Evil Eye Color Meaning: Blue, Black, Red Evil Eye Colors Meanings & More

evil eye color meaning

The evil eye is a curse cast by the malicious gaze of envious people. While sometimes it is done deliberately, it often happens unwittingly.

We are surrounded by all kinds of people going through different life challenges. They cannot help but feel envious of our virtues and peculiarities, affecting us with their malevolent glare, even if they are unaware of it.

Talismans against the evil eye are omnipresent in various cultures. They are designed with different evil eye colors to act as strong defenses against this potent yet common spell.

So, lets find Evil Eye colors meaning information together. Discover how to deflect the negative consequences of the evil eye and surround yourself with positive vibes by learning about evil eye colors and their meanings.

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Understanding Evil Eye Color Meaning

The following bracelets combine the timeless wisdom of ancient cultures and modern spirituality to shield you against the evil eye.

Each color has a different meaning, but all are made with love and gratitude to let your most authentic essence reign supreme in your life.

Learn all about evil eye colors and their meanings while you choose a bracelet that invites health, luck, prosperity, happiness, peace, and protection into your life.

Red Evil Eye Color Meaning

Red evil eye color meaning is related to courage, autonomy, and boldness. This color infuses us with a lively vibrancy that summons our inner warrior. Red is as intense as our passion and eagerness to fulfill our desires. So, what does the red evil eye mean? Red evil eye meaning power enthusiasm and energy to fight and win.

The Rhodium Plated Red Enamel Evil Eye & Matte Onyx Bracelet and Vigorous Protection Red Gold Plate Bracelet are talismans of exceptional potency with long-lasting protective effects against negative energy. 

In addition to protecting us against the evil eye, these pieces deflect any kind of bad omen that is directed toward us. Once you wear one of these bracelets, you’re likely to notice your confidence increasing and your reactions turning more positive in the face of challenging or stressful situations.

Black Onyx gemstones with a red evil eye is a mighty combination that represents protection, strength, and independence.

Green Evil Eye Color Meanings

This evil eye bracelet color meaning is related to liberation. It protects against grief and prepares us to embrace new experiences.

The effect of our Green Gold Plated Bracelet was used in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Babylon to ward off evil forces.

Once you wear this stylish and thoughtful bracelet, you’ll feel more sheltered from negatively charged environments and the mischievous attitude of those around you.

Pink Evil Eye Color Meaning

Pink evil eye color meaning brings in calm and inner peace. It protects our friendships, enhances our love for ourselves, and nurtures our emotions. This evil eye color offers contentedness and relaxation to anyone who wears it.

Karma andLuck’s Pink Gold Plated Bracelet is meaningfully designed to make us more approachable and affectionate, while protecting us from the evil eye. Wearing it attracts people who have our best interests at heart and genuinely care about us.

Navy Evil Eye

different evil eye colors

This evil eye bracelet color meaning is related to karma and the protection of fate. It also promotes open communication and releases obstacles in the way of cosmic connection. A blue evil eye bracelet is the traditional sign of protection that is synonymous with good karma and positive vibes.

Our Navy Enamel Evil Eye Gold Plated Bracelet attracts good fortune and meaning into our lives. It makes us feel safe to express our emotions and aligns our core beliefs with our daily thoughts and life purpose.

The Rhodium Plated Navy Enamel Evil Eye & Lapis Bracelet deflects evil thoughts and intentions while opening the flow of communication. It helps with insomnia and depression and infuses authenticity and deeper meaning into our lives.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most precious and sought-after gemstones in history. It’s an ancient symbol of protection and strength that benefits the throat area.

Turquoise Evil Eye Color Meanings

different evil eye color meanings

Turquoise evil eye bracelet color meaning connects us with a sense of safety and overall health. It has healing properties that address our physical and emotional discomforts. The turquoise evil eye helps us break out of a bad streak and regain harmony in our lives.

Our Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Gold Plated Bracelet is a good luck charm that protects us from envious people. It wards off the gaze of jealousy, misfortune, and negative energies that are related to hostility and spite.

White Evil Eye Color Meaning

White Bracelet

White evil eye color meaning relates to purity and focus. It clears our path of obstacles and negative people, inspiring us to start fresh.

Our White Enamel Evil Eye Gold Plated Bracelet purifies our aura and tightens our focus to attract favorable opportunities. The Hamsa Hand is a potent fertility symbol that invites good fortune. 

Wearing this bracelet offers ultimate protection against the evil eye and bad karma.

Black Evil Eye color meanings

Black evil eye color meaning is related to power and protection. It directs the flow of positive energy into the environment and deflects the evil eye of malicious beings.

Our Rhodium Plated Black Enamel Evil Eye & Malachite Bracelet has numerous healing and protective properties. It raises the energetic frequency of the body and soul to naturally ward off negative people from our path. It also soothes our mood and transforms our mindset to be more positive. 

The Rhodium Plated Black Enamel Evil Eye & Tiger’s Eye Bracelet promotes clear thinking, soothes a restless mind, and restores resilience. It helps us regain control of our decisions and gives us clarity to move forward in life. Tiger’s Eye is an empowering stone that rekindles our inner strength and enhances our will.

Our Gold Plated Black Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet is a mighty amulet that inspires us to follow ambitious goals. It boosts our self-confidence and inner fire, pushing away all kinds of negative energies. It protects against bad luck, evil eye, bad temper, and malicious individuals. You can wear this beautiful bracelet to repel negative thoughts and fight depression.

Multicolor Evil Eye Color Meaning

multicolor evil eye bracelet

A multicolor evil eye bracelet is an excellent choice as it brings with it such a variety of healing powers.

Karma and Luck’s Multicolor Evil Eye Bracelet is a powerful amulet that protects us from the evil eye and negative energies. This delicate piece combines the healing properties of several evil eye color meanings.

  • Orange Evil Eye – Enhances happiness, creativity, and playfulness
  • Dark Blue Evil Eye – Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Light Blue Evil Eye – Release prejudices and broadens our perspective
  • Dark Green Evil Eye – Brings inner balance and harmony
  • Purple Evil Eye – Promotes imagination
  • Brown Evil Eye – Enriches our connection with nature
  • Red Evil Eye – Enhances self-confidence

Final Thoughts about Evil Eye Color Meaning

The different evil eye color meanings protect our aura against malicious glares while promoting positive traits for those seeking to release good energy into the world.

These Enamel Evil Eye Bracelets are crafted with traditional techniques used for generations. Every piece has a story to tell.

Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, soothe your mind, or empower yourself, evil eye color bracelets suit every requirement.

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