Crystals for Good Luck, Success, Protection and Good Fortune

Crystals for Luck

Luck is not a random phenomenon. It is cultivated through our actions and cosmic connection with our higher self. It is easy to lose our inner power as we get caught up in the turmoil of modern life, leading us to believe that we are not in control of our circumstances. 

But nothing could be further from the truth. Our Luck & Success Intention Collection is composed of precious gemstones, spiritual symbols, and healing crystals for luck to surround your life with good energy on the go.

That way, you'll regain control of your luck and attract prosperity, success, and spirituality into your daily life.

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8 Best Crystals for Luck & Success 

The following luck crystals deflect negative energies from our vibrational field, while cultivating positive virtues, such as self-confidence, endurance, wisdom, and dignity.

Let’s learn about our favorite crystals for success

Aquamarine Crystals for Luck

Aquamarine luck crystals

Aquamarine is one of the best crystals for success as it infuses trust and confidence and helps release past grudges. Sailors used Aquamarine to invite good luck and protection when they embarked on the open waters.

Green Jade Crystals for Good Luck

Another of the most potent success crystals is Green Jade. This gemstone helps us manifest wealth, luck, and success into our lives by unblocking the heart chakra. The healthy flow of vital energy through our core center infuses authenticity and deeper meaning while attracting positive outcomes.

Pyrite Crystals for Luck and Success

Pyrite luck stones

This protective crystal is known as one of the most potent success stones. It wards off harmful influences and shields us from all forms of negative vibrations. Pyrite works on the physical, mental, and ethereal levels to create more good energy in our surroundings.

Labradorite Crystals for Protection and Good Luck

Labradorite success stones

This magical luck crystal boosts our imagination and helps us devise creative ways to approach our daily challenges. Labradorite infuses clarity, opens our third eye, and enhances the connection with our spiritual self so that we can manifest our dreams.

Green Aventurine Crystals for Good Luck and Protection

Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal for luck that comforts our heart’s turmoil while dissolving negative thoughts and emotions. It promotes emotional calm during stressful and hectic experiences, while attracting abundance our way.

Citrine Crystals for Success

Citrine success crystals

Success stones not only deflect negative energies but also enhance vitality and positivity within us. Citrine is one such crystal; it promotes optimism a cheerful disposition to help us go about our daily activities.

Citrine also improves our connection with our higher self while we hone our manifestation skills and powers.

Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Good Fortune

Another respected and powerful luck stone is Tiger’s Eye. This healing crystal fosters mental clarity and helps us approach our problems with confidence and perseverance. It keeps us grounded and doesn’t let our emotions cloud our judgment so that we can make the best choices in our success journey.

Clear Quartz Crystals for Manifesting Success

Clear Quartz crystals for success

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer,” offering us incredible powers that regulate our emotional and physical energy while deflecting negativity and unnecessary drama from our lives.

Clear Quartz is synonymous with success as it prepares our spiritual ground to manifest our dreams in reality. Plus, as an amplifier, it enhances the power of all of your other crystals.

Top Jewelry Containing Success Crystals & Luck Stones

Karma and Luck’s Luck & Success Collection is meaningfully designed with the most powerful crystals for luck to make success and prosperity part of your daily existence.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite pieces. Take your time and immerse yourself in them until you find the one that speaks to your heart…

Shaman of Abundance Bracelet for Women

Shaman of Abundance Bracelet

Make abundance and prosperity a never-ending cycle in your life with our "Shaman Of Abundance" Jade Stone Bracelet.

This beautiful piece of jewelry enhances our spiritual powers, improves manifestation skills, and restores the positive energy flow in our mind, body, and spirit. 

Energy of Success Bracelet for Men

Men’s Energizing Pyrite Bracelet

Our “Energy of Success” Bracelet for Men is made of Pyrite, one of the most fierce crystals for luck. This mighty gemstone boosts our confidence and keeps our attention aligned with our goals.

You must tap into your unique skills and inner strength to manifest the most abundant and rewarding life. And that’s exactly what Pyrite and the other powerful gemstones found in this bracelet will help you do.

Women’s “Lucky Shield” Bracelet

Lucky Shield Bracelet

Luck and prosperity will never leave your side when you wear our “Lucky Shield” Bracelet.

We attract the experiences we believe we deserve. And we deserve it all. The Hamsa charms and Jade stones on this bracelet promote our self-worth and unlock the most rewarding opportunities in life.

Men’s “Energizing Pyrite” Bracelet

Jade and Pyrite Bracelet

Jade and Pyrite are one of the most potent and grounding crystals for luck, promoting a healthy energy flow in our surroundings.

This Men’s “Energizing Pyrite” Bracelet keeps our insecurities at bay while infusing self-confidence into us so we can fulfill the ambitions we are meant to achieve in our lives.

“Intricate Luck” Necklace for Women

Intricate Luck Necklace

The first step towards our abundance journey is to acknowledge our unique skills. The “Intricate Luck” Necklace for Women transforms negative self-talk into a prosperity magnet that can help manifest the most rewarding opportunities in your path.

“Energetic Guide” Necklace for Men 

Energetic Guide Necklace

A life brimming with exciting challenges and discoveries needs the right protection to be fully enjoyed. The Evil Eye symbol on our “Energetic Guide” Necklace for Men deflects harmful energies, while the Pyrite stone ushers in success and abundance in all of your choices. 

This necklace inspires us when our spiritual drive is low and when we lack the motivation to keep going.

Final Thoughts About Crystals for Manifesting Success, Good Luck and Fortune Crystals

The crystals for luck found in our unique collection enhance the already powerful and boundless abundance of ourinner spirit. These spiritual symbols and healing crystals serve as amulets to keep us focused on our higher self so we can make our modern lives more meaningful.

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