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Unity is the greatest good

Karma and Luck is a modern lifestyle brand inspired by timeless traditions. Our intentional essentials are designed to infuse positive energy and support your journey of happiness, health, and prosperity as you manifest your dreams.

Join us on a journey of awareness and purpose

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Meet Our Founder Vladi Bergman

“As a child, everyone called me a citizen of a big world.”

My curiosity has always been such a big part of who I am. As a child, I was fascinated by other countries and longed to know more about their culture and traditions. My imagination had no limits when I was young and neither would my travels around the world as an adult.

I created Karma and Luck so that dreamers like us could respectfully share in the beauty and beliefs of every culture…

That realization inspired the design of beautiful jewelry and decorations from the far corners of the world, and the creation of Karma and Luck in 2015.

I sat with artisans from all over the globe and soaked in their wisdom and mastery. Each symbol they carefully carved, from the Evil Eye to the Tree of Life, OM, and Hamsa Hand, carried its own powerful intention. Those behind-the-scenes moments inspired the creation of our most vibrant and beautiful collections today.

We celebrate our vision of uniting cultures and live by the mantra, “Your Partner In Belief”

I see my customers’ visions alongside mine in everything I design. Our desires to manifest our dreams, bring healing protection, purpose, and above all, positive intentions into our lives unites us as human beings sharing a spiritual experience.

Together, we blend the story of beliefs and dreams under one roof.

I invite you to come along and transport yourself into living a life of good karma and of course, a little luck.

With Intention,
Vladi Bergman

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