How to Work with the Healing Properties of Jade

What is Crystal Healing?

Many people around the world feel the positive effects of working with crystals.

Often the reason why crystals are said to help heal, or provide emotional support, is because they vibrate - just like everything on this planet - at a certain frequency.

Think of a rainbow for a moment as it is the easiest way to demonstrate this. The colors of the rainbow vibrate at the visible spectrum of approximately 430 - 750 THz. Meanwhile infrared light vibrates at a frequency below 300 THz so we can't see it.

The idea is that there's a lot vibrating around us at frequencies we cannot see, including the energy of crystals.

Crystals have picked up energy from their long journey through the Earth and the processes that made them, such as heat, pressure, cooling, etc. They have different components and elements like sodium, boron, copper, and - in terms of Nephrite Jade - calcium and magnesium silicate.

The theory is that all of these factors have their own vibration that we can resonate with.

For example, a metamorphic stone was created through great change - change in structure, change in overall composition - and this means the stone may vibrate at a frequency that can aid in life changes.

Additionally, the chemical structure can tell us a bit about how the mineral may affect us physically. If a stone is high in calcium, its vibration could assist with developing healthy bones and teeth.

This also works on the emotional level. For example, if the mineral is high in a dense chemical, such as iron, this stone may help one feel mentally grounded.

An example from my personal life, I took an in-person certification course on crystal healing approximately seven years ago with my mother who wanted me to join her. I didn’t believe the crystals would positively impact my life - I just knew she wanted to take the class together and I thought it’d be fun.

Even though I didn’t fully believe in the power of crystals, I went home after the class and gave it a try. I put an Amethyst stone under my pillow to help me sleep and I took a Red Jasper stone to work to help me with a difficult situation.

Not only did I sleep better, but I was less affected by the work situation too - and I didn’t even fully believe it would work!

What convinced me of their power further was that after a couple weeks the Amethyst stone stopped working. I told my mom (as if to say “told you this doesn’t work”) and she asked, “well, have you cleansed it?”

I cleansed the crystal (more on this later) and it worked again. As you may be able to tell, now I fully believe in the healing qualities these stones have and I have witnessed them assisting others as well. 

Healing Properties of Green Jade

Before reading about the healing properties of Jade, take a moment and think about this stone and its green color while you close your eyes and focus on your heart. What do you notice?

While there are specific healing properties for every stone, you also have the ability to turn inward and see how it may affect you as an individual.

Every stone is slightly different - especially if it hasn’t been cleansed or hasn’t been appreciated. Yes, stones like to be appreciated. Think about what happens when you take your partner for granted? Do they continue to be as amazing? I believe everything on our planet likes a little appreciation. 

Plus, if you focus on the Law of Attraction, what you appreciate, appreciates. In other words, what you feel gratitude towards grows. If you appreciate the healing property of the stone, you attract more of the healing qualities.

So what are the healing properties of Jade?

This is a big question to unpack so let’s start with the color, then work our way through the various aspects of the stone to get the full picture.

Green Stone Healing Qualities

Green minerals almost always correspond with healing the heart - both in terms of romantic relationships, self-love, and anything else connected to love and forgiveness. Because of this, it is often able to help calm anxiety because it calms the heart. 

Green stones are often considered lucky.

They correspond with the Heart Chakra (hence the heart healing) and the Archangel Raphael, who oversees health, wellness, and healing. 

Overall, green stones are very healing, calming, and lucky. A great combination of traits!

Jade’s Metamorphic Qualities

Because Jade has gone through extreme heat and pressure as a metamorphic stone, and yet remains tough - it’s a great sign of resiliency and strength.

Overall Healing Properties

As a green metamorphic stone, we already know that it assists with healing the heart, bringing luck, and providing resiliency.

It’s helpful and important to know how to break down the properties of stones based on color and type of stone, but there are also specific details that get even deeper into the healing qualities of every stone.

For Jade, it is also able to bring a sense of peace, balance, and emotional harmony to the wearer. In addition to the Heart Chakra healing, it takes this a step further to instill a feeling of joy. 

It is said that the energy of the stone is very stable and steady and that many people feel a sense of well-being immediately upon touching this stone. It may assist with helping the wearer feel more life force energy or Chi, allowing them to feel more youthful and lively.

It is a powerhouse stone in the crystal world, and it’s no wonder it has been revered for nearly ten thousand years!

How to Cleanse Jade

As mentioned, it's important to appreciate your Jade and take care of it. It’s recommended that it be cleansed before working with it and then regularly (at least once every week) thereafter.

Why cleanse it?

The stone, just like us, can get bogged down with energy it is absorbing. Just like you need to shower after a hard day’s work, so does your stone. Cleansing your stone is a great way to make sure it’s functioning as highly as possible.

There are several ways you can cleanse your Jade.


All you have to do is imagine the stone is being cleansed and cleared. It doesn’t actually matter how you perceive this. You can visualized a waterfall of light washing over the stone, or perhaps imagine white clouds passing over it. Whatever feels right to you, just set the intention that it cleanses and clears and uplifts the stone back to it’s natural, healthy state of being.


Letting cool water rush over your Jade for several minutes while setting the intention that it can be cleared, is an excellent way to cleanse the stagnant energy in the stone.

Sage or Palo Santo or Sweet Grass

There are various ways you can “smudge” your crystals by lighting sage, palo santo, or sweet grass, then blowing it out and letting the smoke flow over your stone. These clouds of smoke are cleansing. You can imagine the smoke taking it out through a window and up as high as you can imagine.

Learn how to smudge here!

How to Work with the Healing Properties of Jade

Now that you have cleansed your Jade, it’s time to let it work its “magic.” Your Jade may already be positively impacting your life just by being around you. Most of the time you can be completely passive in working with your Jade and it will still benefit you.

That said, if you want to practice mindfulness and work closely with this stone, here are a few ways to do it:

Intention Setting

Find somewhere private where you will not be interrupted. Take a moment to clear your space, making it feel special and light. If you can, light a candle, and perhaps even put on some peaceful music.

Sit comfortably and spend time looking at your Jade. Notice its details and coloring and when you’re ready, hold it to your heart. Begin to feel appreciation for the Jade, perhaps even saying “thank you” out loud and when you’re ready, set your intention for working with it. 

Here are some examples you can use or you can make your own:

  • “With the support from this Jade, I gratefully welcome in love and joy.”
  • “Thank you Jade for helping me attract good luck and fortune.”
  • “Thank you Jade for helping me heal my heart.”

Once you’ve set your intention, while simultaneously feeling gratitude and appreciation for your Jade, you may put it on if it’s jewelry or place it in your pocket if it’s a loose stone. Trust that your stone is here to help you on your journey.


Meditation can be done immediately following the intention-setting described above, or anytime you desire to drop into a peaceful state of being.

Here are a few simple steps for meditating:

Step 1:

To begin, allow your body to come into a comfortable seated position while holding or wearing your Jade. If your Jade is in the form of jewelry, simply wear your Jade. If it is a loose stone, hold it in the palm of whichever hand feels best for you. Traditionally, the left hand is the receiving hand and it’s closest to the heart so many choose to hold and wear their crystals there.

Step 2:

If it’s comfortable, roll your shoulders back slightly to open up your heart. 

Step 3:

When you feel ready, gently close your eyes.

Step 4:

Start by taking three long, deep cleansing breaths: breathing in through your nose, feeling your stomach expand - and then exhaling through your mouth. Your exhales may even be sighs, if that feels good to you. Really take your time with these three breaths.

Step 5:

At the end of your third cleansing breath, return to breathing at a pace that is comfortable for you, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Step 6:

Take your time focusing on your heart and the Jade. Be aware of any sensations - emotional or physical - as you keep your awareness simultaneously on your heart and your Jade. If your mind wanders, return your awareness back to your heart and your Jade. Do not try to change anything, just be aware. Spend as long as it feels comfortable to you. 

You may find your body starts to feel light and tingly. You may notice a rush of love into your heart. Everyone’s experience is different.

Step 7:

Slowly bring your awareness back to the room around you, thanking your Jade as you do.

Use Your Jade as a Reminder

Your Jade can simply serve as a beautiful reminder throughout the day. Every time you look at it you can be reminded of the love that is all around you, the abundance you already have, and the joy that is accessible to you in every single moment. That in and of itself is a great way to work with Jade!

What is Jade Made Of?

Now that you know a bit about working with Jade, let’s dive a little deeper into what it is and its rich and fascinating history. Jade is the name given to two distinctly different minerals: Nephrite and Jadeite.

Jadeite is very rare and valuable. It has a hardness of 6.5 - 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale (which rates a stones ability to resist abrasion), whereas Nephrite comes in at 6. That said, they are both known for excellent toughness, making them a durable stone that resists being fractured under pressure.

Nephrite is usually what people are referring to when talking about Jade as it is easier to find and more widely available, but both Nephrite and Jadeite have very similar healing properties. At Karma and Luck, our Jade collection is AA+ Nephrite.

The Importance of Jade in History

Historians have traced the use of Jade all the way back to nearly 10,000 years ago. Imagine when you hold and wear Jade, you are potentially holding and wearing the same stone as our ancestors did nearly ten thousand years ago! 

This makes it such an impressive stone with a rich history that must be considered when purchasing and wearing. Not many material objects have that history of reverence.

Because of Jade’s excellent toughness, the first discovered use was that of tools. They were often carved into knives, axes, and other objects used for cutting. 

Jade grew to such popularity that by 100 BC it was even found in burial tombs in China. In fact, archaeologists have found entire suits woven out of thousands of Jade plates and sewn together with Copper and Gold.

In ancient China, Jade was more than just a beautiful gemstone - it represented virtue and spiritual principles in the physical form.

In Taoist tradition, it is believed that paradise has many Jade palaces. In Confucianism, Jade was equated with virtues like truth, justice, and purity.

It’s said that Confucius declared, “Gold is valuable, Jade is invaluable.”

How to Know if Jade is Genuine

Jade will always feel cool to the touch. Since this is subjective, it isn’t a definitive way to determine genuine Jade, but if you hold a piece of plastic and then hold a piece of Jade, you should feel the coolness of the Jade compared to the plastic. 

Nephrite Jade has a soap-like quality to it. It may appear to look like soap, but when you examine it closely (this is for both Jadeite and Nephrite) you should see a fibrous crystalline structure. You may need to hold it to the light and use magnification to see this.

Additionally, Jade is a rather dense stone. This means that if the piece feels very light, it may not be genuine.

Of course, buying from a reputable company like Karma and Luck is a great way to know your Jade is genuine! Here are Karma and Luck, we are committed to use the best materials from around the world and we design our pieces with genuine stones that have their own distinct energy and healing properties.


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