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Ultimate Safeguard Red String Evil Eye Amethyst Bracelet


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Beat Anxiety - Red String Amethyst Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


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Ultimate Shield - Navy Enamel Hamsa Red String Bracelet


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Super Guardian - Navy Enamel Evil Eye Red String Bracelet


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Exuberant Optimism - Red String Chain Hamsa Bracelet


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Grateful Glance - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


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Prevent Harm - Red String Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


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Seek Wisdom - Red String White Enamel Multi Charm Bracelet


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Karmic Power - Chakra Red String Bracelet


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Serene Soul - Chakra Red String OM Charm Bracelet


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Spiritual Strength - Red String Elephant Charm Bracelet


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Joyful Journey - Gold Plated Chakra Red String Bracelet


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"Love ❤️ this company !!! They have great products and they make great gifts !! I have Been buying from them for 5 years and always satisfied!! Love their stones !"

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