may not be much left in the tank for passion.

Marriages where you work well as a team and where both of you commit to the common purpose are sound; however, if your partner is careless or a bad timekeeper, you can become very annoyed. Stress levels this month mean it's harder to forgive and forget, and every mistake tends to add to the pressure.

Emotional matters often have to remain unresolved or pushed aside as practical matters and requirements are paramount and demand attention. Love needs common sense and a practical approach as there isn't time for drama and indulging in moods.

Things begin to get deeper in terms of romance this month, you have probably already met the beau, or you know them from work (yes, romance is strongly tied to your work and career direction this month), but now you are entering a more intense and also a tricky patch.

A new relationship can be slow to develop, but not in the way you think. You and a new partner may have a strong attraction, and there may be excellent chemistry; the relationship may feel like it's been going longer than it has as you have shared a lot or have a lot of simpatico. However, it can quickly get complicated, and you may both back away, leading to a cooling-off period. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

This is a month to be cautious, but you don't need to hold back as you can get loans, have your credit extended or get a grant or state assistance if you are persistent. However, financial matters often include loads of paperwork and bureaucracy, and you need to be very patient in dealing with these.

It's normal to feel a little disheartened, and while Aries never really sees the glass as half empty, you are slightly less optimistic this month, and yet that helps you take sensible precautions. It's a time for common sense and logic, rather than going with gut feel as you cannot trust your emotions to guide you this month. You can be a little sentimental, but you need to face reality without flinching and do what has to be done regardless. You will come out of it ten times more powerfully.

Your home life may be a bit chaotic, so make sure to take time to relax and also dive into self-care this month. While it's unbearably hot outside, take a hot relaxing bath anyway with some essential oils. Get a much needed massage. Binge watch a TV series with your loved ones and breath. You've got this Aries.



Patient Progress - White Enamel Taurus Card Necklace

Taurus Healing Mantra- "I stay focused on my desired reality" Hardworking and artistic by nature, Taureans are known for both creativity and indulgence. Their focus is on creating a peaceful,... Learn More.

Hello Taurus. Get involved with the projects for which you have a passion. Taureans have extra energy this month, and this year in particular, so you can benefit from additional outlets for your creative and increasing spontaneous energy. Get your teeth into new projects; this is important for the health of your relationship as these contribute to a solid individual identity, which is key to your personal development this year. Taurus may feel angry in relationships where it's slowly dawning on you that you've lost your identity, so getting involved in new initiatives can help you regain or reshape your identity. Talk to your partner when you've figured it out.

Don't be scared to have a weekend away without your lover or family; time away helps you feel more fulfilled as an individual and more independent. Or take a few days by yourself, absence can make the heart grow fonder.

You are still within an excellent phase for romance and establishing promising new relationships all you single Taurus hotties out there. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

A new relationship should awaken parts of yourself that you are unfamiliar with; you need to have a sense of self-development, that a new guy/lady will push you to new heights and perspectives. Often joining a group or doing a course on meditation, empowerment, or healing is an ideal place to meet a new partner. In addition, the new phase you are in is ideal if a partner is a forward-looking person who's eager to be on their journey of self-improvement.

New hobbies are also fertile ground for new relationships to germinate. For example, a partner with a similar passion for art, music, or sports can be an ideal mate, as your passions are a more significant part of your life, and thus, it helps if they share in that.

Stick with your tried and tested methods or hold fire. Information is confusing and contradictory right now and so delay decisions, as the new trends have not formed yet, and it may go either way. Risks may be underestimated, and rewards may be overestimated. There is no way to quantify the incomings or outgoings fully, so don't run headlong into new investments.

Success this month is about handling the twists and turns. Nothing is predictable now, and you have to get comfortable with that and turn it to your advantage. Taurus gains in work or career when you stop waiting for things to get back to normal and start brainstorming how far from normal things could get and developing a strategy.

Taurus is in a very important position relative to other star signs for profiting and advancing due to economic and social instability. It would be best if you had an open mind, and you also need to stop being sentimental about the past, look forward to moving in the right direction.

If there is a disruption or discord in your home this month, you may suddenly decide you need to move. Don't be impetuous. Take a moment to evaluate and then make a decision. 

It's a very good time for  making a brand new start. Moves connected to grabbing a new career opportunity are also favored.



Playful Mind - White Enamel Gemini Card Necklace

Gemini Healing Mantra - "Positive energy flows to me and flows from me" A bright mind, a bright outlook on life, and cheerful affection are the go-to traits of an... Learn More.

Hello Gemini. There are moral dilemmas in love, and you have to come off the fence. Events will force you to choose a side, which is never a comfortable feeling for Gemini, especially as your heart is telling you one thing and your head is pulling in a different direction. This month you have to start thinking about where you stand and why, and you will need to do this so that you can act within your conscience.

Relationships need space this month; you both need to experience some sowing of wild oats where you get away from the routine and responsibility. Support each other's desire to start a new activity, especially with sports that will allow you free reign for self-expression. Long-term relationships inevitably create certain expectations, which can become restrictive. So you both need to be with people who do not have those same expectations so that you can express different parts of your personality and feel complete.

Mars and Venus conjunct at the new moon add desire and are sexually stimulating; however, you may jump into new relationships too quickly just because you are a little needy both emotionally and sexually. It's not impossible to have an exciting and wonderful romantic experience this month, but there is no guarantee it will last.

You are more vulnerable than you realize right now; this is because you are very open, you reveal a lot to others, and you are incredibly tolerant, and this can mean you accept too much at face value. Develop just a bit more cynicism and ask yourself questions, stay alert to people who exaggerate or embellish. You can easily be taken advantage of as you are excitable, and you quickly buy into things that are grand and that offer excitement. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

In new relationships, stand up for yourself and push for your needs to be met from the get-go, don't make too many sacrifices to ensure a great start to a new relationship. It isn't really a great start if you are malleable and people-pleasing rather than showing them what you feel and want.

Expect the unexpected in terms of your finances, as events can come out of left field, and even a Plan B or C may not cut it. However, there are many opportunities, these come along quickly, and you need to be receptive and open-minded to grab them. Eyes and ear akimbo.

You are impatient and can bite off more than you can chew. You tend to go out on a limb, often taking a few risks or exaggerating to get attention or make an impression. You could take on extra work or more complex assignments without thinking it through; this can leave you with a last-minute panic. On the other hand, you often perform well with a tight deadline in this period.

You are better at delegating complex work during this transit as you are careless with details and not great at concentrating for long periods. You are better at multitasking and grasping the big picture than understanding all the cogs in the wheel. Ask for help.

This is an excellent time to modernize your home or make changes with Feng Shul, learning to grow your own vegetables or anything that inspires your creativity. It's time to adapt your home to help create a buffer against an increasingly turbulent social and economic environment. Gemini is undoubtedly alert to threats, and you see that as an opportunity to make changes that will address any potential problems.

A good time to do a major DIY project.



Emotional Being - White Enamel Cancer Card Necklace

Cancer Healing Mantra: "My aura radiates with positive energy and light" Being a Cancer means being emotional, creative, intuitive, and very attuned to the rhythm of the moon. Cancer individuals... Learn More.

Hello Cancer. This month, there is mutual support in relationships, and there is much to be gained for Cancer in committed relationships as you can draw on that structure for support and encouragement. A problem shared is a problem halved, and in partnerships, your partner will be willing to accept more responsibility to help you get over hurdles. This month, the most fundamental aspects of the relationship will need work, i.e., raising children, major decisions about where to live, or career changes that can affect work-life balance for you both. However, it is possible to find solutions that can accommodate both of your priorities with some effort. This is a serious and reflective time in relationships, a time to mature and reach a new, more comfortable, and secure connection, which can aid your confidence and inner peace.

The problem in love is that you have a slight tendency to dictate to your partner, and you may seek to impose your views on them or mold them; you need to respect your differences and understand where you can persuade them and where you should leave well enough alone, everyone has red lines.

Things in romance can get heated and passionate. It's either going great, or you are annoyed with a partner. Discussions are more frequent and intense, and this fuels sexual desire. Positive and honest communication certainly favors a positive sex life.

In new relationships, it's often hard to see the wood from the trees, a lot is going on, friends are putting in their pennies worth, you may have a very active social life together, and it's easy to miss warning signs that all is not well. As a result, you are often oblivious to the subtle signals, both good and bad. Have fun with eyes wide open. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

Money issues are a theme of this month, and you will probably be at loggerheads with a partner over decision-making and priorities. However, you will have the advantage as you tend to be more determined with better thoughts and ideas that you are stubbornly clinging to.

This is an important month for your career and life direction; you are challenged into being more resourceful and dogged in terms of arranging your financial affairs. There is an opportunity to invest, but you will have to cut back in other areas, so there is a lot of mental anguish about where to push forward and in which places to cut your losses. These decisions often require that you revaluate goals and also commitments made to others. You may need to get out of contracts or obligations. These obligations are not always business-related; they may be personal, perhaps you loaned someone money, and now you want it back. In other cases, you may have put a deposit down on something, and now you have changed your mind and want a refund and cancel that contract.

You may have shaken hands on a deal, but you have now thought better of it. It's a time when you need to be a little ruthless or perhaps even sacrifice a business relationship because it's more important to spend money in a different way. The key to this month is accepting that shit happens, and often you just have to accept a certain amount of fallout. JadeClear QuartzAventurine and Pyrite are all prosperity and abundance stones. Worn daily they can help keep you balanced while making important decisions and increasing your abundance.

Sometimes, the hold a parent or mentor has over you can extend beyond what is helpful regarding the way you need their advice or take their criticisms too much to heart. This month, you will have a chance to lessen their effect on you both mentally and emotionally. This month, you can remake your future in your own image, and so it is an empowering and perhaps daunting time; you need to believe in yourself and your perceptions and step out of the shadow of others or your past failures.



Generous Enthusiasm - White Enamel Leo Card Necklace

Leo Healing Mantra: "I manifest my truths into reality" Leos are radiantly joyful, liberal with their appeal and endowments. It runs in their blood to entertain the audience since they... Learn More.

Hello Leo. Problems in love will not get resolved by confrontation. Yet, you may be up for some confrontation as you need to project some of that inner frustration and unexpressed desire into the relationship. But you are more likely to end with a rather unsatisfying points draw which does not resolve anything but sends you away with some more ammunition for next time. So avoid overstating your feelings and try and keep to what is easy to point out. 

Remember that you cannot be responsible for another person's reactions, and if they choose to be unreasonable, then that is their choice; you only have control over your actions.

Doing activities together is a great way to renew relationships and get them back on track. When you drift apart, that communication breaks down further and further. Still, when you get involved in things together, the intellectual side of the relationship will get going again, which is fundamental to love and the health of your relationships over the next few month. Make more of an effort now.

New romance becomes more serious this month; feelings are deeper, yet there are problems to overcome, and proper conversations have to start.  Differences in values and ideas about relationships can create tension, and there is a pause in the fun as you both have to ask yourself if this will work. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

There are no reason problems cannot be ironed out, but they cannot be avoided as the compromises and increased awareness that this month offers cannot occur without some conflict or debate.  You are both beginning to feel each other out and assert yourself on the relationship; you will both try and mold it, which means a possible emotional tussle. Not a bad thing sometimes. Weight it out.

Mars entering Virgo this month means things speed up money-wise, you are motivated to reach targets, and you will.  An excellent time for those of you in sales or if you work on commission.  Money motivates you, so it's important to have targets, even if you are on a set income, make savings targets or give yourself financial goals to aim for. You will smash them, and this will increase your confidence and your motivation to make further savings going forward.

You are very self-directed, and this is an excellent month for new ventures primarily related to setting up a business or going freelance.  A desire for freedom and a sense of your true calling gives you the courage to make some radical moves.  You have chutzpah, but not necessarily finesse, so you often use the old sledgehammer to crack a nut. Perhaps being a bit more practical will benefit you more. JadeClear QuartzAventurine and Pyrite are all prosperity and abundance stones. Worn daily they can help keep you balanced while making decisions and increasing your abundance.

Psychological issues often drain our energy, and even a good diet or supplements cannot replace certain negative emotions or compulsions waste.  So if you can work on reducing the impact of these negative impulses or fears, you can release a great deal of energy for positive action, and you will cope far better. Red string protection bracelets can help a lot in dispelling negativity.

It's a time when you tend to have doubts about who you trust and who you choose to believe, you may even have some guilt about doubting certain people, and you could feel disloyal. However, no one person has all the answers, we are all fallible, and role models and mentors tend to look very fallible right now. Trust your intuition and let that be  your guide to building better relationships.



Reliable Determination - White Enamel Virgo Card Necklace

Virgo Healing Mantra- "Today is my opportunity to build the tomorrow I want" Virgo individuals are blessed with powerful intelligence and are always ready to expand their knowledge reserves. Virgos... Learn More.

Hello Virgo. You are very romantic this month and also highly adaptable to the needs of your partner. You may get some satisfaction from helping or caring for your loved one and in a position where your words or ability to comfort can make a massive difference to a new or old partner. You will enjoy taking control of the relationship, and this is a month where you may have to take more responsibility as your partner is either feeling down or has family/work concerns, and you need to step into their role. You will enjoy this role, and it may change the relationship in the future, giving you a more dominant position.

This is a month of looking inwards for approval, not outwards.  Whatever you do, do not go all out to be a people pleaser; there is a tendency this year to push the boat out to impress others and gain some sort of superficial reward or acclaim.  The benefits of this are short-lived and somewhat hollow. 

This month will be a tense time for new relationships with sudden arguments and fallouts. Your new partner may complain that you are too controlling and that he/she wants some time alone. Give them the space they desire. Take a few days to cool off and then listen to what he/she has to say. You may be coming on stronger than you think, and at times your partner may find you rather aggressive and push in your manner.

Your stress level mid-month is high, and it is within new relationships that this can cause havoc. You will question each other's commitment and also debate issues of fairness in the relationship. Don't forget, your partner is especially sensitive right now, and if you are abrupt or careless with your words, life will be difficult. Take this time for self-actualization, it will benefit your future in ways you cannot even imagine. Breath. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

This month is superb for the use of your creative and intuitive talents. You can rely on your gut feel, flashes of insight, and sudden inspiration to give you a spurt in both business and artistic pursuits. But, of course, your imagination is exceptionally vivid, and you may be prone to daydreaming and allowing more pressing matters to go undone. Sometimes, it is essential to revitalize your senses and appreciate the magical things in life by escaping into the imaginal realm. Feng Shui a room you sue the most and get super creative.

This month the transits will create a boost of energy for you and herald new beginnings. You are becoming more aware of your potentials and how to actualize the abilities you have. It is also vital that you recognize your weaknesses and learn how to manage and minimize the way they hold yourself.

We all have weaknesses, and over-compensation can be just as much of a problem as the weakness itself – own that weakness and see it not as a weakness but as a trait that can sometimes have useful as well as un-useful consequences. Move away from self-criticism, focus on what you have achieved, look at how you have gotten to where you are, and take that forward as you enter a new chapter. This is a terrific month to move on and leave stuff that has affected you in the past. You may move, i.e., by moving home, school, office, or job, as the new moon brings feelings of change.



Charming Grace - White Enamel Libra Card Necklace

Libra Healing Mantra- "I am aligned with my highest self and I achieve my goals with ease" Libras are among the most fascinating and intelligent individuals on the planet, and... Learn More.

Hello Libra. This month, with Jupiter retrograde in your 5th house, it's time to review your expectations about your current relationship or about what relationships should be. We all have preconceived ideas about how relationships should unfold and how our partners should behave in various circumstances. These expectations are not necessarily wrong and shouldn't be lowered. If you have high expectations, that means you value yourself and are discerning, and that's a good thing. The problem is that often your expectations clash with your partner's personality, and that's when you have to make that tough decision about which expectations are unrealistic, need some tempering, and which are red lines. Some expectations are helpful and self-protective, but some are prohibitive. Journaling helps.

In new relationships, you guys will have to learn about each other's sexual expectations as these have a very practical impact; if he/she wants it every day and you don't, that's a hurdle that can become significant. It's pretty important early on in a relationship to discern what each other's expectations are sexually, as these are biological and impulsive or maybe compulsive, so it's not as if you can necessarily work through these. For example, if he/she is highly charged sexually and you prefer it once a week, this relationship will need more communication. Sex is such a sensitive topic since getting turned down can leave one bummed out. So it's really important at the outset to let each other know what you enjoy in terms of frequency or methodology; that way, neither of you will take it personally when you get turned down. You'll understand that the other person doesn't need it that often, for example. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

August is all about indulging inner needs, letting your imagination wander, or being free to think about things that are not related to work and the humdrum. In a way, you are connecting with parts of you that have been lost because you are so used to playing the role of mom, son, good employee, responsible neighbor, etc. Amateur dramatics or some form of theatre can be very helpful as you can escape yourself by playing a character. You may go to places where no one knows you just so you can be who you want to be, even if only for a few hours. It is vital to reconnect with what you really think and feel – time to weed away the thoughts and opinions, which may be strangling the growth of your perspectives. Cast aside dogma you have been force-fed and allow your intuition to guide you to what has meaning and relevance to you. Surrounding yourself with Rose Quartz, the love stone, can help you get deeper.

Visualization is vital to health this month. Do you know that visualization can activate the very same neural networks used if you actually do an action physically, which can strengthen the connection between brain and body? So the more you imagine that perfect golf swing, that ace tennis serve, or perhaps just getting greater flexibility through yoga, the more you can create pathways neurologically to facilitate these movements physically. However, the key is that you have to do it frequently and daily for many weeks – yup, that is the hard part. But, so worth it in the long run. You will be physically and emotionally much stronger. Now is the time to get going. 



Passionate Devotion - White Enamel Scorpio Card Necklace

Scorpio Healing Mantra - "I recognize and stand in my full potential" Passionate, smart, and independent, the myriad of Scorpio traits make for one of the most multifaceted signs of... Learn More.

Hello Scorpio. Marriages can either be a bubble of enjoyment that helps you escape the complex realities of the world or a sphere of life where you feel disappointed and lonely. In either case, the choice is with you; it is all down to your underlying emotional outlook rather than what is happening. Right now, illusions feel more real than what is real, and so to change reality, you must change your outlook or detach yourself until your mood levels out and you are more practical. Often past relationships cast a long shadow, and it can be hard to judge matters right now on their own merits as you keep relating things to the past and creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

Positive action leads to positive results, and even if the outcomes are very different from what you expected, they can still be highly advantageous. Nothing happens by luck right now; you make your luck by attempting, trying, and pushing at some of your or your spouse's boundaries – embrace and tackle fears and limits. Worn daily, Hematite can help keep you grounded, focused and calm, so you can conquer those limits.

This is a good time for socializing with old friends with whom you have a significant connection and can talk from the heart. When you are relaxing with these old friends, a new and significant relationship can begin. A new romance becomes deep quickly. However, that isn't the same as saying that you are immediately smitten and wrapped up in each other from the get-go. Instead, a new potential partner holds a great fascination for you, and you are intuitively aware that you will be seeing a lot more of them in the future, even though the actual relationship may be a slow starter.

Once in a new relationship, Scorpio opens up quickly as you feel comfortable, you are eager to speak about your past, and you have a feeling that you can reveal all without being judged. The key to a new relationship is that you are so relaxed that you drop some of your usual guard. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

Be cautious of expanding too quickly and paying scant attention to your previously set budgets. It's easy to go overboard by making little additional spends here and there, which adds up to a lot.

More research is needed, and you have to pay attention to the information behind the numbers; it's not enough to know what something costs, but you need to know the hidden costs.

This is an excellent month to review where you are and to take a step back. The problem is that you are immersed in certain activities, and emotions are taking over, and so you are becoming more subjective and less business-like. Time spent removing yourself from the action and seeing it as an outsider can help you understand what's really going on and what you should do next.

It's an excellent time to contemplate and enjoy being completely lazy and immersed in your thoughts. However, while you enjoy entertaining old friends in your home, you should not plan a hectic month, as that would be a missed opportunity. Instead, you should leave yourself free to do nothing in particular but to be alone and let the mood lead you.

You are aware of where your life lacks balance, and with that sense of symmetry, you can bring harmony into the parts of your life which lack it. You have the strength to forgive and thus rescue relationships and detoxify situations in your personal life.



Optimistic Temperament - White Enamel Sagittarius Card Necklace

Sagittarius Healing Mantra- "I see the big picture and choose to see the positive side of every situation" Sagittarians are optimistic, lovers of freedom, hilarious, fair-minded, honest and intellectual. They... Learn More.

Hello Sagittarius. This month is about supercharging your communications in relationships and cutting the useless forms of communication out as a time-wasting activity.

Lousy communication causes frustration, and it's the thin edge of a wedge that ends in total disconnection. Communication isn't just speaking or making small talk, and thinking that these things suffice is a mistake. Every person has different ways of communicating, and they place emphasis on different things; people also have different ways of receiving information.

Good communication is about establishing a connection, and that connection is strong if it stimulates your intellectual, emotional, and physical needs. Communication also happens on many levels: a reassuring hand on a shoulder, a kiss goodbye, good eye contact are all examples of enhanced communication. Texts during the day, handwritten notes, etc., are also little nuggets that can improve communication, as long as they are used lovingly, not just to nag.

Sagittarians have a few wake-up calls with new love this month. If you have lost yourself or become 'hooked on the feeling' of being in love without taking in the reality of your new partner, now is the time to remove the blinders and think things through.

However, this need not be a major problem; it is just the paradox of love in action as it takes falling out of love temporarily in order to transition you into the next stage of your growth as a couple. As long as you and your new partner are willing to grow, you can get beyond this temporary fissure and learn how to juggle your needs and use power battles to stimulate the sexual side of the relationship. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

This month emphasizes Uranus in Taurus, and Sagittarius has to grapple with new routines, different colleagues, and changing technology. The big challenge this month is that people around you are unreliable and erratic; in fact, you may suddenly see the people you have worked with for years in a new light, and you may begin to question their value. Should that occur, don't be judgmental. See how you can grow instead.

You may look to recruit new employees or forge alliances with different colleagues who are more innovative and creative.

This is an excellent month to begin retraining for a new job, although it's a steep learning curve, and you can doubt yourself. It would be best to stop worrying about understanding the details; as long as you get a general idea, you will master the specifics in time. JadeClear QuartzAventurine and Pyrite are all prosperity and abundance stones. Worn daily they can help keep you balanced while making decisions and increasing your abundance.

Family matters are very important right now, and family events may bring you into contact with a family member you have not seen for years.  You may renew a friendship with a family member or another relation with who you had lost touch.

During this month, you may begin to examine triggers, i.e., things which set off certain reactions within you. This month and this year especially, you need to realize that what you think of you is what really matters, and what others think or say about you is irrelevant; if those people are your parents– reverse mental conditioning from childhood and reprogram yourself to seek happiness for yourself and not live life for the sake of others' needs and values. 2021 is your year of self-discovery and life path discovery. You are glimpsing your unique destiny as distinct from what you may have been conditioned to want or strive for since childhood. Start journaling. It will guide you to self-discovery.



Determined Spirit - White Enamel Capricorn Card Necklace

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Hello Capricorn. This month, the key to success in your relationships is making sure you know your boundaries and stick to them. Boundaries will be the difference between a healthy relationship that's growing in a positive direction and providing happiness or a toxic relationship that is constantly draining your energy and causing you a lot of angst.

Boundaries are an important way of ensuring that your needs are met and your partner's needs too. They bring balance in the relationship because one outcome of no boundaries is that you will always feel they are giving too much and not receiving enough back. So be firm and resolute; your partner should know that it's this far and no further; this also fosters respect. If you constantly allow a partner to disrespect your boundaries, you are telegraphing that you are not respecting yourself, and you got only yourself to blame for a downward spiral. So if you're not being appreciated, it's because you're not respecting your boundaries, and it's very powerful and transformative when you accept this simple piece of advice. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

This month, romance can be very successful in developing a close spiritual bond and even a feeling of oneness. The problem is idealism, meaning that you're not particularly pragmatic in the relationship. In new relationships, there are a lot of things you are overlooking right now; these could crop up and become problems later. It's important not to get carried away and not to raise your expectations because although things in relationships can be extremely promising right now, you are bound to hit hurdles next month. The upcoming hurdles shouldn't be disheartening, but if you become too involved in a love bubble, it means it's going to be more difficult when these things crop up. You can see what's coming if you look. So, by all means, enjoy this month romantically, go wild, but also be aware.

This month the people you usually rely on can let you down. However, there can be a knight in shining armor waiting to come along and give you a hand out financially, so all is not lost. Expect the unexpected because you can still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, especially when it comes to finances. Grow, grow, grow. 

You have a lot more energy, your confidence has improved, and it's an excellent time to promote yourself. You can get involved in distributing literature, publishing literature, and launching advertising campaigns to enhance your visibility and increase the awareness of your products or services. Social media may end up being your greatest asset. JadeClear QuartzAventurine and Pyrite are all prosperity and abundance stones. Worn daily they can help keep you balanced while making important decisions and increasing your abundance.

This month you and your partner may need to get your heads together about savings and investment. It's a month when you need clear priorities, as even if money is plentiful, you may be more concerned about waste and lost opportunities. While this isn't a problematic month for money, it is a time when the whole family should have an input on the household budget and have their say on what's important to them.



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Hello Aquarius. Unpredictability within your relationship may create a lot of stress, especially if you become reliant on routine and familiarity. Your partner may suddenly have a strong desire to do something different, perhaps with other people outside your usual social circle. Your spouse will tend to test you by pushing your buttons. The level of freedom that you're prepared to give each other in the relationship becomes a bone of contention, and it will reveal the levels of security you both have. If you are both secure and trusting in your relationship, it should be easy to accommodate each other's needs and wants in terms of change, but if you are both a little bit insecure, there are going to be tension when one or both of you wants to break out a little bit. Talk it out. It can actually be quite healing.

Sun in your 7th house square Uranus indicates that events emotionally within the relationship and in terms of outside events will challenge the way your relationship operates; you may have to find a whole new paradigm for the relationship because things that were working before clearly aren't working anymore. You have to be creative in finding new ways to improve communication and problem-solving and continue improving your sex life as your desire level is still high. Writing down your thoughts and desires before approaching your partner will help keep you clear with expectations.

The lucky planet Jupiter is in aspect to the ruler of your fifth house, Mercury, meaning this month this is excellent for brand new relationships. For example, suppose you are single, or you recently decided that your current relationship was not delivering, or maybe you discovered it wasn't suitable for you. In that case, the good news is that it won't be long before you find someone who is much more compatible because you are lucky in love right now. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

Cultural and ethnic differences can be pretty appealing and attractive. You do like people with a hint of the exotic about them. You will be attracted to free spirits who have an adventurous side. On the other hand, you don't want anyone who is going to be too much of a stick in the mud and be aware that the people you attract right now may be a little non-committal for quite a few months. So you should approach the relationship with a spirit of adventure rather than looking to get tied into something serious too soon.

For some Aquarians, this is the right time to end a business relationship, or an association that you feel has turned sour. Don't feel shy to pull the plug on a business association if there's a lack of trust or you think that the relationship has become too contentious. It may be that you can no longer envision a way forward with your current staff or colleagues; even the people who used to be your confidantes or advisors, who made have served you very well in the past, may recently not be on the same page as you.

This is an excellent month for research and investigation, especially when it comes to financial matters. It can also be a fantastic month for scientific research or in-depth investigative journalism. You have a knack for going quite close to the bone when it comes to taboos, so you may encounter some tricky situations when you've trod on other people's toes. Red String Protection bracelets can help you stay balanced while you're making life altering decisions. 

August is a great month to transform part of your home to make it a sanctuary. If you've ever longed for a spiritual room or an enchanted place in your garden where you can hang out and create a bit of fantasy, now's the time to make that a reality. Perhaps you want to do a themed room to create a more exotic or even a historical feel.



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Hello Pisces. Mars is in Virgo this month, and that brings a lot of tension to your relationships; however, if you pay attention, don't get hot under the collar, and don't overreact, this transit can inject a lot of energy into relationships for the purpose of problem-solving, and it can be a very proactive and positive time when you can move things forward. On the other hand, if you allow feelings of frustration to get the better of you and you react in a hot-headed way, then it can be a time of conflict, hurt feelings, and regret over words you uttered in anger.

If you and your partner have a project or problem that you are working towards resolving, this is an excellent period for you to come together and form a good attack plan. August is a perfect time for uniting to problem solve in terms of threats to your family or your relationship.

Mars is less likely to cause a problem for busy couples with a lot on the agenda and a long to-do list because it helps give you the impetus to achieve goals, and you tend to feel a sense of accomplishment. However, if you were bored and had a lot of angst brewing or did not apply yourself to communicating constructively, this can lead to heated arguments and blowouts.

This month you tend to attract people who are stubborn and rather ardent in their affections. You know you're onto a winner if your new romantic partner is a lover of life, someone with a larger-than-life personality, who is somewhat theatrical in their behavior. However, you may also attract someone right now who is very proud and allows their ego and issues to get in the way of proper understanding. Be careful not to fall for someone who is selfish and spoils you initially but soon starts demanding attention and appreciation over and above what he/she deserves.

It is possible to meet someone who is warm-hearted and emotionally exuberant, someone who can give you a big rush of the feel-good factor, and who is generous. Still, it remains to be seen, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, so be cautious as you won't necessarily know right away which one it will be. Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

Relations with employees and co-workers can be difficult or strained because it's hard to conceal your feelings from them, and you will make your displeasure known. You have little time for fools and people who don't carry their weight. Working with others is draining psychologically this month, although it's necessary to get where you need to be. You can be more emotional in the workplace, and that means you sometimes react inappropriately. Pick your battles carefully. However, you can also win respect by showing passion and being emotionally involved. 

Pisces are eager to get on with things and face the music if necessary. You won't run and hide; you are there to defend yourself, solve problems, and assert your side of the story. You can argue your case and express with some determination why what you are putting forward is the best and the most practical way.

You must encourage those around you to take more responsibility for their own needs; you should acknowledge where in your life people (including children) have become too dependent, and you need to develop some boundaries. Delegating is vital right now so that you have time to attend to your needs.

There you have it. Everything you need to make the right decisions this month that will resonate for months to come. Don't forget this month's energy is about calling in more money and love.

Increase your love and loyalty energy with the power of Rose QuartzMoonstonePearl and Garnet. Worn daily, these gorgeous gemstones will draw in more unconditional love, friendship and romance.

JadeClear QuartzAventurine and Pyrite are all prosperity and abundance stones. Worn daily they can help keep you balanced while making important decisions and increasing your abundance.