Enlightening Gifts for the Spiritual Man

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

The guy in your life is unique. He moves to the beat of his own drum. He is unafraid to be completely himself - always pushing to access his highest potential. Your guy is open to the infinite possibilities that the universe provides, and you want to help him access all that there is.

These spiritual men are blessings to our lives - shifting the paradigm and creating balance to the yin and yang of life. So why not give him a gift that shows your deep affection and unending gratitude? At Karma and Luck we have a wealth of options that any spiritual guy is sure to cherish. 

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Our collection of jewelry is far from ordinary, making it the perfect choice for that person in your life who is also far from ordinary. Each piece is designed to be just as unique as the people who wear them - allowing your man to not only access new levels of healing, but to look good while doing it. Our designs are all stylish and sleek, with options of silver, gold, and a variety of healing crystals and stones. 

Whether you are shopping for your husband, son, father, or anyone else, they will all appreciate a thoughtful gift of spiritual jewelry from Karma and Luck. Read on to discover some of our favorite gifts ideas for men on the spiritual path. 

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

High-Vibe Gifts For Spiritual Men

The spiritual journey, although full of blessings, can often be a bit rocky. Help your guy stay his course, and show how proud you are for how far he has come, with a thoughtful gift for men on the spiritual path.

The jewelry from our men’s collection is designed to add a touch of subtle style to any guy’s everyday look. These pieces, all incorporating different sacred symbols or healing stones, help to tune your guy to higher frequencies, skyrocketing him closer and closer to spiritual bliss. 

At Karma and Luck, we offer an abundance of options when it comes to spiritual gifts for men. Whether you are looking for spiritual birthday gifts, or just an everyday show of affection, you are sure to find the perfect thing for his individual style and intentions. Shopping for gifts for the spiritual man is not always an easy task, but with Karma and Luck, we have made things a whole lot simpler. 

Simply choose the stones or symbols that you feel most suit the guy in your life. Consider his goals, dreams, and aspirations, consider the energy he gives off, and consider his downfalls, as well. These can all be clues as to the vibrations he needs in life to lift him higher and higher to true ascension. 

Check Out These Two Top Spiritual Gifts For Men!

  • Sacred Powerhouse - Pharaoh Amethyst Necklace

Remind your man of the true king that he is with this inspiring necklace. Featuring a pharaoh charm, the wearer is instilled with confidence and wisdom, encouraging him to step into his power. Meanwhile, the calming amethyst stone promotes tranquil energy to flow. 

  • Balance Toxic Emotions - Red String Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet

Red string, a long-standing token of good luck, provides the wearer with abundance and prosperity. Combined with the fearless spirit of tiger’s eye, the wearer is pushed to change their perspective. Toxic emotions, especially jealousy, are neutralized, helping him to more effectively process his feelings.

Balance Toxic Emotions - Red String Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet

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Explore Uplifting Spiritual Gifts for Him

Have a spiritual guy in your life and looking for the ideal gift to give him? Every piece from our collection showcases the healing power of genuine crystals, stones, and symbols to guarantee they radiate at the highest vibration. Thoughtfully and skillfully made, each piece of jewelry makes the perfect gift as it can be treasured for a lifetime or more. 

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

Take A Look At These Three Spiritual Gifts For Him

  • Paths of Courage - Tiger’s Eye Compass Necklace

Help your man to stay confident and steadfast on his path. He is encouraged to look at each obstacle as a blessing and a lesson. Forever pushing him to keep going, this tiger’s eye necklace leads the way to a harmonious life. 

  • Harmonious Unity - Jade Mantra Ring

A stone of abundance, jade dazzles in hues of verdant green. The wearer is directed towards a state of unshakeable inner peace and success. Working together with jade, the mantra barrels encourage spiritual energy and mind protection. 

  • Serene Happiness - Citrine Pyrite Om Charm Bracelet

Sunny citrine, infused with solar rays, fills the wearer’s spirit with joy and excitement. Positivity flows, keeping the negative energy out. Combined with pyrite, this bracelet promotes wealth, success, and protection. 

Serene Happiness - Citrine Pyrite OM Charm Bracelet

Check Out: Our Serene Happiness - Citrine Pyrite OM Charm Bracelet

The Meaning of Gifts for the Spiritual Person

The spiritual person craves depth. They are forever left a little unsatisfied by surface level conversations or things. Far from materialistic, they search not for quantity in what they own but rather quality. When receiving a gift, the spiritual person seeks deeper meaning - a gift that adds spiritual value to their lives.

A spiritual person's gift should incite conversation and thought. Incorporating various sacred symbols and different healing stones and crystals, each piece of Karma and Luck’s jewelry not only ignites curiosity and sparks intellect, but also provides the opportunity for serious spiritual growth for the wearer.

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

These designs are far from ordinary, showing that you respect his individual personality and his desire to float from the flock. 

You can gift a spiritual person a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, or anything else that suits them from our collection. Rest assured that its healing vibrations will get right to work as soon as they slip it on.

Once he receives the gift, he should be sure to cleanse it and set it with his own intention. This cleansing practice directs the focus of the jewelry, so that it can work in the most effective manner for his wishes and goals. 

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

Check Out These Stylish And Sleek Gift Ideas Below!

  • Endless Luck - Apatite Heishi Choker Necklace

Inspiring wisdom and communication, apatite shines in its blue-green hues. The wearer’s intuition is opened, tapping him into the knowledge of the cosmos. With this trusted guidance, he is more sure-footed and steady in each step that he takes. Endless opportunities present themselves before  him. 

  • Energy of Success - Pyrite Multi Stone Luck Bracelet

This beaded bracelet is a wonderful gift to give the spiritual man in your life. Pyrite’s meaning relates to success, wealth, and manifestation. He is tuned into the positive frequencies of accepting, allowing the universe to shower him in blessings. The multi-colored stones add a splash of subtle color. 

Energy of Success - Pyrite Multi Stone Luck Bracelet

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  • Power of Universe - Chinese Zodiac Blue Sapphire Rosary Necklace

A rosary style necklace, this piece features a Chinese zodiac pendant and sapphire stones. Helping him connect with higher realms, he is guided towards the life of his dreams. His inner voice becomes more strong and clear, allowing him to tune into his soul while tuning out the noise of the world. 

  • Highest Reality - Om Mantra Ring

The Om symbol shines its golden light in this ring, contrasting beautifully against the black gold plated brass band. Enlightenment is the goal and the Om symbol helps you get there by harmonizing the wearer to the vibration of higher truth.

The mantra barrels provide spiritual energy, mind protection, and focus - all of which are especially helpful in a meditation practice. 

Highest Reality - OM Mantra Ring

Check Out: Our Highest Reality - OM Mantra Ring

Giving a Gift to the Spiritual Man

For a spiritual person, every day is a gift - an opportunity to give thanks for the day before them. A life of living prayer. When giving a gift to a spiritual man, there should be a loving ritual behind it.

Regardless of what you are celebrating, there should be time set aside to really make a moment out of the gifting - an experience together. In a quiet moment together is the best time to give a gift such as this, as its meaning and significance can be more greatly appreciated. 

Along with the gift, be sure to explain the meaning behind it. Each piece from Karma and Luck is thoughtfully and intricately crafted to provide a world of benefits to the wearer, and you want to be sure that the receiver is able to fully take advantage of all of its offerings. 

Remember, you do not have to wait for a holiday or a special celebration to give a gift to the man you love. Beautiful and unexpected surprises are always remembered and deeply cherished. 

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

Let’s Take A Look At Two More Of Our Top Gift Ideas For The Spiritual Man!

  • Healing Mantra - Gold Plated Ring

Sparking the divinity within, this gleaming gold ring encourages the wearer to regain his power. Stepping into his highest potential, he is filled with the confidence to soar. Inner peace is achieved and stress is relieved. 

  • The Dreamer - Moonstone Bead Bracelet

Glowing with lunar energy, moonstone contrasts strikingly against the black matte onyx beads. Exuding ethereal vibes, the wearer is inspired to turn his dreams into reality. Moonstone soothes the emotions, balances the spirit, and provides hope, while onyx relieves stress and provides protection. 

The Dreamer Moonstone Bead Bracelet – June Birthstone

Discover Jewelry Gifts for the Spiritual Person

Can you give a spiritual person jewelry as a gift? If it is tied to intention and higher meaning, then yes! Although a traditional piece of jewelry may not be quite appreciated, the spiritual person will certainly cherish an item infused with healing vibes that incorporates the power of various stones and symbols.

At Karma and Luck, you can browse our wide range of spiritual jewelry, all designed with the utmost attention to detail and love. For the spiritual person, we have bracelet gifts, necklace gifts, and gifts for the home. Choose the piece that calls to you and it will surely be the right one for your special guy! 

Gifts for the Spiritual Man

Bracelet Gifts for the Spiritual Person

  • Streak of Luck - Tiger’s Eye Lava Stone Bracelet

Explosive lava stone infuses the spirit with creative and bold energy, while simultaneously calming the soul. Paired with gleaming tiger’s eye stones, the wearer finds new courage and confidence. New opportunities present themselves, opening up doors that were once closed. 

  • Alluring Dream - Olive Jade Vegas Bracelet

Exuding prosperous energy, this stunning green bracelet features the good luck charm of jade stone. The wearer tunes into the frequency of manifestation, allowing him to call in all that he dreams of for his life. Combined with “777” charms, he is bound for abundance. 

Alluring Dream - Olive Jade Vegas Bracelet

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Necklace Gifts for the Spiritual Person

  • Sacred Trust - Lapis Lazuli Stone Necklace

A stone of great wisdom, lapis lazuli astounds with its shades of deep blue. Paired with lava stone, the wearer finds calming energy and an inspiring creative flow. Representing life and death, the ankh charm reminds the wearer that they can rise from the ashes. 

  • Clarity & Grounding - Agarwood Jade Onyx Black Necklace

This agarwood necklace allows the wearer to better control their inner world, knowing that although they cannot control outside circumstances, they can decide how they react. Agarwood inspires healing and harmony, jade promotes prosperity and wealth, and onyx provides protection and stress relief. 

Clarity & Grounding - Agarwood Jade Onyx Black Cord Necklace

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Home Gifts for the Spiritual Person

  • Celestial Unity - Evil Eye Sun & Moon Ceramic Statue

Tap into the unshakable peace of the cosmos, reminding the wearer that this harmony always lies accessible within them. The sun encourages positive and joyful vibrations while the moon provides balance and tranquility. 

  • Budding Spirituality - XXL Multi Stone Feng Shui Tree

Featuring a variety of colorful stones, serving as the leaves, this vibrant feng shui tree works to balance and align the chakras. Placed in the home, it allows good energy to flow while keeping the negativity and evil out. 

Budding Spirituality - XXL Multi Stone Tree on Quartz Base

Check Out: Our Budding Spirituality - XXL Multi Stone Tree on Quartz Base

Shop Gifts for the Spiritual Man with Karma and Luck

Your guy deserves the best. Made with authentic stones and crystals, genuine metals and materials, and a variety of sacred symbols, our jewelry takes spiritual healing to a whole new level.

Given as a gift, these pieces are the perfect way to show your deepest gratitude for all that your man has given you and all that he has been for you. Save the gift for a special occasion or choose to surprise him with a spontaneous show of affection! Either way he is sure to feel your infinite love. 

Did you find the perfect gift for your spiritual man, or are you still searching? Visit our website and check out the rest of our vast collection! 

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