Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  SS Three Tube Hamsa Eye OM Citrine Bracelet
Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  SS Three Tube Hamsa Eye OM Citrine Bracelet

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Radiant Expression - Triple Protection Citrine Bracelet

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Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. The "Radiant Expression - Triple Protection Citrine Bracelet" infuses sunshine and light into your life to uplift your spirit. Citrine doesn't just get rid of negativity, but it actually makes room for happiness. Its ability to bring optimism and positivity helps you be open to unexpected happiness. There's nothing but good vibes with Citrine! The OM symbol will guide your spirit to a state of balance, and the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye represent genuine armor against negativity. 

  • OM Symbol: serenity.
  • Hamsa Hand Symbol: protection.
  • Evil Eye Symbol: deflect negativity.
  • 6 mm Citrine Stones: happiness, joy, light.
  • Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Tube Charm Bracelet.
  • Size: 7.5" stretch.
  • Culture: Handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

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Because of the delicate nature of jewelry, any damage caused by wear and tear will not be replaced. Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure your jewelry will not be damaged.

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  • Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, makeup, or fragrance prior to putting on your jewelry.
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カルマ&ラック - あなたの魂を養う精神的なシンボルのジュエリー。時間を超えている個人的な物語のための基準を設定する宝石や装飾的なアクセサリー会社に会う時が来ました。


カルマと運の手作り「Fiery Luck Evil Eye Charm Roup Bracelet」は、豊かな翡翠石が豊富さと繁栄を惹きつけることによって力を与えられています。このアンティークブロンズ赤の弦楽保護ブレスレットはすべての負のエネルギーを抑止し、健康、幸運、そして成功を祈ります。

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