Wrap Bracelets for Women

Our wrap bracelets at Karma and Luck are as varied as the cultures and world beliefs they embody. And, since our artisans make our own bracelets, you have our assurance that each of these is worth your every dollar. Every piece is beautiful and unique, with designs and themes that are standout stunners.

More than anything, we want you to be in touch with your spirituality. While it may seem merely routine to don bracelets, you will benefit from the metaphysical properties of the crystals, stones, and gems on your arm. Also, the charms on your bracelets may symbolize your beliefs and the spiritual attributes you wish to tap into. To boot, our bracelets are simply too stylish and attractive to pass up on!

All our gemstones and symbols are available in our wrap bracelets style. So, whether something pretty simply caught your eye or you see an icon that you ascribe to, you’re most welcome to have a closer look! Afterwards, contact us or go ahead and make your purchase, online!

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