The Anchor Symbol And What It Means

It may surprise you to know that originally, the anchor symbol was used on land! During the earlier years when Christians were under Roman persecution, the anchor was how they displayed their religion for other Christians to see under the strict eye of the Romans.

Why did they choose the anchor?

Because it holds a ship in place during storms, it symbolizes strength. It also resembles the cross. With those two factors in mind, an anchor was how a house was marked as safe for Christians looking for a place of refuge.

The Anchor: A Symbol of Hope, A Symbol of Steadfastness

The anchor appears to be balanced and resting upon a cross with four points. The crossed lines of horizontal and vertical represent the spirit and matter united. 

Together, this represents individual personal incarnation. That cross within an anchor is a symbol of masculinity while the crescent moon within the symbol is feminine, representing the womb.

It is symbolic of hope in how when lifted up from the water of a port, it represents a new adventure, a new voyage. For many, this metaphor is symbolic of our feelings when they leave a stagnant part of their life and set sail on a new journey.

An Anchor is raised when we enter a new era just as when a ship sets sail. We are alive and eager with excitement and hope for what is to come. It encourages us to follow the plotted course and carry on with our plans, to stay steadfast with our vision of the new dreams we have ahead of us.

The symbolic steadfastness is a representation of the process of our decision-making. It says to the world “This is where I stand and these are the rules that I am governed by.”

It is a metaphorical way to express our steadfastness as when the anchor is dropped from a ship. The anchor does not let the ship move once it is lowered and for a person, it is saying “I will not move” as well.

It indicates we will not sway during the chaos or hysteria that may surround us, regardless of how uncertain things may seem. It is a symbolic way to say that we are firmly anchored in our beliefs, much as Christians did while under Roman persecution.

The Deeper Meaning

Even for a person that doesn’t have sea legs, the deep meaning of this symbol has strong connections. It represents a secure and stable person. A person that is firmly grounded in their beliefs and in tune with who they truly are, holding steadfast to their values.

For a person who has been through difficult and hard times or a tumultuous past, the anchor is a representation of their safe place. It indicates their desire to move forward to better seas with a brighter future.

The broken or cracked anchor is symbolic of letting go of a past that may have been inhibiting.

Wearing Anchor Jewelry

Spiritual jewelry is that which puts us in touch with our higher self. It serves as a reminder to turn within. Anchor jewelry, such as men's necklaces, men's bracelets, and men's rings help us to remember to stay strong and keep moving forward.



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  • Faith

    Hi Cynthia, my heart pours out to you and I am inspired by you – that after all of that, you can still remain hopeful. Don’t lose that hope! Read more articles on our blog ( as they will help you to start manifesting the life you desire. Lots of love to you!

  • Cynthia Trenfield

    Good morning, thank you so much for this article! All of my life, I’ve remained in sorrows and anguish, rejections after rejections. I spent all my childhood as a slave, abused; sexually, physically, emotionally, abandoned by my parents, near death starvation, living in one home after the other, lack of education and stability. I have four children two of them of which are disabled from my estranged husband who never loved me and left me emotionally distressed. I’ve spent all my life longing to be loved, but to no avail. In the quest of my love-seeking and that of emotional fulfilment, I fell prey to couple of men who abused me sexually and dumbed me like throwing rubbish in the bin. Despite all of this, I still have some hope that someday The Heavenly Father will help me.I saw an anchor as I pray this morning. I’m near 50 years

  • Morgan

    This was beautifully put. I have recently seen 2 anchors in the last few days and was wondering what it could mean. I just started a new career path and feel like this may be the beginning of something beautiful and within my purpose. I pray this also pertains to my love life and to stay grounded and steadfast on what I want. Thank you for this!

  • Ferdinand B. Oreta

    In search for true meaning of this word , thank you for sharing a deeper reality under it, to be use for a more spiritual awakening of other believers to the faith being anchored to His Majesty the Creator of the universe. This is awesome!

  • Thembinkosi

    Truly grateful for finding this page.

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