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February 7, 2021

Increase Your Intuition, Balance & Health: February Birthstone Amethyst

By Nadine Hamdan

Princess of The Gem World - Amethyst Meaning

Amethysts are crystals that are a real delight to the eyes due to their mystical, aesthetic appearance. They are crystal stones that nature has bestowed mankind with a lot of benefits. The name “Amethyst” comes from the Greek word “Ametusthos” that translates into “non-toxicated”.

There is an old legend regarding this name that links back to the times of a wine god named Bacchus who had a furious personality. One day, he became angry over an insult and in order to let go of his anger; he decided to throw the very first person he met in front of his hungry tigers.

Unfortunately, he met a maiden who was named Amethyst as she was going for a pray at a shrine. As soon as the tigers leaped at her, she was given the protection of the goddess by turning into a clear crystal. After this incident, Bacchus felt shame and regretted his decision and poured the grape juice over the stone as a forgiving action that gave the crystal a purple color. 


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Throughout history, this crystal has been used as a symbol of healing and clearing benefits. People used it as a source of therapy due to its soothing effects on the mind and body. It is a type of quartz that consists of iron and trace minerals.

There are many stones that emit a healing aura out of them. However, Amethyst is probably the most prominent as it has the ability to radiate its effects in the three essential planes: emotion, physical and spiritual aspects. This promotes peace, stability, and calmness that prevents impatience and irritability. This precious stone is present across the globe but major reservoirs have been found near Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and Africa.

Amethyst crystals – how to enter their world?

Crystals are magnificent enough on their own, however, amethyst stones have that special something added to their healing charm. You may wonder: What does induce me to search for an amethyst crystal? The clearing energy and nature of this gem is the answer.

Overflowing with exceptional intention, the Amethyst stone is the appropriate choice for almost anyone out there. Being a variety of quartz, this violet flame is there to calm the most restless emotions. Whether it is in the form of beads or classic, robust stones, Amethyst’s vibration is always soothing and tranquil.

Amethyst has a special role to play in enhancing one’s intellectual and cerebral thoughts.

As mentioned earlier, it promotes sobriety and brings about peace and calm. It acts just like a detoxifying agent that clears the poison and make something clear and intoxicated. It is an antidote to all the poisonous and lethal thoughts that one’s mind concocts and makes it cleanse and sterile.

This purple beauty is a stone that is said to lessen addictions and makes people let go of their bad and negative thoughts. People who are hypersensitive and angry all the time are often advised to wear it as this empowering stone helps to soothe the anger.

There are many shapes and varieties of this crystal that are available in the market. Many people specialize in the education of crystals and healing, so if you want to have the appropriate crystal, then you can buy one by taking help from them as each crystal has its own unique effect.


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Incorporate amethyst jewelry into your look

Lovely gemstone combinations are bound to be created when amethyst meaning comes into the picture! Just imagine a calming sensation caused by the fusion of Amethyst, Onyx, Citrine (and many more). The capabilities of each of these are not colliding. Instead, they work together to make you, your emotions and the environment better and more mindful. The invisible energies of these stones align the chakra points on your body, making them a karmic essential in your accessory ensemble.

Out of all quartz stones out there, Amethyst meaning is the one when it comes to relaxing abilities, making you cope with everyday obstacles, while Agate (a quartz stone) is more stabilizing and grounding.

The stone loses its effects in the direct sunlight so care should be taken to place it at a suitable place if you are using it as an ornamental object. Moreover, it is advised to clear the energies of the stone by placing it under running water and unpolished amethysts also serve to charge the nearby stones as well that adds another benefit to the list of its existing benefits.

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Soothing Love - Amethyst Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

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Fit for royalty

The unique purple hue of this gem is enough to catch glances of numerous princesses and queens, no matter their tradition or nation. Like similar colors full of impact, the purple flame stone is always found in the most valued pieces found in the treasure chest of a royal. Some even say that the royal purple hue present among many royal garments (think dresses, capes, coats…) is inspired by the Amethyst gem.

Although we are all created equal, it doesn’t hurt to feel regal every once in a while, eh? Incorporating an amethyst into your daily ensemble will definitely make heads turn as the vibrant, yet elegant hue is something truly beautiful when it comes to jewelry. So, whether you go for an Amethyst necklace or a bracelet. To add up, each and every amethyst stone or Amethyst beads are unique in terms of shape and hue. No matter how similar they might seem, two Amethysts are never thoroughly identical.

Amethyst metaphysical properties to your advantage

Keeping in mind that Amethyst is an extremely calming stone, always ready to soothe your environment, a question is imposed: How does that impact the world around me? For starters, your relationships will bloom, no matter their nature (love interest, family, friends). Your mindset and intention will become clearer and focuses, but in a carefree manner, without the added stress that usually comes with focus and ambition. Emotions, thoughts and thinking about all sorts of things will become more natural, without the side effects they might usually bring. Essentially, amethyst provides you with the intellectual guidance and power needed to think clearly, with a streamlined approach.

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What’s behind the purple beauty – amethyst spiritual meaning

The spiritual aspect is as important as the physical one. Like we cleanse our bodies and maintain hygiene on a daily basis, we have to do a spiritual bath every once in a while too. While “spiritual bathing” is not as intentional as physical bathing is, the whole process is made simple and subtle by wearing an amethyst stone. Also, the amethyst meaning and significance can be maintained through an amethyst tree in your presence (the room you spend the most time in or workplace).

The color of this stone is revealing too; purple is the epitome of mystical appeal, tranquility and spiritual cleansing. Like blue and other colder colors, purple exudes a soothing aura around you and your loved ones.

The crown chakra and the purple gem

Representing a paramount chakra – the crown chakra, the Amethyst is linked with clearing properties. It is known to dissolve stress, improve the outlook on life and aid by eliminating negativity. When the outlook on life is mentioned, it is important to state that the Amethyst does not spiritually act like Jade, Citrine or Tiger Eye. Instead, its impact is usually hidden and not evident at initial introspection.

Instead, the Amethyst stone works to create a sober state of mind, prepared to create important decisions, with no hurrying up. Also, it is healing for all problems known to hurt our soul’s integrity and peace. All in all, the Amethyst works together with other crystals (or on its own) to mend what’s broken and align the misinterpreted notions and thoughts about life.

Having in mind its correlation to the chakra concept, Amethyst is highly useful for meditation purposes. You could place the Amethyst facing (touching) your forehead, while you focus on a blank state of mind. Or, you can sit comfortably on the floor, place the stone in front of you, or keep it tightly in your hands. While meditating, try to subtly focus on the Amethyst’s shape and positive vibration. Slightly cold to the touch, it emanates tranquility, which is essential to proceed with effective meditation.

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Different Uses of Amethyst

1. Amethyst Enhances Physical Health

Amethyst radiates such vibes that enhances the production of positive hormones and speed up the metabolism system. It also helps to increase the supply of oxygen to the blood thus cleansing it and strengthens up the immune system as well. Those people who have trouble sleeping at night are also advised to use amethyst as it helps to relieve stress and calms the neurons. It is used by placing it under the pillow that helps to calm your nerves and make your insomnia go away!

In order to connect your mind and your body, it would be wise to repeat several mantras on a daily basis. For example:

I feel extremely calm, as there is no such thing that stands in my way. The physical aspect (my body) receives guidance from the Amethyst. This way, no pain will be present in my daily activities. The violet flame present will tame the negativity and boost my well-being.

2. Amethyst Protects from the Evil Eye

Due to its protective effect, amethyst has been used for centuries to deter evil vibes. Many people wear it as a necklace to stay away from negative thoughts and actions. By meditating with the crystal, one can stay protected.

Negativity will be unknown to me. There is no such thing as a negative thought aimed towards me, or originating from the depths of my soul. Positivity is the aura enriching every single aspect and vibration of my mind, body and soul. Even if such negativity arises, it will do nothing that could possibly hinder your aspirations and close goals. It will not harm me.

Enchanted Dream - Amethyst Cluster


Enchanted Dream - Amethyst Cluster

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3. Amethyst Heals the Body

This miracle stone has concentrated energy that aids to heal the body. Many spiritual healers do a particular treatment where the patient has to hold an amethyst while the healer places another amethyst on the part of the body that requires healing.

Keeping up with the modern pace is hard, but my body will not burn out or show signs of tiredness. Since my soul is cleansed and mind pure, they will help my body de-stress and level up to my spiritual potential. With every day passing by, the unity of the physical and mindful aspects of myself is improved.

4. Amethyst Serves to be an Ornament

Amethyst is aesthetic and is also used as a jewelry item, decorative pieces. It is also used in buildings and placed simply on shelves to enhance the beauty as well. It serves to enhance the aura thus serving dual purposes. Talismans, spheres, pyramids, polished slice; name it and amethyst can be placed anywhere!

Whether in the form of a necklace or tree of life, the Amethyst will even out the discrepancy between our stressful lives and personal tendencies. All the while, it looks divine, lovely and mystical. The bare color of it and its naturally tailored shape reminisce a calm oasis that is the shelter of the soul seeking a helpful hand.

The shape of an Amethyst is never 100% geometrical and refined, as it always maintains that natural feel and texture. That resembles the Amethyst’s power to intricately alter your mindset, in a manner that is never invasive or pushy.

5. Amethyst’s Fire Energy

According to Chinese lore, amethyst has the energy of fire. Fire energy radiates warmness, brightness, and excitement. It enhances the cerebral thought mechanisms that help a man to be vigilant, happy and active.

Those people who are born between late November and December have amethysts as their natural birthstones that characterize self-awareness, perception, and sobriety. Moreover, Amethyst is the zodiac stone for all the Pisces whose symbol depicts two fishes in opposite directions. This symbolizes conflicts and negative energies. Thus, amethyst is the ideal stone as it helps to resolve problems and bring out solutions.

The purple flame is there to balance every chakra. While it is not fiery as other gemstones, the Amethyst acts in a more subtle, implicit manner. It will alter my mindset and reaction to events in such a way that there will be no such thing making me feel blue. Also, the clearing energy will ignite a blank canvas in my mind that is fully prepared for what lies in front of me.

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Improve personal well-being and energy with Amethyst

So, how to actually improve life with Amethyst? As the association with cleansing and soothing properties is evident (and the correlation between a soul bath and body bath), Amethysts are great stones to incorporate in your bath spa rituals. Simply place your Amethyst near the bathtub (or any other place, but keep it from falling) and cherish its relaxing vibes. Speaking In terms of other senses, the presence of the Amethyst power equates to your favorite soothing song or the gentle caress of loved ones. It will point out to all good things similar to those notions and evocate the associated feelings.

The bedroom is the quintessential habitat for an Amethyst piece. These stones are almost naturally found in those environments, as they are extremely tranquilizing. Just think of lavender fields or lavender oil. It is probably the first thing coming to your mind when thinking about sleeping rituals or sleep aid in general. Amethyst stones are highly reminiscent of lavender, as well as its mighty, healing properties. Having this gem by your side and entering its aura is like lying in a lavender field – a true relaxing ritual.

Applications of the Amethyst stone

While the personal development uses of Amethyst are evident, it is important to point out the role Amethysts share with other crystals (Jade, Hematite, Aquamarine) when it comes to the workplace. A great tip is to opt for Amethyst Feng Shui trees in the office, as sometimes office dress codes may inhibit wearing accessories such as Amethyst bracelets and necklaces (although that is mostly not the case).

To be exact, a Tree of Life is always an appropriate element in an office space. What’s more, you may receive daily compliments from your colleagues! With every single leaf, the Amethyst Tree emits healing, positive vibrations that are bound to improve the communication between your co-workers and you. The carefree, easy vibe of the stone itself is there to represent your personal pick-me-up when times get tough, such as meeting deadlines, confronting tough projects, etc…

The workplace rationale can also be applied to the education area for all aspiring students and pupils

Amethyst also sterilizes the environment that’s why it is also placed in the corners of a room to cleanse the air that in return helps those people who have various kinds of allergies and breathing problems. For best results, place the crystals at the window panes which receives sunlight during the day and moonlight during the night. This will help to spread positive energy across the house. Amethyst is the prime stone as it helps to lessen the cravings and fears. If you have fear and anxiety issues, wear an amethyst necklace and after some days, you’ll start to feel the positive difference in your life. Remember, it is vital that you repeat these mantras (or the ones you write for yourself) each day.

The Bottom Line

Be it a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual conflict, amethyst meaning serves all very well. (Large Floor Geodes) It brings a positive and soothing change as it negates all the bad and evil vibes and promotes peace, tranquility. It uplifts mood and makes meditation worthwhile. This stone subtly ignites the flame within by aiming at pure calmness and a clear state of mind. After all, isn’t a clean slate when it comes to thinking all that we want in life? This becomes especially important in modern times and in personal turmoil.

If you are seeking an improved and broadened outlook on life, filled with positive vibrations and a distinctive attitude that always tends to be serene and balanced, look no further. The amethyst’s powers are vast but have in mind that it will surely clear out the haze that fills our souls and environment every now and then.

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