Are Your Chakras Aligned And Healthy?

Your chakras are your energy centers that open life energy in and out of your aura. They vitalize the physical body and develop your self-consciousness. The interactions of your emotional, mental, and physical interactions are all associated with your chakras. 

As we have discussed here before, there are seven major chakras. We have covered each of them and today we are going to talk about what is referred to as the 8th chakra: your aura. The root chakra, which is the first one, is found outside of the body and is located between the thighs, midway your knees and your upper body. The seventh chakra is the crown chakra and is located on top of our head.

The remaining 5 are aligned in order along the neck, skull, and spine. Chakras are said to look much like a funnel that has petals opening. And while they are not seen by the human eye, a trained energy worker can intuitively perceive them.

Evaluate Your Chakras Health

There are people trained in chakras that can evaluate yours and provide you with a better understanding of how the energetic level of the body functions. They have been trained how to read them so they can advise you which ones are not functioning well and if there are any working overtime. When we have chakras that are not performing at the best level possible, it affects the others and they must work harder. A non-functioning one can effectively damage the healthy ones.

Maintain Proper Alignment

Just as you may turn to a chiropractor for your back being out of alignment, a person trained in chakra healing can help your chakras. They will manipulate the flow of energy and help you get the ones that are misaligned back in line and functioning correctly. And just as with your chiropractor, it can sometimes take more than one appointment to have your energy levels where they should be.

After your visit with your trainer, they will provide you advise for different healthy actions you should practice to keep your chakras open so that your energy can flow as it should. There are many people out there that claim to be trained in healing them, but you should be cautious in hiring one just as you would any other professional.

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