15 Spiritual Gifts for Kids & Babies: Give Them Protection, Curiosity & Love

spiritual gifts for kids

Children with curious and playful spirits want to explore the world without limitations. They do not and should not have to be aware of the harmful influences in their environment.

The spiritual gift ideas for kids in our collection will ensure their protection and grounding in unconditional love so they can further explore the world. The sacred symbols and healing gemstones of these pieces bring health, prosperity, and happiness to any child who wears them.

Evil Eye Bracelet for Kids

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15 Spiritual Gifts for Kids & Babies

Children all over the world rely on their parents’ and the Universe's unconditional love to explore their talents and sense of wonder.

The world is infinitely rich and teeming with beautiful surprises waiting to be discovered by all children. Our spiritual gifts for kids offer them long-lasting protection and blessings, so no obstacle stands in the way of their intentions.

Children love to match the same pieces of jewelry that their parents wear; it makes them feel close to their parent, no matter the context or time of day.

Each of these meaningfully-designed pieces are crafted with traditional techniques used for generations, bringing ancestral wisdom into our daily lives.

Red String Bracelets for Kids & Babies

Red string bracelets are excellent spiritual gifts for kids because of their sacred protection and healing properties.

Children have delicate and open souls that absorb outside energies more strongly than adults. For this reason, red string bracelets shield their innocence from the evil forces around them while keeping their aura purified and connected to their divine purpose.

Here are some beautiful red string bracelets to choose from.

“Wonderful Moments” Kids Evil Eye Heart Red String Bracelet

spiritual gifts for kids

The most powerful way to inspire children to develop their unique talents is to foster their self-esteem, no matter what obstacles stand in the way. 

Our “Wonderful Moments” Enamel Evil Eye Heart Red Bracelet deflects negativity and instills compassion and understanding to empower your child's confidence.

“Courageous Wit” Kids Triple Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

The “Courageous Wit” Triple Evil Eye Kids Red Bracelet fosters our children's curiosity and insights to develop independence, flexibility, and empathy while learning new skills. 

The sacred symbols of this red string bracelet push fear and insecurities away from our children's minds to encourage them to go beyond the obvious.

“Protected By Love” Baby Girl Evil Eye Red String Bracelet 

spiritual gift ideas for kids

If we are compassionate and kind to ourselves, our daughters will learn to treat themselves and others the same way.

Our “Protected by Love” Baby Girl Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet gently protects our daughters' vast sensitivity and imagination to allow their hearts to blossom unhindered. 

“Caring Protection” Baby Boy Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Young children require special attention to manage their moving sensitivity. The purity of our children reflects the subtlety of their soul that bravely faces everyday experiences.

The “Caring Protection” Baby Boy Silver Evil Eye Red Bracelet shields children from allforms of negative energy. Its delicate and fun design will ensure your kids won't ever want to take it off.

Spirit Animal Necklaces for Kids & Babies

Spirit animals are powerful companions for our children as they quickly resonate with their unique attributes. These necklaces are fantastic spiritual gifts for kids that protect their essence while inciting the most valuable features of their personality.

“Forever Playful” Kids Fish Necklace

Fish Necklace

Children are naturally plugged into the infinite source of happiness and abundance. Our “Forever Playful” Fish Kids Charm Necklace promotes children's joyful and curious spirit.

Wearing this beautiful necklace ensures that our children's creativity and joy are always present in their daily lives.

“Playful Grace” Butterfly Necklace

One of the most potent spiritual gifts for kids is the “Playful Grace” Gold Plated Enamel Butterfly Charm Necklace, as it surrounds our children with good karma, fortune, and spiritual growth.

This stylish and thoughtful piece is designed for children to let go of their fears and evolve into a more playful and lighthearted way of approaching life.

“Playful Imagination” Ladybug Necklace

spiritual gifts for kids Ladybug

The ladybug is a powerful spirit animal for children as it protects their innocence and sense of wonder as they discover new emotions and experiences.

The beautiful “Playful Imagination” Red Enamel Ladybug Evil Eye Necklace is meaningfully designed to accompany our children and shield them from ill intentions thanks to the evil eye symbol.

“Joyful Future” Elephant Necklace 

Elephants have a gentle and wise spirit that makes them one of the most magnificent animals on the planet. With our “Joyful Future” Kids White Enamel Elephant Charm Necklace, our children receive the protection and blessings of these magical creatures to serve as an example to follow.

Crystal Bracelets for Kids

Each crystal has a particular healing property that nurtures our children's talents while relieving anxiety, insecurities, or any other obstacle to the blossoming of their souls.

Therefore, crystal bracelets are ideal spiritual gifts for kids. They will strengthen their spirits even during dreamtime.

“Pure Love” Heart Evil Eye Pearl Girls Bracelet

Kids Bracelet

The delicate and sweet “Pure Love” Kids Heart Evil Eye Freshwater Pearl Kids Bracelet deflects negativity from our children's aura, allowing their confidence to grow and stay rooted in their hearts.

The heart symbol will be a constant reminder that love comes from within and can never be replenished.

“Caring Union” Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Boys Bracelet

One of the most cherished spiritual gifts for kids is our “Caring Union” Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Boys Bracelet. This mighty yet gentle piece instills courage and empathy in our children's souls, warding off any negative energies that would divert them from their path.

“Cheerful Initiator” Tiger’s Eye Onyx Evil Eye Boys Bracelet

Children's souls are much wiser than most adults realize. Their intuition guides them on the right path, bringing them closer to their soul's purpose without succumbing to the illusions of the external world.

Our “Cheerful Initiator” Tiger's Eye Onyx Evil Eye Boys Bracelet keeps our children's independence and autonomy intact while warding off ill intentions.

Kids Symbolic Earrings

Another one of the most entincing spirtual gifts for kids are our kids symbolic earrings. Beyond their delicate and alluring design, they are blessed with sacred symbols that protect our children's dreams and everyday adventures.

“Cheerful Dreams” Ladybug Earrings 

Ladybug Earrings

Our “Cheerful Dreams” Enamel Lady Bug Evil Eye Stud Earrings are magical charms that break down the barrier between adults and children to keep their imaginations alive. Children feel more understood when adults let go of their rigid mindset and merge their illusions with those of the little ones at home.

“Enthusiastic Spirit” Evil Eye Earrings for Kids

Our eyes cannot be permanently on our children, no matter how hard we try. With our “Enthusiastic Spirit” Evil Eye Stud Earrings, our children will always be plugged into the infinite source of protection and wisdom without losing the sharpness of their intuition.

“Playful Protection” Kids Hamsa Earrings

The “Playful Protection” Pink Enamel Hamsa Stud Earrings deflects harmful thoughts and intentions that keep our children from their spiritual growth. These beautiful and enticing earrings inspire them to pursue their dreams without any insecurities getting in the way.

“Sweet Patience” Kids Turtle Earrings

Turtles are protective and wise spirit animals that teach children that patience and perseverance are the best strategies to succeed in life.

Our “Sweet Patience” Blue Enamel Turtle Stud Earrings foster connection to the present moment without losing sight of our wildest dreams. 

Spiritual Jewelry for Kids

Final Thoughts 

These beautiful and deeply spiritual gift ideas for kids will protect the joy and curiosity of children to expand their souls to places never before imagined. Protect your children and encourage their spiritual, personal, and emotional growth with our Children’s Collection. 

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