Karma and Luck  Anklet  -  Confident Leader - Aries Zodiac Anklet
Karma and Luck  Anklet  -  Confident Leader - Aries Zodiac Anklet
Karma and Luck  Anklet  -  Confident Leader - Aries Zodiac Anklet

Confident Leader - Aries Zodiac Anklet

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Fair Trade
Authentic Gemstones
Blessed by singing bowl

“I Lead With Kindness.”
“My Confidence is Contagious.”

A natural-born leader, Aries woman is full of charisma, courage, and confidence. Like the mythological Ram, you'll mine the world for magic, weaving threads of your legendary golden fleece through all that you do. The "Confident Leader - Aries Zodiac Anklet" infuses you with greater flexibility and adeptness for change. This way, you will attract even more people, luck, and prosperity in their life.

  • 6 mm Aries Charm.
  • Zodiac Anklet.
  • Hook and Chain Closure: Adjustable from 9" to 10.5"
  • 18K Gold Plated Brass.

    Sun goes into Aries:
    March 20th - April 18th

    Words that describe you:
    Generous, Eager, Outspoken, and Open-hearted

    Zodiac Birthstone:
    White Topaz - individuality, creativity, awareness.  

    Your Element:


    Life Pursuit:
    The thrill of each moment

    Aries Secret Desire:
    Leading the way for others

    Ruling Planet:
    Mars -Strength, Self Determination


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