Walk in Confidence with Women’s Evil Eye Necklaces

Women’s Evil Eye Necklaces

Looking for a boost of confidence and courage? Invite the infinite power of the evil eye into your life, and watch as the miracles begin to unfold. Trusted as a sacred source of supreme light for thousands of years, the evil eye is ready to assist you in realizing your goals.

Protecting you from harm’s way, the evil eye liberates you from fears, doubts, and worries. You are now free and  encouraged to soar fearlessly towards your dreams. 

Charged with the wisdom and strength of the ages, an evil eye necklace swiftly removes obstacles and barriers from your life. Negativity is dispelled, while positivity flows. 

Interested in inviting an evil eye necklace into your life? Read on to learn a bit more about it, as well as browse our collection of unique evil eye necklace designs for women. 

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Evil Eye Necklaces 

Surround yourself in loving and protective light by wearing an evil eye necklace. With the strength of this sacred symbol by your side, you are ready to take on the world with unmatched energy and motivation. 

  • Meaning of the Evil Eye

Created to deflect the malicious curse of the evil eye, the same-named symbol was born. The evil eye symbol is said to gaze vigilantly back at the negative forces that come your way. As the evil eye curse is said to cause bad luck, injury, illness, and more, wearing an evil eye symbol protects you from these harmful experiences. 

  • Evil Eye Protection 

The gaze of human eyes is said to be more powerful than we could ever imagine. Subconsciously or not, we are constantly putting out different energies into the world. According to ancient wisdom, if someone dislikes us or is envious of what we have achieved, they may send us the curse of the evil eye. By wearing the evil eye symbol as a necklace or other piece of jewelry, you can repel this malicious hex. 

Women’s Evil Eye Necklaces

  • First Known Use of the Evil Eye

With evidence of the evil eye being first created over five thousand years ago, this sacred symbol has quite a bit of standing power throughout human history. Its proven potential to defend us from harm’s way, has kept its place as an important and revered amulet for protection. 

  • Modern life use 

Nowadays, you can find the evil eye used in a variety of ways including jewelry, home decor, key chains, tattoos, and more. With big name celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid being spotted with evil eye necklaces, its popularity only seems to grow. This iconic symbol, both beautiful and powerful, will never go out of style, and will never lose its dynamic abilities. 

Women’s Evil Eye Necklaces

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A Guide to our Evil Eye Necklaces for Women

Browse our collection of necklaces supercharged to protect from the evil eye. In an array of stunningly unique designs, there is something for every style. 

A powerful symbol of protection, the Hamsa pairs beautifully with the evil eye. 

  • Universal Benevolence 

Blending the power of two sacred symbols, this necklace provides protection from the evil eye curse. In white and turquoise enamel, this necklace radiates with positive vibrations. On a gold plated chain, its elegance is undeniable. 

  • Guarding Trio 

This real evil eye protection necklace sits beautifully on the neck as a layered style. Each of the three chains feature a different symbol - the evil eye, the hamsa, and the lotus. You are showered in divine blessings with these three guiding the way. 

Guarding Trio Layered Necklace Set

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Red String Evil Eye Necklaces 

Believed to attract good luck and prosperity, the red string beautifully complements the strength of the evil eye. 

  • Triple Protection 

Hanging from a lucky red string, three evil eye charms in light blue, dark blue, and green stare boldly back at the negativity that tries to infiltrate your surroundings. Nothing can get in the way of your happiness and success with this red string evil eye necklace worn near the heart. 

Triple Protector - Gold Evil Eye Red String Necklace

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Evil Eye Necklaces with the Star of David

Revered for its powers in the Jewish faith, the star of David is a potent force of protection.

  • Vigorous Spirit

Aligning the chakras, this colorful star of David evil eye necklace brings balance back to the mind, body, and spirit. With this necklace, you are reminded that you are forever loved, supported, and safe from harm’s way. 

Vigorous Spirit - Star of David Chakra Necklace

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Evil Eye Necklaces with Gemstones

Combined with the healing light of gemstones and crystals, the force of the evil eye is amplified. 

Evil Eye Amethyst Necklaces

  • Compassionate Wisdom 

Filled with healing light, this evil eye amethyst necklace soothes the soul and nurtures your wounds. You are calmed during times of difficulty and struggle, knowing that you are never alone. 

  • Shine a Light

This gorgeous layered necklace features a stunning gold moon charm and a beautiful evil eye. Delicate in design, this evil eye amethyst crystal necklace is filled with powerful properties. Inner peace is now at your fingertips. 

Shine a Light - Amethyst Moon Multi Symbol Triple Layer Necklace

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Evil Eye Aquamarine Necklaces

  • Universal Peace

This evil eye aquamarine stone necklace is designed in the style of an elegant gold mala. Providing ultimate tranquility, aquamarine channels the soothing vibes of the ocean. 

  • Joyous Protection

With a navy blue tassel, this evil eye aquamarine necklace encourages a clear mind and a positive mindset. By connecting the mind, body, and spirit with loving energy, you are able to vibrate at a higher level of being. 

Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

Evil Eye Citrine Necklaces

  • Awaken & Shine

Rise and shine, letting your radiant energy light up the world in bliss. This evil eye citrine necklace glows with positive vibes, magnetizing abundance and blessings straight to your. Let your days be filled with happiness and bliss. 

  • Vibrationally High

Charged with the loving warmth of the sun, this evil eye citrine necklace implores you to view the world from a more positive perspective. Everywhere you go, you radiate with undeniable charm and beauty. 

Gold Citrine Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

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Evil Eye Hematite Necklaces

  • Sacred Awareness

Uplift your spirit with the divine truth brought to you by this evil eye hematite necklace. The sparkling hematite stones bring grounding energy, calm vibes, and strong focus, while the evil eye surrounds you in protective light. 

  • Spiritual Resilience

This gold plated evil eye hematite necklace is made in a rosary style, calling in a blessed life. You are grounded in your truth, knowing that each step taken is leading you towards your higher purpose. 

Spiritual Resilience Gold Plated Rosary Necklace

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Evil Eye Jade Necklaces

  • Lush Growth

Watch the abundance flourish in your life with this women’s evil eye jade necklace. In this stunning and unique design, you are surrounded by magnetizing energy. The Universe blesses you with infinite gifts of success and personal growth.

Lush Growth - Evil Eye Jade Double Pointer Necklace

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Evil Eye Lapis Lazuli Necklaces

  • Manifest & Believe

Connect to your inner goddess with this gorgeous evil eye lapis lazuli necklace. In rich blues, you are provided truth, awareness, and profound wisdom. 

  • Harmonious Rhythm

Worn as a bracelet or a necklace, this stunning piece shines in deep blues and sparkling gold. Lapis lazuli fills the soul with wisdom and purpose, while the evil eye protects and defends you. 

Harmonious Rhythm - Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye Charm Wrap

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Evil Eye Moonstone Necklaces

  • Supreme Awakening

Showcasing the colors of the chakras, this evil eye moonstone necklace aligns your mind, body, and spirit. As your energetic field begins to balance, the healing light of moonstone wraps you in loving encouragement. 

  • Nourishing Love

Channel lunar energy, this sparkling evil eye moonstone necklace connects you with the divine feminine. As you express your wants and needs, you are heard, and the Universe begins to conspire in your favor. 

Nourishing Love - Opal Moonstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

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Evil Eye Opal Necklaces

  • Conscious Purpose

Dotted with dark blue stones, this evil eye opal necklace reveals your true creativity and imagination. You are emboldened to trust your intuition, knowing that your spiritual guides will never lead you astray. 

  • Joyous Hope 

Align your spirit to the energy of love with the help of this stunning evil eye opal necklace. Radiating with hope and faith, you are encouraged to turn your every dream into a reality. 

Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

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Evil Eye Pearl Necklaces

  • Iridescent Light

Glow with the luminescent light of joy and beauty. This evil eye pearl necklace is equipped with the loving energy of the heart charm, the protective strength of the evil eye, and the soothing nature of the pearls. You are supported on the path towards healing. 

  • Protect & Balance

Find the rhythm of your soul with this elegant and unique evil eye pearl necklace. Shining its gleaming light, the pearl calls in the energy of the sea, reminding you to flow with the ever changing tides of life. 

Protect & Balance - Mother of Pearl Evil Eye June Birthstone Necklace

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Evil Eye Peridot Necklaces 

  • Motivate & Inspire

Activating your focus and determination, this evil eye peridot stone necklace guides you towards your goals. You are inspired to take control of your own life, making your every dream into a reality. Set on 18k gold plated brass, the rich green stone contrasts beautifully on this piece. 

  • Divine Intervention 

Amplifying your connection to the divine, this evil eye peridot necklace aligns you with higher wisdom. A playful stone, peridot sparks your joy, wonder, and excitement for life. 

Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace

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Evil Eye Pyrite Necklaces

  • Boundless Optimism 

Wrapped in the sparkling light of pyrite stones, this women’s evil eye necklace calls in the power of manifestation. As your soul accesses new levels of consciousness, you discover a sense of limitless optimism. Each day is seen as a miracle from above. 

  • Healing Protection

Paired with soothing amethyst, this evil eye pyrite necklace ignites your passions and purpose. You are aligned with truth, allowing you to walk confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

Healing Protection - Amethyst Pyrite Iolite Mala

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Evil Eye Rose Quartz Necklaces

  • Delicate Guidance 

Providing you with divine wisdom, you are gently pushed towards your fullest and highest potential. Trust in your intuition and let the light of this stunning pink evil eye rose quartz necklace guide you on your spiritual journey. 

  • Open Hearted 

Live each day with an open mind and an open heart. Wearing this evil eye rose quartz necklace taps you into the high-vibe energy of love, allowing blessings and gifts to flow freely into your life. 

Gold Rose Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

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Evil Eye Sapphire Necklaces

  • Spiritual Guidance 

This evil eye sapphire necklace dazzles with its variety of vibrant colors and powerful properties. Sapphire guides you with wisdom and grace, while the evil eye charm protects you from any harm or danger. 

Spiritual Guidance - Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

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Evil Eye Tourmaline Necklaces

  • Charm & Harmonize 

Glowing with soft pink rays, this evil eye tourmaline necklace encourages you to find harmony within your life. Love is freely accepted, allowing its healing power to fill your spirit with joy and contentment. 

  • Benevolent Spirit

Featuring multiple colors of an ultra-healing stone, this evil eye tourmaline stone necklace fills you with love and compassion. From this place of empathy and light, you are able to brighten the whole world. 

Benevolent Spirit - Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace

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Evil Eye Turquoise Necklaces

  • Turquoise Pathways

Surrounded in an array of healing symbols, this evil eye turquoise necklace is equipped with unparalleled protection. Showcasing the hamsa, an elephant, a Buddha, an OM, and the evil eye, this necklace does not skip a beat - jumping in to assist you in all that you do. 

  • Soothe & Heal

With an 18k gold plated brass chain, this evil eye turquoise necklace is the perfect touch of subtle beauty. In ocean hues, turquoise reminds you of your inner wisdom, and the peace that resides within your soul. You are endlessly supported in your process of healing and transformation. 

Soothe & Heal - Turquoise Evil Eye December Birthstone Necklace

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Luxury Evil Eye Necklaces

Featuring gold, silver, and diamonds, these choices take evil eye protection to another level. 

Gold Evil Eye Necklaces

  • Genuine Honesty 

Designed with 18k gold plated brass, this evil eye necklace radiates elegance and timeless beauty. Filling you with wisdom, you are gently reminded to seek the truth and be the truth. 

  • Balanced Aura

Featuring sparkling cubic zirconia crystals, this gold evil eye necklace allows your soul to shine. Your aura is cleansed and rejuvenated, keeping the positivity flowing while blocking out any negativity. 

Balanced Aura - Gold Plated Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Silver Evil Eye Necklaces

  • Peaceful Balance

Dotted with a rich purple amethyst stone, this 925 sterling silver necklace provides you with the inner peace you seek. Worries and doubts are swiftly swept away, making space for confidence and grace to step in. 

  • Tranquil Spirit

Sparkling with timeless beauty, this sterling silver evil eye necklace showcases the infinite beauty of a Swarovski crystal. Fighting off malicious intentions and negative vibrations, this necklace serves as your fearless guardian. 

Tranquil Spirit - Evil Eye Charm Necklace

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Diamond Evil Eye Necklaces

  • Steadfast Loyalty

The perfect expression of love, this diamond evil eye necklace features a bold red enamel heart charm. Connecting you with the healing vibration of love, you open your spirit up to an abundance of miracles and blessings.

  • Sparkling Personality

Showcasing two protective symbols, this hamsa and evil eye diamond necklace reminds you to always seek joy. With this necklace guiding the way, you are encouraged to follow the things that bring you true bliss and contentment. 

 Sparkling Personality - White Enamel Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace

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Find True Peace through Protection

Did you find the perfect evil eye necklace for your needs and style? As soon as you slip these protective pieces around the neck, you will feel their loving magic begin to take hold.

A deep feeling of bliss is showered upon you, allowing you to walk in radiant light. Your shining aura magnetizes positive experiences, people, and opportunities into your life.

Knowing that your evil eye is constantly watching over you, liberates you of the fears and doubts that once held you back. You are now free to walk in bold confidence towards your dreams. 

Ready to add an evil eye necklace to your collection? Visit our website and shop our wide variety of beautiful designs. 

Women’s Evil Eye Necklaces

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