Lava Stone Healing Properties, Benefits and Meaning

lava volcanica-que es la lava - karma and luck - Lava Stone Healing Properties, Benefits and Meaning

Interesting Facts About The Lava Stone

Volcanic rock, aka Lava Stone, is formed when a volcano erupts. It has an artificial concept like other types of rock and grades into hypabyssal rock or metamorphic rock in their natural being. Sediment is an important element of this stone.

When it comes to the Earth’s different types of rock, the lava stone is one of the most common of all. 

A photomicrograph of a sand grain (volcanic lithic fragment), the bottom is cross-polarized light and the upper picture is plane-polarized light. It typically is a fine-grained texture and often is comprised of phenocrysts and other rocks. The phenocrysts can be identified by the naked eye due to the large crystals within the Lava rock.

Volatiles leave voids within the Lava rock thus creating a vesicular texture. Pumice is one example of a vesicular rock. Petrologists today classify igneous rocks like volcanic rocks, by way of the chemistry within them.

Lava Stone Healing Properties

Lava stone is found in various places on Earth and is thought to be the oldest stone. Whether in the form of beads or pearls, this stone is found mostly in the ocean, is used by many different cultures, and is also referred to as basalt.

When you look at the black volcanic crystal, it doesn’t appear to have healing power, but because of its energetic qualities, it is one of the most powerful. In other words, its healing power is not like that of soothing stones such as Amethyst stone, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz etc.

Instead, the Lava Stone is more bolstering by nature, as its matte, robust appearance exudes with the courage and self-confidence we all need in our daily progress.

Emotional Healing Properties

Because of the grounding qualities of the Lava, it calms the emotions with intense energy. Thought to be a rebirth stone that sheds unneeded emotional layers.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The Lava Stone is grounding and stabilizing and is strongly connected to the earth as it comes from the Earth’s center. An old folk remedy believed that giving lava to a soldier helped them stay calm when in battle.

 piedra o roca lava volcanica-que es la lava - karma and luck - Lava Stone Healing Properties, Benefits and Meaning

Lava Stone uses and meaning 

Lava rocks are typically like other healing gemstones and should be worn as close to the skin as possible. This allows better absorption, giving it easier access so that the energy can clearly flow. Mostly worn as a bracelet or placed in a room where the balanced energy can clear negative emotions. 

Fire’s physical embodiment is the Lava Stone. It is the only rock known to be formed from nothing but fire. For the person with the astrological sign of fire, the lava is a powerful stone. If you are seeking to create a connection with the Fire Allies, the Lava Stone is a great source to help with that development. 

Reminiscent of pebbles found in freshwater, Lava Stones are actually similar to them. Like pebbles represent grounded stability in a fluid, changing environment, the Lava Stone does the same – it relieves anxiety with its abundant grounding properties.

It creates energy for swift action to complete long-desired goals. The fire comes from the energy that is direct, headstrong, impassioned, and powerful. For someone who has a difficult time making decisions, or if they are timid, the Lava Stone provides strength.

The Benefits of the Fiery Stone

Exuding with divine spirituality, the star of the grounding ensemble – Lava Stone is essentially a rock with super powers. The stability a Lava Stone gives is synonymous with anxiety relief, a trait we all look for among our spiritual “gadgets.”

The applications for volcanic rock are numerous. Whether you simply want it as a confidence booster for the working environment, or as a tool to keep you grounded during yoga classes, Lava Stone is inevitable when it comes to choosing stones with the widest array of applications.

A Lava Stone healing bracelet or necklace is often adorned with other stones and crystals, that add up to the total of grounding and healing properties.


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  • Faith

    Hi Gillian, it could be white lava stone! Without seeing it, it’s hard for me to tell though.


    Hi i’m a keen collector of stones and crystals,mainly for healing, which i am learning about and the beauty of each stone, i picked up a lava stone from the canary islands years ago just because i liked the thought of the fact of it’s very age and history, but since then in the last week i have found out that this lava stone is also a healing stone, i find all this very interesting. i have a black stone, which is def a lava stone. but i also have a white rock that looks like the lave stone, just wondered what it is. it may have been picked up from the Jurassic beaches ?
    thank you Gillian

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