October 09, 2017

Perhaps you have heard people say that meditation has helped them calm down, heal faster, find inner peace and more. They say it is a cleansing of the emotions and soul, it helps you find peace and relax within. Because we live in a busy world now, our mind is working 24/7. We’re thinking about our next move, we’re faced with one challenge after another, our minds simply do not have any time off from being our side-kick. Meditation has proven to improve a person’s quality of life. It can accelerate your spiritual development and enhance the quality of your life by helping you to de-stress and relax. The quality your mind is in will be what will determine the quality of life you live. So, what does it take to properly meditate?  Well, first you should realize there isn’t a “proper” way to meditate. What works for one person may not work for the next person. But there are objects and setups that can help and that is what we’re going to discuss here: The Meditation Altar This is a place where you will rest the items you will use while meditating. You will want to set your meditation altar in a place that will be peaceful and quiet. The altar itself is usually a low-sitting, small table in the bedroom, a place that most people find to be the quietest place. You’ll want a cushion or pillow to place on the floor in front of your altar. There are no set rules of what items or objects are placed on the altar, it is up to the individual to choose the things they want. Some people prefer their medication alter to have little to nothing to it, while others may choose any of the following: A cloth made of cotton, silk, or some other natural fiber material, that covers the table. The best results from meditation are in a dimly lit room which most people will have a candle that matches the cloth. They also will have incenses, scented oils, a smudge stick and a CD player with calming music played low. Some people have found that crystals or stones with specific meanings are helpful in finding their calmness during meditation. Most altars will have a focal point item where you set your vision and enter a meditative state. That item may be the crystals, a feather, a flower, or a plant. Some have used the flame from their candle as their focus point. Another effective item to have at your meditation altar are prayer beads. These are an effective tool that can help you to focus as you breathe while you count the beads. Some people will keep their beads in a bag made of silk or velvet. The main thing you should remember is to keep your meditation altar simple, don’t over think it. And when you aren’t using it, cover it with a cloth made of cotton, silk, or some other natural material.

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