The Jade Stone

The jade stone is an ornamental rock that is composed of different silicate minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite. The jadeite is a precious form that consists of aluminum and sodium-rich proxene, creating an interlocking growth of crystals. The nephrite portion is microcrystalline with a matrix that interlocks calcium, magnesium-iron rich amphibole mineral.

Introducing Jade and Its Meaning and Uses

For almost 6,000 years, it has been believed that the Jade stone blesses anyone it touches. The tough stone was used to on ax heads, knives, and other sharp weapons in the British Isles during the primitive years to polish and sharpen them. In Central America, Mexico, South America, and New Zealand, the indigenous tribes would carve it into deity masks, ritual artifacts, and offer it to the water spirits by casting it into their water wells.

In China, records throughout history show that Jade is considered a highly-esteemed stone that offers beauty, powers of healing as well as protection. You can find an endless array of beads, gems, incense burners, and other vessels that are carved from Jade stone. Burial items and other statues are also carved from this stone.

This biggest value that the jade stone offer is metaphysical properties. From ancient cultures of believing it is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” to the spiritual world of today. The jade stone offers a way to gain insight into ritualistic knowledge. It encourages creativity.

The jade stone is a powerful healing stone and protective talisman that assures a long life with a peaceful death. It is an amulet of friendship and good luck, signifying wisdom that gathers in tranquility and dispels the negative while encouraging us to see ourselves as we really are.

The Rainbow Colors Of Jade and Their Meanings

There are many cultures that associate themselves to the character and name of Jade. The medicinal properties that are believed to be within the jade stone can cure many things, including calculus stones and disorders of the bladder or kidneys. The jade stone comes in many colors, each with its own benefits offered, which we will take a brief look:

Black Jade is said to emanate protective and strong energies that ward off negativity, including self-limitation.

Blue Jade is said to calm the mind and bring forth peace and reflection.

Brown Jade is the grounding jade that connects us to the earth, providing comfort and reliability.

Lavender Jade eases emotional hurt by providing spiritual nourishment.

Orange Jade brings us joy. It teaches us the interconnectedness and is a quiet stimulant of energy.

Purple Jade offers us encouragement, happiness, and mirth by purifying our aura.

Red Jade represents life-force energy while dispelling any fear that may be holding us back.

White Jade filters distractions for us as it pulls information that is constructive and relevant when making decisions.

Yellow Jade is a cheerful and energetic jade stone.

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