Stone Rings for Women

There are refined stones, then there are raw, natural stones. These are gems that are a lot more organic in presentation. We use these to create breathtaking pieces of jewelry, at Karma and Luck. Many of our stone rings showcase raw stones, some of which are semi-precious, but all of which are worthy of attention. Our artisans have made sure of their solid craftsmanship, and each ring will set-off any outfit, beautifully.

These are very different from most rings you’ll see today – the stone and overall design are a departure from the typical silver and gold rings you can get, commercially. We try to keep our designs unique and as true to the natural shapes and variations of each stone that makes up the centerpiece.

Whether it’s something that you will use for yourself, or a special gift for a special someone, you cannot go wrong with Karma and Luck’s stone ring collection. Spend a couple of minutes browsing our selection, and do let us know if you’re interested.

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