Hamsa and Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

We must protect ourselves from the ill will that comes our way, just as we must unlock avenues for the release of blessing into our lives. Karma and Luck offers evil eye necklaces and Hamsa hand charms, the ancient signs that Middle Eastern and Jewish societies use as channels of blessing and protection, and vanguards against the evils of the world.

The Hamsa, a symbol that has its roots in Islamic culture, has since been adapted by many other societies, as well, ironically, even by the Hebrew faith. It has become among the world’s most popular charms, and for good reason. The symbol of an eye implanted into the palm of an open hand is said to embody everything from faith and fertility to blessing and protection.

As for the evil eye, its ancient purpose is singular: to ward off malevolent glares and misfortune from evil eyes, either from an enemy or from someone who wishes you ill will. The talisman has likewise found its way into mainstream society and culture, but its origins go back to days of old.

We have a variety of Hamsa charms and evil eye protection jewelry that can release blessing, as well as stave the evils that come from someone’s ill will or from the world. Contact us if you’re interested!

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