Wisdom Energy Wrap Bracelet

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. By wearing our mighty wrap, you will be able to subtly reap the great properties of the Onyx Stone, as well as the ancient symbolism of the Eye of Horus, which is all about protection and good fortune. Echoing the stillness of the night sky, the Black Onyx Stones encourage you to maintain your personal energy instead of allowing it to dissipate. The Agarwood beads will expel negative energies, bring you alertness, and invoke a sense of strength and inner peace.

  • Eye of Horus Charm: healing.
  • Black Onyx Stones: truth, awareness, wisdom.
  • Agarwood Beads: healing, calming, harmony. 
  • Adjustable Wrap Bracelet.
  • Culture: handmade in the Far East.