The Red Coral Stone

The Red Coral Stone is an organic gemstone, not a mineral, nor is it mined. It is the results of marine polyp secretion that has hardened and created a skeleton-shaped stone. The results are much like a colorful underwater plant and are considered by many to be a priceless gift from 15 to 160 feet deep into the sea.

The deeper in the sea it is found, the lighter it’s color. Almost every ocean on the planet has a coral reef, with the largest being the Great Barrier Reef. The red coral that is in higher demand is from Italy and Tunisia, which is considered to be the best quality within the jewelry industry.

The Red Coral Stone that comes from China and Japan are more expensive than the Italian stone but is known to be a lesser quality. This is because that which is found in China or Japan are not as readily found like that in Italy. In the United States, it is found on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and in Washington State.

When and Why To Wear The Red Coral Stone

The Red Coral Stone is usually worn in three-carat size pieces set in gold or silver. Wearing a red coral stone ring on the first Tuesday of the month will bring good luck if it after sunrise.  It is believed that by wearing this stone one will benefit in many ways

It has been said that it cures cancer, jaundice, and smallpox. It can eliminate headaches and reduce fevers.  It increases energy and can help mental depression, even stop nightmares. There are those that believe it helps married life sustain and protects a married woman from becoming widowed.

The Astrological Effects Of The Red Coral Stone

It is Indian astrology that believes the red coral stone is associated with Mars. And for those who wear this gemstone are those that have Mars as their lord of an auspicious house according to the native ascendant chart.

If Mars is combusted or becomes debilitated and weak, or forms Mangal Dosha in one’s horoscope, the Red Coral Stone could be helpful. The weakness that is associated with Mars can be removed by wearing a red coral stone and the influences of Antar Dasha’s and Dasha are minimized by wearing a red coral stone.

By wearing a red coral stone has been known to help boost one’s confidence and energy, eliminate bad dreams and fears. It is said it can help one dominate their competitors and enemies.

The Health Benefits Of This Stone

It has been said that the color of the red coral stone changes on the person wearing it when they are on the verge of bad health and with that being said, the person can take precautions to prevent illness sets in.

The cosmic yellow color that is transmitted from this stone has been related to blood and bone marrow as well as lymph nodes. One is protected by wearing a red coral stone from diseases that are common in those areas of the body, including the head.

The association of red coral stones to the genitals is said to prevent miscarriage when the expecting mother wears it after her first trimester. Red coral stone is said to help the immune system fight off allergies, anemia, assorted blood disease, coughs, and bronchitis, pneumonia. Illnesses like chickenpox, measles, and wounds are healed by wearing this stone.

When combined with other gems, the red coral stone is said to help cure many different illnesses. Among those are diabetes, gallstones, kidney ailments, and nerve disorders. Appendicitis, carbuncle, gout, hernias, as well as healing of boils and wounds, ease menstrual disorder and make childbirth easier. 

A Lucky Stone

For anyone born under the number 9, it is said that the red coral stone is a lucky stone with Mars ruling the number. The 35th wedding anniversary is represented by the red coral stone.

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