The Buddha Symbol: A Spiritual Meaning and Why We Should Wear It

The teachings of Buddha run deep, and once a person has allowed themselves to learn those teaching, it is common for them to bring those concepts into every aspect of their life.

It may be found in the home with a statue or it may be in a piece of jewelry they wear. A pendant with Buddha is common so that they have the blessings with them no matter where they go.

This can be confusing because Buddhism teaches us that external objects and possessions cannot bring lasting happiness.

But the purchase of Dharma items is with the intention of elevating the practice of Buddhism. This type of materialism is found in several forms, creating a reminder to practice the spiritual qualities that Buddhism represents.

The Meaning of Spiritual Materialism

Materialism is not associated with spirituality, but it has become more commonplace. And Buddhist teachers caution students about the dangers of bringing material items into their practice of following Buddhism.

In his book, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, Chögyam Trungpa, the Tibetan Buddhist master, coined the term ‘spiritual materialism’. In detail, he explained how mistakes are being made by those who practice Buddhism of their spirituality to support their individuality, hinting that it is a form of ego-grasping.

All of a sudden, it seems that our spiritual practice that was once designed to minimize our egocentricity is now fueled by materialism with pendants and statues.

This can happen easily in the form of expressing our spiritual experience and taking pride in displaying those experiences with spiritual paraphernalia.

Or are men and women surrounding themselves with tribal jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings for personal peace and satisfaction?

Ornaments such as these are found in a variety of gems and metals, representing different civilizations. Each of them is a sacred symbol that represents things such as fertility, food, good karma and luck, health, and victory. 

The art, material, and sophistication used to create them only adds beauty and value to it. Many of the items we find people wearing have a specific meaning and purpose, such as these:


A religious or spiritual bracelet brings awareness of the supreme-being to the wearer, helping them remain positive no matter their situation. A protective ring protects the wearer from negative energies and evil spirits, helping them to stay confident.


Many people wear earrings to attract the divine principle, a flow of bliss and joy. It is believed that divine consciousness is attracted by wearing earrings and thus is distributed throughout the body and the area surrounding the wearer.


The person who wears a Buddha pendant around the neck attracts positive energy. They emit positive waves into the environment around them. The belief is all of the negativity is destroyed and a fighting spirit is generated within the person.


A gold ring worn on the ring finger can represent a deep meaning, such as divine energy. It is believed to attract divine consciousness, and the pressure that is created on the finger eliminates the hurdles of black energy.

The belief of the acupressure that is created from a spiritual jewelry is good for the wearer’s health. Traditionally, a ring is worn on the right hand by men and the left hand of women.

Different Meanings of Buddha

Wearing a Buddha pendant of any fashion can have different meanings for the person wearing it. The type of gems and materials used to craft the pendant may have its own particular religious meaning as well. Choosing the symbol that is right for you in the right proportion is important.

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  • Faith

    For those of you asking how to wear a Buddha symbol, just choose the way that makes sense to you. Since you are where your health and healing come from, you know what is best. It really is that simple!

  • Faith

    Hi Estella, the blessings can be immediate or they can take some time. It all depends on your connection to it. Spend some time getting to know the symbolism and meditating with it to enjoy faster results.

  • Faith

    Hi Jacqueline, Of course! Age makes no difference.

  • Faith

    Hi Ari, certainly not! Anyone can wear it to resonate with the symbolism of Buddha.

  • Faith

    Hi Kimberly and Marilyn, There’s no right or wrong way to wear Buddha jewelry. Develop your own connection to it and wear it as your intuition leads you to enjoy the strongest effects :)

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