Men’s Spiritual Jewelry: 7 Pieces That Are Trending in 2021

Men's Spiritual Jewelry

We’re all searching for more meaning in our lives, and while some of us are more open to it than others, we all want more balance and fulfillment. For those of us who are on a spiritual journey, we find ourselves wanting to try numerous different ways to foster our innate ability to achieve those things.

Modern men enjoy spiritual jewelry just as much as any woman. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or ring, wearing men’s spiritual jewelry is a way to showcase your tastes and personality while simultaneously enjoying their healing and protective benefits.

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The Top 5 Trending Men’s Spiritual Jewelry in 2021

Spiritual jewelry for men may not be as easily attainable as it is for women, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for the styles that women wear. There are some really unique pieces that are clearly made specifically for men.

Let’s look at some of 2021’s top styles for men now…

Evil Eye Jewelry

We live in stressful, chaotic times, and men are certainly not immune to any of it. We all need to be surrounding ourselves with as much protection as possible, and that can often come from evil eye jewelry.

Men's Evil Eye Jewelry

The evil eye has been a symbol of spiritual protection throughout history as it turns any negative energy that is directed at us back around. When worn in men’s spiritual jewelry, it can serve to reduce fear and support the wearer with an extra level of protection from harm, whether that be in mind, body, or spirit.

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Pure Guidance Bracelet

Unmistakably masculine, this Pure Guidance Bracelet exudes potent energies that serve to guide men in their spiritual quest and their daily lives.

It contains Tiger’s Eye, which vibrates with the energy of confidence, balance, and courage. The large Jade stone in the middle restores vitality and will assist you in powering through your obstacles. The Pyrite stones activate your solar plexus and stimulate your ability to manifest wealth and prosperity in your life.

It even includes an evil eye symbol to provide the extra protection you need to ward off negativity of any sort. Its macrame ties are adjustable for easy removal.

But if that one isn’t your style, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for from this huge selection of men’s spiritual bracelets.

Sacred Mantra Ring

More than any other piece of men’s spiritual jewelry, a ring makes the biggest statement, especially when you’re wearing this Sacred Mantra Ring.

The sound of the Universe is “OM,” which is a sacred sound that represents the vitality of the universe. The symbol for OM will vibrate through your body, instilling you with self-confidence, serenity, and enlightenment.

Zodiac Necklaces

When it comes to men’s spiritual jewelry in the form of a necklace, you’ve probably seen beaded necklaces, but 2021 calls for something much more unique. These distinctive Zodiac Necklaces are what we mean.

These pieces tell a story of power and strength. They will help you take hold of the positive aspects of your zodiac sign and overcome the negative parts. You’ll feel like the best version of yourself when you wear this necklace, and it’s sure to get lots of positive remarks.

Zodiac Rings

Rather showcase your zodiac sign on your finger? Then a Zodiac Ring is the spiritual jewelry for you. When you wear it, you’ll be able to make a statement and balance the astrological energies for your benefit. You’ll be reminded of its power every time you glance at your hand.

Simple, yet attention-grabbing, these rings are made of stainless steel with an oxidized finish that gives it that manly appearance you’re seeking.

Spiritual Jewelry for Men

Lava Stone Bracelet

When you want men’s spiritual jewelry that has a truly masculine look and couples as a diffuser for essential oils, you’re looking for this Lava Stone Bracelet.

Lava stones are extremely earthy, yet they command authority, as they resemble the power of volcanos. You’ll get to feel the calm strength and creative force that comes from lava when you wear this spiritual bracelet.

And don’t forget, lava stone is a perfect essential oil diffuser. Just place one or two drops of your favorite oil on the stones to enjoy the medicinal qualities of aromatherapy.

Plus, it’s adorned with an antique bronze Eye of Horus symbol, which provides healing powers as well as protection from ill wishes.

Lush Presence Necklace

Looking for men’s spiritual jewelry that is the epitome of simplicity and power? The Lush Presence Necklace is it! Consisting of just one, large Jade stone on a rope, this piece is all you need. It makes a big statement, yet it couldn’t be simpler.

Jade promotes resiliency and strength, helping its wearer accomplish even the most difficult goals. It can help you experience more peace and balance in your life, and it provides a deeply stable and steady vibration that will help you through any obstacle that comes your way.

Karma and Luck Bracelet

Final Thoughts

With these unique and eye-catching pieces of men’s spiritual jewelry, you’ll be able to show up in style, communicating who you are and what you believe in, while benefiting from the healing properties that are housed in each piece.

Which one calls to you the most? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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