April's New Moon: Getting To Those Goals & Love Connections

Are you ready to create new goals, meet old goals or start believing that the goals you have in place can come to fruition? OH! And finding love connections too? Then this New Moon, April 11, 2021, is your PERFECT starting point.

Get ready to feel inspired, raise those vibrations, and feel the power of this first new moon of spring. For the next month, you will have the opportunity to spark up your fire with the fire sign, Aries, and put it to good use. 

New Moons bring new beginnings and every cycle a renewed energy that you can take advantage of and ensure that your intentions are clear.

Taking charge is scary sometimes. In some cases, most of the time. The unknown is hanging in the air like a thick cloud.

Take this time under Aries New Moon to amp up your courage and understand that we are all leaders in one way or another.

Within every one of us lingers a desire that can and should be met, and with Aries energy, no matter what your sign, setting goals and intentions is powerful. 

What is even more special during this New Moon is that the sun and moon will come together with our favorite planet, Venus, the planet of love and communication.

Setting goals during this moon phase will also be met with deep desires that our hearts will resonate with on all levels. And if you're in the market for a new relationship, then let's set that as a goal too.

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Between now and April 19, when the planets move from energized Aries to the ever-stable, money-making Taurus, you will feel a bit more grounded while making these shifts happen. 

Every sign will react differently during this cycle, so check out your zodiac sign below and see what works best for you. Make sure to pass this article to your friends and family, too, so you may receive support and love for each other's goals.

Expect a lot of high energy during this time. Make sure you check your chakras during this time and keep them aligned. Read below and let's see what this next month has in store for you.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Aries Zodiac Signs

Happy birthday season, Aries! This month could be key in terms of important life decisions and career moves. Career changes that have been on the cards could take shape. Aries need to seize the initiative and get out ahead of the unfolding events.

Aries have excellent instincts, and you need to rely on this to navigate a complex unfolding situation, as nothing is what it seems. There are vested interests, and power plays happening behind the scenes.

This is a month where you need to get to grips with anything you have been neglecting it putting off.

You will soon have important decisions to make about family matters or your home, and you need to have free time, energy, and a clear headspace to deal with these things with the necessary clarity.

So use this month to downsize and tick things off that to-do list so you have a clear road ahead.

This month for you is also about ensuring closer ties to your spouse or partner. Deepen your connections. If you're single and looking for love, this is the perfect lunar time to write down all of your wishes in drawing in a partner.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Taurus Zodiac Signs

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You need to up your commitment to long-term goals, sure up your strategy, and think more about your visibility.

Delve into market research and develop promotional and publicity strategies. Analytical tools which help you understand your customers and their needs and habits can be beneficial. Make better use of customer or client suggestions and feedback.

You tend to lock horns with authority members in your family, and you cannot stand interference in your personal matters by your parents. Be careful, however, when you reject the advice of your elders too vociferously as you may land up with egg on your face.

It's probably better not to encourage advice-giving by talking about your private affairs to your parents as this invites their interference. Aries lunation is the perfect time for our Taurean lovers. Be more open, loving and if you are single and looking for love, put out the feelers and ask the Universe for a bit of guidance. 

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Gemini Zodiac Signs


April is an excellent month for performance-related careers as you have a lot of inspiration for your artistic work, and you can touch and move people as you can hit the right notes.

Self-honesty is very important as it's easy for you to seek the easy answers and go with the crowd; the challenge is to question even when it appears to be the right thing to go along and not rock the boat. Often you think you are doing the right thing, but you are just doing the obvious or easiest thing without thinking it through.

Remember that the solution to any problem is within you, so start with yourself, as it's so tempting to start with telling a partner how he has to change, reform, or grow up, but the problem with that is, "Will he/she listen?"

Real change comes when you begin to change your reflex reactions and habitual behavior in love; it's incredible how when you are consistently different, he has to adapt, and he will. You also need to understand where things begin; often, problems have their roots in tiny things that are easily remedied.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Cancer Zodiac Signs


Mercury in your 10th house sextile Saturn in your 8th house makes this month excellent for negotiation over new contracts or hammering out the details of a new partnership venture. It's essential to do due diligence; the details matter, and yet you have a perfect nose for anything off, or untoward and so you make a ruthless and formidable opponent or negotiator.

You have a tremendous amount of physical energy and an excellent inner balance between your ambitions and priorities and the need to be fair and just. You are in quite an inspiring mood and can inject those you live with optimism, helping your family carry initiatives to a successful conclusion.

You have a greater amount of physical energy and an excellent inner balance between your ambitions and priorities and the need to be fair and just. You are in quite an inspiring mood and can inject those you live with optimism, helping your family carry initiatives to a successful conclusion.

This month is one of your top months for a new romance and the positive development of recently formed relationships into something affectionate and fun, but not necessarily emotionally deep yet. Focus on the fun; if a new relationship is not fun, that's not a good sign.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Leo Zodiac Signs


This month is a profitable one for launching a creative project or doing a big reveal? You may arrange a party, online watch party, or a promotional event at your office/outlet to advertise a new product or service.

It's a great time to be bold and confident as positivity sells, and so you have to project with veritable glee. It's a fabulous time to sell leisure, entertainment, and aspirational goods, any product or service linked to fun and escapism is profitable.

But remember to show enthusiasm and belief in what you are promoting; the more confidence you project, the better you do.

It's a time to put serious issues on the back burner and focus on fun, family entertainment, and the lighter side of life. Radiate positivity, encourage togetherness, allow yourself to gloss over differences, and focus on the moment.

It may well be healing to put aside differences and indulge in a bit of denial, let the truce happen before the final battle, and maybe it can be avoided. Often all it takes for war to end is for one side to pack up and go home, that's worth thinking about this month. Look for love this month.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Virgo Zodiac Signs


It's a good month to accept more responsibility and set yourself challenging targets as you can squeeze that little bit extra from yourself to get results that will impress others. In competitive situations, you come into your own, you perform well under pressure, and when all eyes are on you.

You have forethought and can assess situations quickly and accurately, meaning that you can put complex plans into motion and stay the course mentally without losing focus. Your approach is to be direct to aim at the target, letting nothing or no one distract you.

Your family can be very supportive in helping you achieve your professional aims. You will get a lift when your nearest and dearest come to your aid both in practical and spiritual ways.

On a fundamental level, you are digging deep and finding a strength you never knew you had; a deeper appreciation of your roots or family upbringing is often key to your current resolve. 

Calling all single Virgo's, calling all single Virgo's. April is your month to set some goals on finding your match. Take time to jot down what you're looking for and share it with friends.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Libra Zodiac Signs

This can be an excellent month for money; however, you will have to negotiate hard and lay solid foundations. Relationships with key associates like your accountant, financial advisor, mortgage advisor, or lawyer become more important, and you may rely on their advice.

Mars in your ninth house is square Neptune which stimulates your wanderlust, you are open to new ideas, and you feel expansive. You are drawn to sporting activities, but not necessarily competitive ones, so things like sailing, scuba, climbing, hiking, cross country running, etc., are beautiful outlets that help you refresh your life approach.

You are keen to cast off restrictions, you aren't tied to routine, and you are eager to embrace new career opportunities which are less structured, less rigid, and more unpredictable. You are happy with some risk and some uncertainty, as you like not knowing quite where you are going. You will find yourself exploring many different directions, as expansion is vital.

Thinking about getting into a relationship? Never forget your power to attract positive experiences in love. The most critical factor in love is you, your attitude, yourself love.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Scorpio Zodiac Signs


Mars trine Jupiter encourages a proactive attitude in terms of money. It's not a time for significant changes. However, it's a good time to double down your efforts, work hard and move things along at pace. You must work on your strengths this month, keep the good things going, and don't go off on tangents.

This is not the best time for teamwork as you have a strong desire to lead and follow through on your ideas. It will be an effort for you to accommodate other peoples' ideas, but you must try and come across as cooperative.

In business, please take a closer look at anyone you deal with, i.e., partners or other close working relationships, and make sure your assumptions about them are correct. What are you or they taking fore-granted about this relationship – how can a frank discussion iron this out. Fixing problems now can lead to more robust, more effective relationships, all said and done.

You may find it tricky to express yourself effectively in new relationships, and there can easily be misunderstandings about key emotional issues. You often skirt around issues, assuming or hoping he will either understand or behave accordingly, so you can see how you sow the seeds of your disappointment by doing this.

Take this month to be more about you than others. Exercise, walk, meditate, and breathe. Find your center. It will pay off, even for our single Scorpio's.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Sagittarius Zodiac Signs


This month is about financial endings and beginnings; whatever is eliminated allows for something more valid and spiritually compatible to take its place. Seeds sown now may take a long while to yield fruits.

If you have felt like the efforts you are making in life are not translating into financial success, this is the month to make profound changes so that in the future, your talents and efforts will be rewarded.

There's a great deal of positive energy available this month, and as long as you can focus, you can achieve great leaps forward. This month is ideal for sporting pursuits and competitive activities; it's also great for any project that requires a lot of physical input.

This month is an ideal opportunity to explore your security needs and understand how your reflex reactions in relationships and family life undermine you.

Pluto in your 2nd house is activated by the new moon in your 5th house, indicating that issues in connection with your children can trigger fears, anxieties, and insecurity. Single Sag, spruce it up this month with a new haircut, color, make-up, selfies, and connections. Look and feel fabulous.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Capricorn Zodiac Signs

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This month is excellent for resolving issues between family members. You must use your mediation skills to help foster better cooperation and teamwork. You need to understand what's going on on a psychological level with your loved ones; however, you must seek practical solutions.

While talking about issues is helpful, it cannot get stuck there; things must move along to a pragmatic approach.

You enjoy a little drama in relationships, and you aren't scared to broach sensitive issues if you think you can take things forward. Emotional intensity turns you on, but it can also spiral downwards into something you cannot control, so be careful of what you start this month. You are inclined to open cans of worms without an exit strategy.

Mercury and Venus move into Taurus in the last third of this month, heralding an excellent time for dating and new love. From April to May, it is ideal for exploring opportunities to meet partners both in-person and online.

You must not invest too much in a new person too fast; it's even a good idea to have several conversations going with different potential partners before you commit to taking one to the next level.

Extend the flirtatious period because you are inclined to rush into the deep stuff, but that will only cause problems. Think of this as a 'browsing period', don't rush to the checkout.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

How Will April 2021 New Moon Affect Aquarius Zodiac Signs

This month you are keen to increase your activities' scope, you have a lot of energy, you are almost bouncing off walls, which means it's hard for you to maintain relationships that are stagnating. You could be very demanding with a high level of desire, and you need a lot of sexual excitement and intellectual stimulation.

You crave excitement and surprise, so it's not always easy, depending on work commitments or whether your potential partner has children or not, to maintain that high level of expectation and excitement. Think of this before you begin a relationship. Ideally, potential dates need to have adequate free time and not be tied down by previous commitments.

Don't put so much pressure on your romantic relationship; make sure you are doing a lot with other friends and your new partner, just so that there's not so much pressure on them to fulfill all your needs right now.

Mars, which is in Gemini, is square the ruler of your money house Neptune this month, which means you have to be cautious with money, and this is not a good time to make a big expenditure or launch a new financial project or make a new investment.

Jupiter in your first house is activated by Mars, meaning this is a great time to express individualism, to get to know yourself again, to think about the things you've always wanted to accomplish, and asked what stopped you? Now is the time to reinvigorate your dreams, hopes, or aspirations and start thinking big again.

It's very important for you to have harmony right now and to spread goodwill. If you want to extend an olive branch to someone, either neighbor, family member, or someone you interact with on a personal level daily, this is the time to reset that relationship and so be the bigger person, it's not just about forgiveness; it's about being kind.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

How The April 2021 New Moon Will Affect Pisces Zodiac Signs


April to May is a great time to take control in team situations and to reinforce the ethos. You have a lot of enthusiasm and buoyancy, which helps you project that energy outwards, which leads to the law of attraction working positively. You will be attracting people towards you who are helpful, proactive, and a positive force for change. 

You tend to operate with more awareness of the bigger picture in your life, and the overall patterns make sense. This April, you have more foresight, and this helps you to make some good long-range decisions.

It's essential to look at your life holistically, understand what you are doing and see if it fulfills your actual needs because you're in a very positive frame of mind right now.

You can make changes to any area of your life without feeling a great sense of loss of tension. Often when we are insecure and unhappy, we cling to things that have no value, but at this stage, you have the security to let go of what no longer serves you.

In romance and dating, you are attracted to feisty people who are outspoken, straightforward and have the courage of their convictions. You like to hang out with people who have a lot of energy and who can inspire you.

You enjoy partners who seem strong and are willing to defend you, you're quite partial to the knight in shining armor right now, and you may actually meet someone who does come to your aid or rescue you, thus sparking a relationship.

Set your goals, no matter how intimidating it may seem. Set them from the smallest of small to the biggest of big and believe that you deserve everything.

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Much love from your Karma and Lucky family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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