Turquoise Jewelry - Meaning, Chakras, Types and Properties

Turquoise Jewelry

What is turquoise? More than just a hue or color, turquoise is a powerful and captivating stone. Portraying the amazing beauty of the sea and sky, blue and green turquoise stones are one of Earth’s greatest treasures. 

Turquoise is a copper and aluminum-rich phosphate mineral with a wide range of characteristics and applications. A versatile stone that can be used for healing, protection, or beauty, these are phosphate minerals.

With their distinct turquoise color,  they are usually blue, green, or a combination of the two colors. Harnessing the energy of the color turquoise, these gorgeous stones are prized for their calming nature and maritime beauty.

For thousands of years, people have coveted real turquoise jewelry, and still do to this day. Turquoise is a wonderful choice for rings, pendants, beads, and necklaces, or any other type of jewelry you seek.

The turquoise birthstone can be claimed by anybody who has a December birthday. The calm turquoise blue tones of these stones are a perfect fit for any winter newborns out there.

Turquoise Jewelry

Carrying a turquoise birthstone can ease anxiety, instilling a sense of calmness with the wearer. Similarly, if you are born under the signs of Sagittarius or Capricorn, turquoise is the stone for you.

Turquoise can help the ambitious and eager Sagittarius attain success, while turquoise will help a Capricorn communicate more openly. In scientific terms, turquoise is a copper and aluminum-rich hydrated phosphate. If you submerge turquoise in water, it will absorb the liquid.

Turquoise is a well-known gemstone that has been prized by many cultures for millennia. It is said to provide good luck, tranquility, and protection. Turquoise comes from a French word that means "Turkish", owing to the fact that Turkish traders brought the stone to Medieval Europe.

Interested in learning more about turquoise? With turquoise men’s jewelry and turquoise women’s jewelry, there is something for everyone at Karma & Luck. Read on to uncover all there is to know about this beautiful stone’s benefits and properties, as well as the different types of turquoise that can be found. 

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Turquoise Effects on Feng Shui & the Chakras 

Turquoise crystals are valued for more than just their stunning hue. In fact, one can look into the restorative energy of turquoise to improve the Feng Shui of their home. Many blue and green turquoise stones have dark veins running through them.

However, the most valuable blue turquoise stones have a more uniform tint. It emits a calming, soothing, and protective energy that can be beneficial in a number of Feng Shui scenarios. In Feng Shui, we work with the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Each of these elements represents different qualities and types of energy, and we usually add one to a home to bring more balance and stimulate that element's characteristics. The wood element, which is associated with compassion, development, and healing, is represented by blue, green, and teal, which is the embodiment of the color turquoise.

One way to enhance wood energy is to decorate your home with blue or turquoise green jewels, such as. When you put a piece of turquoise in your home, set an intention for it to bring wood element attributes into your life.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry, also known as purifying stone jewelry, helps to balance the heart, throat, and third-eye chakras. Real turquoise jewelry enhances perception and sharpens focus, while providing clarity, precision, and expression to inner thoughts.

Turquoise jewelry, especially turquoise necklaces, according to astrology, is beneficial to those seeking success in the fields of entertainment, media, education, creativity, and fashion. It is an excellent treatment for stress, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, asthma, migraines, and excessive drunkenness, among other things.

A turquoise ring can boost the immune system, turquoise earrings bring greater intuition, turquoise bracelets promote vitality, and a turquoise necklace or turquoise pendant can bring one closer to their heart’s truth. Turquoise jewelry for men can improve strength, as well as promote better immunity. On the other hand, turquoise jewelry for women can help to fill their lives with lucky and protective energy.

Turquoise Jewelry

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Turquoise Meaning 

The turquoise crystal meaning is important for cultures around the world and its powers have captivated the hearts of many. As you say yes to all that turquoise crystals have to offer, you can plunge right into their soft and silky, sky-blue waters and cleansing tranquil energy.

This lovely blue stone is infused with all of the ocean's hues, linking directly to the throat chakra and allowing you to speak your truth while keeping your inner critic at bay.

This precious stone is dipped in colors of sacred turquoise blue and green to add an extra layer of spiritual cleansing. Its natural shades remind us of the natural peace of the ocean.

Turquoise Jewelry

The turquoise color is deeply calming, reminding us of the flow of water, the purifying vitality of the Earth, and the bursts of energy that can arise from deep inside. The blue turquoise stone meaning is all about purifying negative energy and giving good fortune, with a name derived from the old French word that means Turkish, maybe in allusion to its rich Persian heritage. 

This stone has a grounding, humming vibration and comes from as far as the icy corners of Nova Scotia to the barren sands of Namibia. Turquoise with a greener hue can also be seen in Tibet's mountainous regions.

It was discovered in California's vast Mojave desert, as well as other parts of the United States, where Apache mines watched this beautiful stone to pour out of the earth and into people's hands. Throughout the world, the types of turquoise and its available colors will vary. 

Turquoise Jewelry

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Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise crystal is one of the world's oldest therapeutic stones, and has been used as a healing tool for entire civilizations. It was one of the first jewels discovered, dating back to 6000 BC in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Turquoise was used to bury the deceased in ancient Egypt, and it was also recognized to have mystical significance in Iran and other Persian lands.

The Aztecs in Mexico found something special in the turquoise gemstone and employed it frequently in the creation of stunning masks. The turquoise meaning is associated with Native American culture in our current world, and the Navajo and Zuni people frequently utilize it to create magnificent amulets, talismans, pendants, rings, bracelets, and even belt buckles. They prize these stones for their powerful turquoise healing properties.

The turquoise stone meaning will vary from culture to culture, but it generally is known to provide harmony, prosperity, and protection to those who use and wear it.

The medicinal benefits of the turquoise crystal, both physical and spiritual, are seemingly infinite. The fact that this multi-talented stone is 'life affirming' is a powerful and popular witness to the turquoise healing properties it holds.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Stone Benefits

While it is a stone that cures on a holistic level, it has been noted that it is particularly useful in concerns of the heart and mind. Turquoise fosters feelings of serenity when its soothing energy is welcomed without opposition.

In this completely relaxed state, one can work through their problems and, as a result, feel more connected to their true self and the spiritual realm.

The turquoise stone, which interacts closely with the throat chakra, is particularly efficient at healing throat-related problems on a physical level.

This also applies to conditions that are not directly related to the neck but affect the overall area. Respiratory problems, migraine headaches, and allergies are just a few examples.

Turquoise Jewelry

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Turquoise Properties

Similar to its water-y appearance, turquoise is a stone of cleansing. It protects from outside influences and toxins in the atmosphere by dispelling negative energy. Turquoise stabilizes mood fluctuations and instills inner tranquility by balancing and aligning all of the chakras.

It works wonders for sadness and tiredness, as well as preventing panic attacks. Turquoise encourages self-awareness and aids in problem-solving creativity. It is a sign of friendship as well as a catalyst for romantic love.

Turquoise assists in nutrient absorption, strengthens the immune system, promotes tissue regeneration, and heals the entire body. It has anti-inflammatory and purifying turquoise properties, as well as the ability to relieve cramps and pain.

Turquoise clears and calms sore throats and repairs the eyes, including cataracts. It relieves rheumatism, gout, gastrointestinal issues, and viral infections by balancing acidity.

 Turquoise Jewelry

Without a doubt, turquoise is a spiritual tonic. It is linked to our throat chakra, which is in charge of communicating and feeling heard, both of which contribute to our sense of self-worth. A clogged throat chakra can cause a slew of issues, both in terms of how we speak to ourselves and how we communicate with others.

If you have problems opening your throat chakra, you may have trouble being heard and valued, keeping your boundaries clear, and feeling like your people-pleasing is keeping you stuck. Turquoise, as a stone that interacts with the throat chakra and enables it to flow, is all about bringing your truth to the surface.

Turquoise provides help to anyone who is looking to leap higher. It is a stone that, no matter where you are on your spiritual path, has been known to crack open minds and aid in spiritual transformation.

Turquoise Jewelry

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Jewelry Turquoise

It is easy to see why turquoise has played such an important role in the world of jewelry production, as it is worn and adored by both men and women. Interestingly enough, turquoise's visual appeal is so captivating that it is the only gemstone to have an official hue named after it.

Turquoise comes in a wide spectrum of colors, from bright blues to darker Tibetan greens. The color changes are caused by the levels of copper and aluminum in the water that flows through the rocks as it forms.

Turquoise is referred to as the "sky stone" by Tibetans, implying that it came from the heavens. Handcrafted by talented Tibetan artists, many turquoise items produced here are one-of-a-kind.

On excursions to Kathmandu, Nepal, where Tibetan refugee populations now call home, Tibetan-style earrings, pendants, and bracelets can be found. Some of our other Turquoise patterns were created by amazing Indian artists and obtained on trips to Rajasthan.

Whether you are looking for everyday jewelry, discreet workday pieces, or statement jewelry to glam up your evening look for both formal and informal parties, the turquoise gemstone is the perfect choice for you.

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry for women, sometimes known as "summer's best friend", gives a finishing touch to any outfit and looks stunning when set in gold, sterling silver, or rose gold metal.

Turquoise jewelry for men is thought to offer good luck to the wearer, which is why Salman Khan, a well-known Bollywood actor, wears a turquoise bracelet given to him by his father. Many of his admirers followed in his footsteps, and the turquoise bracelet quickly became a popular fashion trend and style statement for many.

Demonstrating the star power of turquoise jewelry for women, Cameron Diaz, a gorgeous actress, also donned a stunning and exquisite gold and turquoise statement necklace and a set of turquoise earrings to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala 'Poiret: King of Fashion’.

She quickly reminded everyone of this stone’s stunning nature. After her debut in this stone, people were no longer wondering “what is turquoise?”. By wearing this jewelry, turquoise gives us a touch of unique style. Jewelry with turquoise can be found in a variety of designs, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. 

Turquoise Jewelry

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Real Turquoise Jewelry for Sale 

Turquoise for engagement rings has quickly become a classic choice for buyers as a unique and stunning alternative to diamonds. Turquoise jewelry prices are determined by the quality of the turquoise stone, the complexity of the design, the quality of the matrix throughout the turquoise stone, the metal used, and labor costs. Jewelry with turquoise stones will vary greatly in price due to these factors.

At Karma & Luck we offer a wide range of turquoise women’s jewelry and turquoise men’s jewelry, all offering unique benefits and impressive beauty. 

Turquoise Jewelry

The Power of Turquoise in Your Life

Turquoise is the most popular stone for men and women to wear as jewelry, not only for its beauty, but also for its ability to guard against misfortune. These blue turquoise stones give the user a deep sense of well-being and tranquility.

Turquoise strengthens the body while also making the person who wears it feel calm and blissful. With its stunning appearance and wealth of benefits, turquoise should be added to every jewelry collection.

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Turquoise Jewelry

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