The Tiger Eye Stone

The Brown Tiger Stone is often referred to as Brown Tiger Eye, Tiger Eye, or Golden Tiger Eye.  It is said to be a stone of protection and is a stone of grounding and stabilizing. Integrity, psychic abilities, practicality, self-confidence, and willpower are all enhanced for the person who bears this stone. Beliefs are many regarding this stone, including good luck and prosperity will be bestowed upon the person, including money.

The Powers of This Stone

A person who carries or wears the Brown Tiger Stone will have a clear vision and will experience a boost to their personal power. This boost to their solar plexus chakra comes from the energy of the Earth. A spiritual energy will come about and give this person optimism, a brighter view of their future.

A Brown Tiger Stone combines the energy of the Earth with the Sun’s energy and keeps a person grounded. For someone traveling, the stone provides protection. In Ancient days, the stone was said to ward off any bad luck or curses. Because it attracts abundance, the belief is that it brings about healing powers.

This powerful stone is one of a Solar Plexus Chakra and helps one’s ideas to manifest into reality, provide them with courage when experiencing change. As such, it brings a balance to the lower Chakras. Those who are earthy find the Brown Tiger Stone will provide the abilities to find success when they work with the Third Eye Chakra.

One practice of those who carry the Brown Tiger stone will experience a boost in their creative energies that will help in dealing with issues involving concentration, control, power, and will. This stone is said to provide balance to a person that is experiencing extremes such as bipolar disorder or manic depression.

A common way the Brown Tiger Stone is used is to lite a green candle and surround it with the stone. Vibrations are raised, energies are connected to the lower Chakras to keep balance, and help the user to stay connected with their higher goals.

Where The Brown Tiger Stone Is Found

Tiger Stone is a chatoyant gemstone, commonly considered a metamorphic rock. It is found in a golden color to a red-brown color and has a silky luster. The stone is common in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, India, Korea, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, and the United States. 

It is a member of the quartz group and sometimes has a blue-colored mineral weaved through it. The lustrous, silky, appearance is created by the quartz crystals’ parallel intergrowth and altered amphibole fibers which have turned into limonite.

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