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Soothing Presence - Gold Plated Hamsa Necklace


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Peace of Spirit - Amethyst Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace


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Soothing Remedy - Gold Amethyst Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace


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Serene Tranquility - Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Necklace


Peaceful Balance Amethyst Evil Eye Silver Necklace

Peaceful Balance Amethyst Evil Eye Silver Necklace


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Sacred Awareness - Hematite Evil Eye Necklace


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Shine a Light - Amethyst Moon Multi Symbol Triple Layer Necklace


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Reclaiming Self - Amethyst Evil Eye Charm Necklace


Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace

Abundant Radiance Amethyst Hamsa Pendant Necklace


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Compassionate Wisdom - Amethyst Diamond Heart Charm Necklace


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Sparkling Abundance - Iolite Amethyst Tourmaline Necklace


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Healing Protection - Amethyst Pyrite Iolite Mala


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Miraculous Inspiration - Amethyst Star Charm Rosary


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Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace


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Imagine & Dream - Amethyst Evil Eye February Birthstone Necklace


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Gem of Fire - Amethyst Necklace


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Divine Guidance - Amethyst Gold Evil Eye Necklace


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