Spiritual, Om, and Healing Crystal Jewelry

As a three-part being, humans are spirits, who have a soul, and live in a body. As such, we need to guard and enrich our body’s spiritual energy – doing so can lead to wonderful results! We at Karma and Luck understand this need, and we make it easy for you to nurture your spirit. We provide Om jewelry, spiritual rings, and healing crystal jewelry pieces that promote peace of mind and transmit restorative energies to their bearers.

Kindred spirits are well-aware that crystals and stones have long been used in ancient cultures and societies for their various properties. From healing and energizing, to protection and cleansing, we believe that stones and crystals have been part of civilization and cultures for so long because they have a real effect.

We also believe that our spiritual bead bracelets, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry are not only powerful, they can also be fashionable. Therefore, we continuously evolve with the times, keeping in touch with today’s fashion trends, while staying grounded in the age-old spirituality of our jewelry.

Karma and Luck serves both men and women with high-quality bracelets, necklaces and rings, as well as home décor pieces such as statues, natural stones, blessings and more. Our own artisans at the company make a number of our items, and their handiwork embodies a cross-section of the world’s spirit based belief systems and cultures. If you’re looking for personal and home adornments that have the lucky Buddhas, the Tree of Life, and other prominent icons, look no further than our shop.

We believe we have the spiritual jewelry to aid you in your pursuit for a higher spirituality. Karma and luck are two of the defining forces in nature, and it never hurts to tap into their principles.