Many of the unique pieces made by the skilled artisans at Karma and Luck are specifically created with a global spirit in mind. Following a vision of creating gifts that unite cultures of the world, we use meaningful imagery known the world over as spiritual symbols including the Evil Eye, Om, Tree of Life, Hamsa, and lucky Buddhas. Uniting the elements of various cultures and uniquely combining them into intriguing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces is the hallmark of a Karma and Luck piece. Personalized gifts can also be found at our store among their selection of birthstone jewelry. Whether he was born in May or she has a September birthday, talented artisans have created an array of beautiful pieces that will bring the birthday gal or guy much joy every time they adorn themselves with a little bit of Karma and Luck. As will you.



A Stroke of Luck My life’s journey truly began when my family moved from the Soviet Union to Haifa, Israel. I was seven, and I couldn’t have imagined what awaited me. At first, the city felt overwhelming and foreign. But the closer I looked, the more I fell in love with this ancient place. Haifa is a haven where the world’s religions meet and live together in peace. And with time I began to see myself in the cultures of Haifa. The different parts of myself coexisted within me, just like the different people coexisted within Haifa. I wasn’t defined by where I was from or chose to live. As a citizen of the world, I belonged everywhere.

A Karmatic Calling Once I discovered this, I began to travel the world and connect with its cultures. The more I traveled, the more I knew I had to share what I’d learned with others: the power and importance of balance, inner peace, spirituality, positivity, and wisdom that form a connecting thread between the world’s many cultures and ideologies. After all, these beliefs and symbols don’t belong to one culture or place; they belong to all of us. And I made it my mission to create a space, Karma and Luck, where we can celebrate, connect, and share our common threads.

Uniting Karma and Luck In 2015 Karma and Luck was born with the mission to bring spiritual items from different cultures together in unity. Today we spend our days searching the far corners of the Earth for unique items that you can wear, adorn your home with, and use to support your spiritual practice. Whether you walk into one of our stores or enter our website, we hope to transport you to cities and countries across the world and time. With these sacred pieces you can enjoy the East’s traditions, cherish its gifts, and join us in celebrating our collective culture wherever you are. Welcome to Karma and Luck, your partner in belief.

Karma and Luck’s Mission: Connect, Create, Celebrate In a world that idolizes individuality, it’s easy to lose ourselves and who we are at our core. But in each of us lies an innate need and desire to connect. At Karma and Luck, we believe ancient cultures hold the answer to helping us overcome these barriers, both personal and shared. No matter where you’re from, surrounding yourself with these sacred symbols has the power to help you find peace, positivity, and prosperity. Through these symbols and with open hearts we can transcend hate, overcome differences, and live a life of harmony.

We’re constantly inspired and strive to bring you nely crafted
jewelry and home decor by uniting cultures from around the world

“Let good karma surround you”



“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand
heads bowing in prayer.” We at karmaandluck do our part by working closely
with these organisations to spread love and good karma.

Every tree we sell we will donate $ to inspire a
child to smile.Lets make their dreams come true.