10 Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate How Special She Is

Mother's Day Ideas to Celebrate

We can’t quantify the amount of love our mom gives us so freely every day, but on this one special day, we can celebrate the support and sacrifices she has offered us. Let’s make it truly memorable, shall we? 

The National Retail Foundation asked American adults about Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate. Nearly half of the respondents last year planned to celebrate with a special outing to spend time with Mom.

So, we’ve brainstormed some ideas to create memorable experiences with your mom. If distance plays a factor, we’ve thought of some unique gifts to send your mom that overflow with individuality and compassion. 

Mother's Day Ideas

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6 Mother's Day Ideas to Celebrate Together 

If you opt to celebrate your mom by spending time together on an adventure or relaxing, we’ve compiled a list of fun experiences to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

Learn a Skill Together

Moms teach us more than any class ever could, but she can find fun in learning something alongside her child. When we take a class together, we gain insights into how we understand new information and can better support one another. Plus, it can be a lot of fun.

Kitchenware stores often offer special cooking classes focused on a dish or cuisine. Spend a few hours using state-of-the-art cookware and appliances; end the class with a yummy meal to share and the know-how to make it again at home.

Maybe opt for a different skill, like making pottery or painting. Studios often feature holiday specials. They set up everything for you. All you need to bring is a bottle of wine to share with Mom!

Spend a Night in with Good Entertainment

Simply sitting in the same room as our mothers can often feel most comforting, but you can enhance a night in with some added fun. Wear cozy pajamas, pile the couch with pillows and blankets, and break out the snacks – popcorn, chips, or whatever she likes to munch on.

If your mom likes to play, have a cache of board games at the ready. Maybe you want to watch a fun movie, like Mamma Mia! or Freaky Friday. If your mom wants a quieter activity, share the experience of reading a book together, taking turns reading chapters of a fun beach or love story.

Mothers Day Gift

Head to the Spa

Take relaxation to another level with this Mother’s Day idea to celebrate together. Book a spa treatment for your mom – a deep-tissue massage or mani-pedi – and join her. She’ll love being pampered while she hangs out with you. As an added bonus, you get in on the spa time too!

For a budget-friendly option, set up an at-home spa. For example, you could do foot baths together. Or if she prefers some alone time, draw her a warm bath fizzing with bath bombs or create an afternoon sanctuary for her. Smudge the room, use essential oil diffusers, play soothing soundscapes, and place healing stones from our Mineral Intention Boxes around the room. Then, leave her to rest for a few hours of calm and quiet.

Go Out in Nature

It’s convenient that Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday in May when many people have a day off and the weather might cooperate with sunny skies. Pack a picnic and drive to a local state or national park in your area. Hike the trails, taking time to stop and enjoy nature. Turn off technology to fully connect with your mom.

Why relegate these Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate only on Sunday? Extend your time through the weekend by planning a trip. Take care of all the arrangements, and just let Mom pack her overnight essentials.

Mother and Child

Stroll Through a Local Farmer’s Market 

Another great outdoor activity to do with mom, for those in urban environments or small towns, is visiting local farmer’s markets, which are often open on Sundays in May. 

Stroll through and shop through local-made crafts and treats. Buy her a bouquet of her choice of fresh-cut flowers. Nibble freshly-baked, sweet treats. Maybe pick up veggies to bring home and prepare a meal for Mom.

Get Her a Tarot or Astrology Reading

Many of our readers like to explore metaphysical practices, like tarot or natal birth chart readings. Have you ever considered a reading for your mom?

If you’re well-versed and experienced in tarot or natal birth charts, lead your mom through a powerful experience. Otherwise, set up an appointment with a practitioner and accompany your mom. You both will learn fascinating things about each other in the process.

4 Mother's Day Ideas to Celebrate If You’re Far Away (Or Near!)

Some of us live too far from our moms and can’t make it home for the weekend, so we’ve thought of meaningful, inspired gifts to send her. Even if you live nearby, consider giving Mom a present that endures.

Send Flowers or Plants, Especially Ones That Last

We may have suggested that flowers are far too common to include in Mother’ Day ideas to celebrate, but that’s not always true! There are ways to spruce up a bouquet to make them unique to your mom. One way is to forego the popular cut flower varieties and opt for hearty potted plants, like succulents, that she can continue to nurture after the holiday.

Rather than worry Mom with a plant to tend, consider giving her an eternal Tree of Life by Karma and Luck. Its natural essence will bestow powerful energy in her home. The best part is that it doesn’t require watering, just a periodic smudge or cleanse to brighten its vibrations.

Give Her a Manifestation Journal

For as much as moms give, let yours know that she can put energy into her own desires and dreams too. A manifestation journal facilitates our ability to consider how we want to live and what we want in abundance. By gifting this to your mother, she will feel able to take time for herself, recognizing that you see her individuality and want her to shine.

Tree of Life

Schedule Zoom Brunch

Perhaps this idea fits in with experiences, but it all happens from a distance. Schedule a Zoom call with your mom and other family members. Add fun by asking everyone to join with their own brunch, or send out a menu and recipe a few days ahead if people want to cook for themselves. You can share a meal together on screen, even from a distance.

Make it easiest on Mom by ordering her a delivered brunch from services like Uber Eats, and make sure she has her favorite brunch beverage ingredients on hand.

Symbols That Represent Family

The ethos of Mother’s Day revolves around women raising and loving their children. Mothers treasure their sons and daughters. This Mother’s Day idea to celebrate spotlights the moment she became a mother with jewelry that features her children’s birthstones or Zodiac signs. 

Whether as an only child or with siblings, give your mom a strand of birthstone crystals for your birthday, her birthday, and any other significant month to her. We also carry a line of Zodiac constellation jewelry; so whether she prefers necklaces or bracelets, you can help her connect to the energy of the season of her motherhood.

Final Thoughts

The most important component of Mother’s Day is to take time to connect to and acknowledge the powerful women who shape us. These Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate her communicate how special she is in our lives and how much we recognize her love every single day of the year. 

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