Protect your Vibe with Powerful Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

Wouldn’t it be great to have a twenty four seven bodyguard? Someone to always be there to protect you and care for your well-being, ensuring that each day you traveled safely to and from your destinations.

Although, you may not be able to employ a physical guard, you can invoke the spiritual guardianship of the all-seeing evil eye symbol.

One of the most prolific symbols in the world, evil eye jewelry and evil eye decorations will serve as your dutiful companion. Keeping watch over you at all times, the evil eye protects from struggles both big and small.

Whether you need protection from more serious problems, such as physical harm or illness, or seemingly smaller issues, such as petty gossip, the evil eye can help.

Wearing evil eye jewelry signals to the Universe that you are ready and open to calling extra troops into your life. You are opening up to endless possibilities of not only protection, but also an infinite flow of positivity and opportunity. 

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By blocking out negative energy and danger, the evil eye creates more space for goodness to flow in. Depicted as an ever-watchful eye, the evil eye symbol stares right back at the evil eye curse for which it prevents.

This curse is said to come from envious or hateful eyes, and has the power of causing serious damage in your life, including illness, injury, bad luck, and overall negative experiences.

The meaning of evil eye jewelry is to prevent this curse from ever entering your environment - keeping you safe on your journey to the top. 

By repelling negativity, the evil eye allows positive energy to flow endlessly into your life. Wearing evil eye jewelry sparks your passions and reminds you of your purpose. You are dared to step fully into your power, pushing away any doubts, worries, or insecurities.

Your courage and confidence is magnetizing, pulling positive opportunities and people right to you. As your spirit blossoms and shines, you are propelled to new and expansive heights. Dreams you once thought impossible are now suddenly within your reach. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

With evidence of the evil eye being first created and used over five thousand years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, this symbol holds a profound place in history.

Seen throughout the globe and revered throughout cultures and faiths worldwide, the evil eye’s power has been proven time and time again. As this symbol remains important and trusted to this day, its standing power can really only be owed to its demonstrated ability to continuously protect and defend. 

Once only found made of dark blue glass with concentric circles of lighter blue and white, there are now boundless options when it comes to evil eye designs. Without sacrificing your unique style, you can now harness the limitless potential of the evil eye.

With both silver and gold evil eye jewelry, all fitted with various symbols, crystals, and stones, you are sure to find something to fall in love with from our collection. 

Interested in adding an evil eye piece to your collection? Read on to discover more about the evil eye, as well as our favorite evil eye jewelry designs and home decorations. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

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Evil Eye Bracelets

Gazing fearlessly back at all who come into your life, evil eye bracelets support your growth and guide you on the journey towards your higher purpose. Each time you look down at your evil eye bracelet, you are reminded of the protective energy surrounding you, which encourages you to take more bold and fearless risks. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

3 Evil Eye Bracelets for Women

  • Supreme Guidance 

Vibrant and bright, this sapphire wrap bracelet with evil eye charms will add a boost of joy to your day. Promoting calm vibes and increased wisdom, sapphire works with the evil eye to create the life of your dreams.

Growing your wings, you are gently pushed out of the safety of your nest as you gaze in wonder at the opportunities that lay before you. 

  • Delicate Healing 

Radiating with sea-blue beauty, this women’s evil eye bracelet showers you in infinite blessings from above. The turquoise stones encourage balance, healing, and prosperity, while the guarding evil eye charm wraps you in protection. 

  • Vital Spirit 

Connect to your innate joy with this stunning peridot and labradorite evil eye bracelet. The meaning of this evil eye bracelet is to instill a sense of infinite optimism within you - keeping you ever hopeful for all that is to come and every grateful for all that you already have. 

Delicate Healing - Moonstone Evil Eye Turquoise Bracelet

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3 Evil Eye Bracelets for Men

  • Spiritual Insight 

Providing balance and alignment to your life, the matte onyx beads in this black evil eye bracelet redirect you towards your passions and purpose. The evil eye charm keeps you feeling positive and doubt-free, liberating you from the things that once felt heavy. 

  • Fiery Guardian 

The deeper meaning of this black evil eye bracelet is to fill you with endless courage and confidence - to remind you of your power. Your doubts and worries are swiftly pushed to the side, making space for bold and bright energy to surround your aura. 

  • Protective Guidance 

Fitted with vibrant red string, this evil eye bracelet’s meaning is that of prosperity and abundance. Revered throughout cultures and countries around the globe, the red string is a prolific symbol of good luck, adding to the already lucky nature of the evil eye charm.

As you experience the flow of more abundance, you can feel safe and secure from the unwanted attention of envious eyes. 

Protective Guidance - Red Enamel Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

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Evil Eye Necklaces

Sitting close to the heart and throat chakras, an evil eye necklace keeps you forever protected. Staring fearlessly back at danger and harm, the evil eye liberates you of fears and worries. You are free to soar boldly towards your dreams. 

3 Evil Eye Necklaces for Women

  • Universal Peace 

This women’s gold evil eye necklace is designed in the style of an elegant mala, equipping you with gratitude and reverence. This piece features the stunning light blue stone, aquamarine - showering you in its dreamy and ethereal nature. Providing ultimate tranquility, aquamarine channels the soothing vibes of the ocean. 

  • Kindness & Compassion 

The meaning of this gorgeous evil eye necklace is to open you up to the healing power of divine love. Compassion and empathy are encouraged, not only towards others, but also towards yourself. The mother of pearl stone, gleaming in its loving pink hue, ignites your intuition and imagination, pushing you gently towards your higher purpose. 

  • Balanced Path 

Featuring the seven colorful chakras, this evil eye necklace for women activates new levels of being within you. When all the chakras are aligned, balance is found and healing can be attained. With clearer channels, you are now open to receiving divine wisdom and knowledge.

Balanced Path -  Enamel Evil Eye Chakra Necklace

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3 Evil Eye Necklaces for Men

  • Energetic Guide 

With this men’s evil eye necklace, rest assured that you are on the correct path, and that you are ever being guided towards your higher purpose. Fusing the energy of two healing stones, you are filled with a bold, creative, and courageous nature. Nothing stands in the way of you and your dreams. 

  • Stabilizing Energy 

The infinite benefits of wearing the evil eye are fully attained with this stunning men’s evil eye necklace. Balancing the energy of hematite and onyx, your spirit is filled with calming, grounding, and centering energy. Dark forces that try to infiltrate your bright spirit are kept at bay. 

  • Deep Connection 

Swiftly deflecting negative energy from your surroundings, this evil eye necklace for men stands guard as your trusted protector. In rich green hues, this piece inspires growth - ever pushing you towards your goals, purpose, and passions. You are motivated to keep pushing for the things you want in life. 

Deep Connection - Green Enamel Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Evil Eye Rings

Sitting on the finger, an evil eye ring watches over you at all times. Depending on which energy you are trying to call in, you can pick which hand to place the evil eye upon.

For example, as the left hand is connected with your emotional side, the evil eye can be worn on this side for emotional protection, as well as the protection of friendships. Worn on the right side, an evil eye ring is worn for matters of business, education, and logic. 

Evil Eye Rings

3 Evil Eye Rings for Women

  • Gentle Spirit

This evil eye pearl ring gleams with the light of the Universe. Surrounding you in divine protection, this evil eye ring for women also blesses you with the guidance of the moon, the new beginnings of the lotus, the tranquility of the OM symbol, the love of the heart, and the light of the stars. Imagination blossoms and blooms, letting your creative spirit expand with new ideas. 

  • Vivid Personality 

The benefits of this women’s evil eye ring are seemingly infinite. Wrapping the finger in the seven colors of the chakras, you are balanced in your emotions, uplifted in your health, and aligned towards your purpose. This colorful evil eye ring puts a smile on your face each time you look down at your hand. 

  • Royal Protection

In stunning turquoise and navy enamel, this women's evil eye ring features a sparkling sapphire stone and a dazzling diamond chip. As you connect with your innate wisdom, new and exciting opportunities present themselves, opening you up to a world of possibility. Nothing is off the table with this ring worn on the finger. 

Royal Protection - Evil Eye Turquoise Enamel Diamond Sapphire Ring

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Evil Eye Ring for Men

  • Invisible Armor

This men’s evil eye ring serves vigilantly as your protective shield. Defending you from negative energy, it allows more positivity and goodness to flow freely into your environment. Danger is no match against this evil eye ring fitted with hematite, and you are grounded and focused towards your goals. 

Invisible Armor - Heishi Evil Eye Onyx Ring

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Evil Eye Anklets for Women

Exuding bold and confident energy, evil eye anklets allow you to shine in your unique style. Adding a touch of individualism to your look, an evil eye anklet is more than just a beautiful fashion statement.

Our evil eye anklets for women are ready to defend and protect you from any harm or danger that comes your way - whether it be physical or spiritual. 

  • Glorious Destiny 

Dance down the path of spiritual bliss with this sterling silver evil eye anklet. Your true purpose is uncovered, encouraging growth and new beginnings. Every door of opportunity is opened for you - all you have to do is say “yes”. 

Silver Multi Symbol Anklet

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  • Precious Destiny

Surrounded in sea-blue and green turquoise stones, this gorgeous evil eye anklet embodies the energy of healing. The meaning of this evil eye anklet is to connect you with soothing, tranquil vibes, allowing you to float blissfully on the ever changing tides of life. 

  • Watchful Gaze

This real gold evil eye anklet combines divine forces to provide you with ultimate protection and prosperity. Fitted with chakra charms, you are aligned, balanced, and centered, while the red string welcomes abundance into your life. As the blessings begin to flow, the evil eye surrounds you in its protective light. 

Watchful Gaze - Evil Eye Red String Anklet

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Evil Eye Earrings 

Dangling delicately from the ears, evil eye earrings sit next to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Allowing divine wisdom to fill your spirit, you are inspired to step into new levels of consciousness.

The world opens up before you, and a new sense of unshakable confidence is found. 

  • Enlightened Spirit

These 18k gold evil eye earrings promise to keep you safe and sound on the road to enlightenment. You are free to chase your dreams with zero fears or worries holding you back. In a hoop style, these earrings are designed with navy and white enamel - an ode to the traditional designs of this iconic symbol. 

  • Highest Frequency

Creating a flow of positive vibrations, these evil eye stud earrings are made with sterling silver and gold plated brass. By keeping your energy pure and your thoughts optimistic, you are now open to receiving infinite blessings and abundance. Worries and anxieties have no place in your high vibe life. 

Highest Frequency - Blue Enamel Evil Eye Stud Earrings

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  • Soothing Remedy

Designed with rich purple amethyst stones, these evil eye earrings exude soothing, tranquil energy. Wrapping you in its loving and protective force, the evil eye allows you to surrender to the flow of the Universe.

Trust that everything is happening for a reason, and that you are exactly where you need to be. 

Soothing Remedy - Gold Plated Amethyst Evil Eye Pointer Earrings

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Evil Eye Home & Office Decor

With seemingly endless opportunities to harness the benefits of the evil eye, this symbol is seen in more than just jewelry. Placed strategically throughout your space, the evil eye for home protection can be achieved through the use of different decorations and amulets.

Whether you are hoping to wrap your home in divine defense or fill your office with positive energy, the evil eye is an excellent way to create higher vibe environments. 

According to feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice to harmonize humans with their environments, evil eye amulets are a wonderful addition to any home. By gazing back in the face of danger, evil eye charms neutralize negative energy.

This powerful symbol repels any harm from entering; thus allowing more goodness to flow right on in through the front door.

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

Using evil eye home decor fills your space with loving, welcoming energy that can be felt as soon as a guest enters. It keeps unwanted intruders out, while warmly welcoming positive people, energies, and experiences. 

Evil eye home decor serves as your home’s personal security guard. You and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that the evil eye is always at work, fearlessly protecting you and your home from any bad energy.

Whether you need protection from the spiritual world or the physical, evil eye amulets are your new trusted guardian. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

Evil Eye Protection for the Home

Hoping to surround your home in an impenetrable shield of protection? Read on to find out our top tips for making the most of this powerful symbol. 

  • Where to Place the Evil Eye According to Feng Shui

According to the ancient wisdom of feng shui, a Chinese practice of harmonizing environments, the evil eye is most effective when placed on or near the front door. As this is the main point of entry for all people and energies, this is the ideal spot for the evil eye to do its job.

Standing dutifully on guard, an evil eye amulet welcomes positive experiences and people in, while blocking negativity and danger out. With an evil eye amulet hanging from your front door, you can say goodbye to unwanted visitors.

Another suggestion of feng shui, is to place an evil eye amulet in an outdoor garden. Placed here, you are inspiring growth, new beginnings, and grounding within your home and family life. Everyone is encouraged to spread their wings and reach for new heights. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

  • Which Evil Eye is Good for the Home?

Any evil eye charm or amulet is capable of wrapping your home in divine protection. With an array of designs and styles available, you can rest assured that no matter which one you choose, the powers will be accessed. At Karma and Luck, we have a stunning selection of evil eye home decor sure to fit any aesthetic.

Browse the many different options, and have fun choosing the evil eye amulet that most calls to you. Let your intuition guide the way towards the best pick for you and your family. Upon receiving your new amulet, simply set your intention and watch the miracles unfold. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

  • Which Room to Place the Evil Eye 

Depending on your unique needs and intentions, the evil eye can be placed in different rooms of the home. As a general piece of advice, an evil eye amulet is an exceptional addition to any room in the home that experiences the most visitors and family gatherings.

For many people, this room will be the living room. Standing guard, the evil eye stares right back at anyone that enters the space, ensuring that negative energy is neutralized.

An evil eye placed in the living room promotes loving vibes, a supportive nature, and effective communication. Your family life is enhanced with an evil eye amulet placed in this room. 

The bedroom is another ideal place for an evil eye charm. Placed here, you will be protected from physical harm, as well as spiritual harm. Your room should be a place of ultimate rest and relaxation, but if you feel surrounded by fears of the spirit world or the dark, then an evil eye can assist.

Decorative Ceramic Plates

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Regain your power and reclaim your space with the help of the protective evil eye watching over you as you sleep. You are guaranteed a deeply peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Nightmares and unwanted visits from the spirit world are repelled, along with physical  intruders. 

It is strongly advised to include evil eye home decor into childrens’ bedrooms. As kids are said to be the most vulnerable to the evil eye curse, they are most in need of the extra support and defense that an evil eye amulet can provide.

Your children will receive an added boost of defense against injury, illness, nightmares, danger, and more. A children’s evil eye charm can be hung from a crib or bed, or it can be decoratively placed on the wall or door. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

The Evil Eye in the Workspace

For many of us, work is stressful. With impending deadlines, excessive workloads, cranky co workers, and demanding bosses, it can be easy to get bogged down by negativity.

However, there are certain ways we can reverse that bad energy and repel it from our surroundings. By filling our workspaces with the positive light of evil eye amulets, we are freeing ourselves of the darkness that can quickly unfold.

The evil eye, when placed on the desk, hung on the wall, or decorated on the door, is capable of diminishing your worries and anxieties. An evil eye amulet swiftly banishes bad energy, and sets you up for a more positive and joyful day. Your mood is lifted, making it nearly impossible for anything to get you down. 

By filling you with this newfound feeling of optimism, you are shown your true potential and purpose. You are reminded to always follow your passions and to forever seek joy. As you shed the layers back, you may find that new paths are calling to you.

Evil eye decor for the office may even inspire a shift in your motivations and intentions, beckoning you to step into your truth. You are assisted in letting go of the things that no longer serve you. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

Our Favorite Evil Eye Home Decor 

Check out our top suggestions for decorating the home and office in protective energy. These pieces add aesthetic appeal while also shielding you and your family from harm’s way. 

  • 3 Evil Eye Decorations with the Tree of Life

Symbolizing family, growth, and grounding, the tree of life inspires you to seek new horizons and new beginnings. This symbol fills the home with connection and unity. 

  • Alluring Presence

If you are looking to use the evil eye for home protection, then this piece is exactly what you have been seeking. In stunning shades of gold, white, and blue, this evil eye amulet showers the home in infinite blessings. Placed on the kitchen or living room table, this piece adds a touch of elegant style to your space. 

Alluring Presence - Ceramic Evil Eye Tree of Life Hamsa Plate

Check Out: Our Ceramic Evil Eye Tree Of Life Hamsa Plate

  • Spiritual Growth

Featuring the tree of life, a sun, a heart, and the OM symbol, this evil eye amulet comes in the form of a beautifully painted plate. Reminding your family of the roots that tie you all together, this piece inspires loving vibrations all throughout the home. You are deeply united and forever connected to one another. 

  • Conscious Life

Hung from the wall, this evil eye amulet serves as a true magnet for abundance. Inspiring gratitude for all the gifts that you have been given, this stunning decor surrounds your home in the highest vibrations. Your loving environment is impenetrable with this shield guarding the way. 

Conscious Life - Ceramic Hamsa Tree of Life Wall Blessing

Check Out: Our Ceramic Hamsa Tree Of Life Wall Blessing

  • 3 Evil Eye Wall Hangings for the Home or the Office

These evil eye amulets adorn the wall in captivating decoration. Available in a variety of aesthetics, these designs will complement the style of any space or room. Let the blessings flow with these three gorgeous evil eye home decor pieces. 

  • Cosmic Optimism

Connecting you with the divine wisdom of the cosmos, this evil eye wall blessing fills any space with protection, abundance, and love.

Your spirit radiates with its optimistic outlook, drawing new opportunities and experiences right to you. Painted with blues and gold, this white ceramic plate harnesses the sacred power of the hamsa and the evil eye. 

Cosmic Optimism - Blue & Gold Evil Eye Hamsa Ceramic Wall Blessing

Check Out: Our Blue & Gold Evil Eye Hamsa Ceramic Wall Blessing

  • Omen of Positivity

In stylish copper hues, this wall hanging promises more than just eye-catching decoration. A powerful evil amulet, this piece gazes out into the world with bold and fearless determination. Unwanted visitors are swiftly repelled, negative energy is neutralized, and bad luck is diminished. 

  • Mindful Alignment

With a subtle hint of colorful sparkle, this evil eye amulet is the perfect accent piece to any room in the home. Blue cz crystals contrast beautifully against the copper frame, highlighting the tree of life engraved into this wall blessing. Your family and home are protected, while also encouraging growth, grounding, and new beginnings. 

Mindful Alignment - Copper Enamel Tree of Life Hamsa Wall Blessing

Check Out: Our Copper Enamel Tree Of Life Hamsa Wall Blessing

  • 3 Evil Eye Decorative Plates

Painted with vibrant hues, these colorful ceramic plates are a beautiful way to call the healing and protective light of the evil eye into your home or office. 

  • Omniscient Energy 

This is the perfect housewarming gift box for yourself or a loved one. The decorative evil eye plate is the perfect amulet for home protection, filling the space with loving warmth.

The accompanied smudge kit with yerba santa and white sage assists you in kicking out any unwanted energy. Positivity flows while negativity is stopped right in its tracks. 

  • Budding Protection 

A yogi’s dream - this evil eye home decor is the perfect way to add a unique touch to any room in your home. Featuring the lotus flower, growth is promoted and new beginnings are welcomed. Each time you gaze at this piece, you are inspired to dream bigger and leap higher. 

  • Reside in Protection 

An unstoppable fusion of the evil eye and the hamsa, this is the ultimate piece of protective home decor. Your unlimited potential is revealed, showcasing the infinite possibilities that lay before you.

Pushing you towards the highest version of yourself, this evil eye amulet is a true inspiration for you and your family. Dreams are swiftly made into reality. 

Ceramic Hamsa Evil Eye Plate

Check Out: Our Reside in Protection - Ceramic Hamsa Evil Eye Plate

Harness the Power of the Evil Eye 

Welcome the sacred vibes of the evil eye to fill your life with love, abundance, and infinite light. With the evil eye standing guard, you can kiss goodbye any fears, worries, or anxieties that have been holding you back from your true potential.

Whether you choose to wear a piece of evil eye jewelry or decorate your home with evil eye amulets, you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready to uplevel. Shed those heavy burdens and step boldly into the life you are meant to live.

Always conspiring in your favor, an evil eye charm fills your days with good luck and new opportunities. Now it is only up to you to say “yes” to all of the possibilities that lay before you. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

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Whatever fears you once had, are now far behind you. The evil eye clears your path of obstacles, making the way forward safe and sound. With the evil eye guiding the way, you can take more risks and leap boldly into a life of pure abundance and joy. 

Ready to add an evil eye to your jewelry collection or home decor? Visit our website and shop our full collection of evil eye designs. Featuring a variety of high-quality materials, sparkling crystals and stones, and sacred symbols, our evil eye options are far from ordinary. 

Evil Eye Jewelry & Home Decor

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