Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Harmonious Perspective - Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace
Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Harmonious Perspective - Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace
Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Harmonious Perspective - Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace

Harmonious Perspective - Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace

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Making peace all the time in your environment can be exhausting. The "Harmonious Perspective - Libra Zodiac Medallion Necklace" is here to bring you a touch of independence, stepping aside from the constant seek for justice and equality. The balance will be restored in all areas of life; as you practice patience. Next to that, there is the potential to reach abundance and prosperity, with all the aesthetics attached. Insecurity is left behind, while courage and strength to take action come first. 

Sign: Libra
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus
Strengths: Cooperative, diplomatic, fair-minded, social

  • Zodiac Medallion Necklace.
  • Antique Gunmetal Bronze.
  • Pendant Size: 22 mm.
  • Chain Length: 22"- 24".
  • Culture: handmade in Bali, Indonesia.
  • sku: MNYBZM910

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