Hematite Necklace for Women

Karma and Luck’s hematite necklaces will keep you grounded in daily life. Hematite has long been valued as a protective stone, as well as an agent of empowering one’s mind.

“The Stone for the Mind” gained its name for a reason: it is said that wherever you go, hematite will help you organize your thoughts, as it brings mental clarity and a calming effect.

This steel grey to black (sometimes even brown or reddish) stone is also excellent for higher learning and helps you retain the things you’ve learned in your travels and adventures across the globe.

For healing purposes, hematite is a great detoxifying stone, especially for blood and kidney disorders, as well as confusion. It helps to protect against the harmful effects of electro-magnetic fields, and keeps stress at bay. Hematite is handy when you need to focus and think clearly. It also has a number of emotional benefits, including balancing your spiritual connection, boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Let us know if a hematite necklace catches your eye.

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